Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 28/07/2019

This week Sydney’s putting on a hell of a show; the mercury content in the harbour is reaching glow-in-the-dark levels.


10) Australian Clean Energy Summit

30th-31st July

What: The Summit is the peak gathering of leaders driving Australia’s energy transformation. The agenda includes two days of sessions where heads of industry, government and finance share the models, trends and technology innovations that they’re leveraging to drive renewable energy adoption, and overcome barriers in its deployment.

Why: It’s not that bad. These things have pretty good deli spreads and you need some way to morally make up for the fact that you release more carcinogens finessing your quiff in the morning than a small independent nation.


9) Marvell Street Coffee Tasting

3rd August

What: It’s a super time of year for coffee lovers, with African, and Central American coffees on the table. Experience how vibrant and fruity these origins can be. Come have a taste and learn how you can make delicious coffee at home.

Why: It’s free coffee. In Sydney. Like a caffeinated unicorn.


8) Modify Prospect: Exhibition Opening

2nd August

What: COMA is delighted to invite you to the opening of Modify Prospect – a group presentation of work. Drawing on what is typically considered the classical portrayal of the landscape, the artists included address deconstruction of the very visible physical world. In this sense, Modify Prospect attaches itself to the notion that through disintegration or deconstruction of an image a deeper sense of understanding is possible.

Why: This method of deconstruction should not be applied to images of Australian politicians. We’ve tried. The act is similar to diving head first into the shallow end of a kiddie pool.


7) Lemons Live

2nd August

What: The SGLBA has created Lemons Live as an opportunity for LGBTIQ artists to find an audience and showcase their talents. Come join this new community-based extravaganza. Featuring everything from cabaret to live poetry to indie-rock.

Why: This one is difficult. On the one hand, LGBTIQ artists desperately need a wider platform. On the other hand, society desperately needs to violently quash the rise in slam poets. We’re paralysed by indecision.


6) Lord of the Flies

29th July-24th August


Artistic Director Kip Williams’ staging makes us look at Lord of the Flies with new eyes. An exciting ensemble of adult actors, including Australian screen star Mia Wasikowska (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland) bring Golding’s island of boys to life, showing how quickly small cruelties can escalate. More than just pig’s blood will be spilled.

Why: Nothing so well executes a novel exploring the regression of a group of young dystopically abandoned British boys into blood-thirsty primitive instinct like a bunch of full-grown adults, one of whom is a famous Australian actress with a net worth of 8 million dollars.


5) Baladin Rare Beer Tasting with Alvise Lunardi

1st August

What: Taste through some of Baladin’s most epic releases all under the guidance of Alvise Lunardi, who travels the globe on behalf of Birra Baladin spreading the word about their amazing beers. This will be one of the ultimate beer tastings and beer experiences that Bucket Boys has put on.

Why: It seems a mark of how far we’ve come as a species. The legend of the penniless travelling drunken minstrel has been retooled into a cashed-up hipster whose poetic canon is not comprised of the woes surrounding and spurring an addiction, but rather the fruity tones and affordable price of the addiction itself.


4) Grant Burge Taste The Barossa Dinner

31st July

What: Hosted by chief winemaker, Craig Stansborough and co-hosted by Josh Elias, a highly respected sommelier, the evening will commence with canapes and sparkling wine, before you enjoy a selection of iconic Grant Burge wines, perfectly paired with a five course curated menu by the Head Chef at Metisse. You will be among the first to sample the new 2013 release of the Iconic Meshach Shiraz, alongside the newest addition to the fortified range, a super rare 40 year old tawny.

Why: The older a liquor is on paper, the less chronic you appear to be when consuming it. Which doesn’t ultimately make much sense. We once consumed a year-old un-refrigerated half bottle of baileys. What happened in the 2 hours following could not be considered events in the life of a person in control of their vices.


3) Dog Lovers Show 

3rd & 4th August

What: The 2019 Sydney Dog Lovers Show will be the largest and most comprehensive festival in the world dedicated to Dogs and the humans who love them. It will bring together over 800 beautiful dogs, 200+ Exhibitors, 30,000+ visitors, celebrity vets, incredible Dog shows and over 15 visitor features – heaven for Dog lovers!

Why: Desperately lonely and unable to form relationships with human beings? This one’s for you. Woof.


2) Sydney International Boat Show

1st-5th August

What: The Sydney International Boat Show is the largest recreational marine event in the southern hemisphere. It will feature more than 220 exhibitors across two venues, more than 145 boats on the purpose built marina, more than 700 boats in the halls and 24,800 square metres (266,900 square feet) of undercover hall space, full of exhibits.

Why: If you have the income to afford an interest such as this you are part of the problem. But that’s perfectly alright. You know what really quiets the conscience? Champagne. There’ll be enough of it here that you might just end up paralysing your conscience’s blunt little tongue forever.


1) Byron Writers Festival

2nd-4th August

What: The festival is the central hub to the Northern Rivers’ active, vibrant literary culture of reading and writing. The primary purpose is to create and deliver programs that involve and enrich professional, amateur and aspiring writers, promote literature (particularly Australian), enhance the skills of writers, and foster a culture of reading and writing among all age groups in the Northern Rivers and beyond. The program features 121 panels and conversations taking place across six stages at the stunning Elements of Byron resort.

Why: With all that literary puffery crammed into one beachside town boasting numerous cliffs overlooking sharp rocky descents into an endless salty abyss, what could go possibly wrong?

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