Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 27/06/2021

It’s funny when it’s happening to someone else.


10) Sarah Wilson: Live

3rd July

What: Multi-New York Times bestselling author, journalist and activist SARAH WILSON is set to embark on a national tour of theatres this July. She’ll be live onstage to hold a wild, yet intimate “bookclub”-style conversation about everything that matters to us – the planet, living fully and our future. In Conversation With…Sarah Wilson – The Wild and Precious Tour is your chance to really connect with the force behind the international phenomena ‘I Quit Sugar’, ‘First, We Make The Beast Beautiful’ and her latest book release, ‘This One Wild and Precious Life’.

Why: It’s true. The economy is in the toilet and this person still has a job.


9) A Tribute to Roy Orbison

2nd July

What: Aaron W Mansfield has the combination of Roy Orbison’s powerful, impassioned and distinctive voice that makes him “THE CLOSEST TRIBUTE TO THE BIG ‘O’ ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!”.

Why: All that velvety smoothness of the original, but bad. Like what happened to Cadbury chocolate in the 2000s.


8) A very lovely show of artists whose practices share simmilarities Pt.1

1st July

What: In the words of the curator, “it’s kinda about how similarities, is quite a difficult word to spell. In a kinda unapologetic way … and also about artists who have practices that are based in similar energies, concepts and aesthetics”.

Why: Look, it’s up to you if you want to go. The artist doesn’t seem to give a s*** so morally we don’t feel like we should tell you that you have to.


7) Art Bar

1st July

What: Experience the Rushcutters thriving contemporary art scene, presenting the best in visual art through its 5 leading galleries.

Why: It counts as being out of the house. Which means you’re not clinically depressed.


6) Art Walk & Wine

3rd July

What: Hosted by Michelle Chanique from Galerie pompom and Nicole Hauser from Nanda\Hobbs, the tour will go to Galerie pompom, Michelle Perry Fine Arts, Canteen, and Nanda\Hobbs, and end at Handpicked Wines for an afternoon of wine and cheese. Meet curators and artists at each gallery, who will talk about the exhibitions.

Why: Because there’s wine.


5) Artists x Artists: John Olsen

3rd July

What: Drawing on the central importance of critical dialogue, friendship and inspiration shared between fellow artists, the John Olsen: Goya’s Dog Artists x Artists talk series brings leading Australian artists into the NAS Gallery. Joe Frost completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) in 1995 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2002, both at UNSW College of Fine Arts. His paintings and drawings depict the matrix of urban life, through compositions in which “an improbable collection of visual cues coalesces to form something that feels utterly familiar and authentic” (Laura Fisher, Human Formations catalogue essay).

Why: You’re going to piss the day away anyway. Might as well do it whilst feeling smart.


4) Jessica Lee: Live

30th June

What: Jessica will present classical flute music from across three different periods of music, explaining them briefly and showing the different styles, interpretative techniques, and instruments.

Why: The soundtrack to your inferiority complex.


3) Aida

30th June

What: This is a story of a love so strong it defies enemy lines. This is a story of a kingdom in triumph and a nation in chains. This is a story of betrayal. Verdi’s monumental music makes this historic epic an enduring favourite. Davide Livermore’s radiant production is a thrilling theatrical experience. Ten towering digital screens create ever-changing floor-to-ceiling set pieces. Immersive digital video design ranges from rich symbolism to vivid landscapes. Opulent costumes and props reflect the splendour of Egypt at the height of its power. Together with dramatic video, the massed grandeur of the famous Triumphal March is a visual and musical feast.

Why: Opera, but with huge flat screens and lasers and stuff. So…somewhat tolerable.


2) Loose Leaf Literature

2nd July

What: Loose Leaf Literature is returning with live original performances of poetry, spoken word, fiction and other non-defined forms of language as art featuring Michael Aiken, Hollie Matthew, Marty Bright, Onion Man and Tom Di Bella.

Why: Unfortunately live poetry was not a permanent casualty of COVID restrictions.


1) [S]LEEP [A]LL [D]AY, [F]EAST [U]PON [N]IGHT: A Suburban Film

1st July

What: Genre-fluid Sydney artist Suburban brings his battle with bipolar, insomnia, alcoholism and suicide to the big screen that, in 2018, landed him in hospital and a mental ward. It ignited a desire to be as open as possible with his art, and to work on changing the narrative around mental health from “how can we cope” to “how can we utilise”. The film’s day-in-the-life premise condenses a 6+ month battle that started with wrongly-prescribed medication, accelerated through insomnia and faux-armoured mania, and crashed into a crippling depression with suicidal thoughts.

Why: Guiltless schadenfreude. Because it’s happening to a genre-fluid raver.

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