Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 26/05/2019

This week’s a game changer. Apparently young people are into Baroque music now.


10) World Vision Youth Conference

30th May

What: World Vision Youth Conference is an immersive one-day experience designed to inspire and empower current and emerging student leaders to become active global citizens and a voice for justice in the world.

Why: You knew this was coming. You’ve been enjoying yourself too much to avoid an event that is purely morally rectifying.


9) Maximilian Daniels: Inside, Outside

30th May

What: Daniels’ latest body of work is a stunning and natural progression from his recent sellout shows at PIERMARQ, Sydney Contemporary and Auckland Art Fair. Whilst expanding both his palette and his compositional choices, Daniels still remains focused on his investigation into the intricacies and nuances of natural light.

Why: What better way to experience the intricacies of natural light than inside a stark white air-conditioned gallery? We’re not being facetious. We’re still pretty sure that due to backburning, Sydney air is unsafe for even the mildly allergy-prone.


8) Angels, Heathens & Pariahs

26th May

What: A collection of high stakes, dynamic and aggressive scenes from some of the best contemporary American theatre – Sheila Callaghan, David Mamet, John Patrick Shanley, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Edward Allan Baker, Larry Kramer, Joshua Harmon, and Woody Allen.

Why: The Bronx via Sydney. We assume there’ll be live subtitles.


7) Blume Illustrated #3 Magazine Launch

30th May

What: Add some creative warmth to winter with drinks and canapes to celebrate the launch of the third issue of Blume Illustrated Magazine! Blume Illustrated is produced by Blue Mountains and Western Sydney illustrators, writers, artists and designers. This year’s issue once again features an amazing line up of original writing, poetry, art and illustration.

Why: Radical poetry the way it was meant to be consumed. Via the medium of fancy canapes.


6) Tuloy Po Kayo Fashion Expo Feat. John Herrera

1st June

What: For one night only, John Herrera’s collection, which won him the title ‘Britain’s Top Designer’ at the 2017 London Fashion Week, will be showcased at the spectacular historic venue right in the heart of Sydney, The Cell Block Theatre. In a three-part show, John will also showcase his Armada Collection, inspired by 16th century Philippines, and a stunning bridal collection.

Why: Thought the ridiculous excesses of the fashion world had finished for another year? Joke’s on you. Thought itself is antithetical to the fashion industry.


5) Cheese Tasting with Manly Spirits Co.

29th May

What: A flight of cheeses each matched with a different gin cocktail! Featuring Italian inspired cheeses and drinks courtesy of Manly Spirits Co.

Why: Cheese and gin together? Who says you need to maintain a functioning digestive system?


4) Tonight! Tonight

1st June

What: An evening of Baroque style arrangements of goth songs, lovingly named after the Smashing Pumpkins classic. Polyphony will sing their black hearts out in the historical Eveleigh works blacksmith accompanied by a woodwind quartet.

Why: Disaffected goths flipping the bird and spitting on the floor; disaffected goths fingering clarinets and clandestinely releasing spit valves. It’s the little differences that show how far we’ve come.!-Tonight/58c7cee0-7c23-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Lotus & Other Loveliness’ – A Vietnamese Banquet

29th May

What: Enjoy a complimentary glass of sparkling and be seated for a Vietnamese banquet from The Alley – Dường Hẻm. Stay to experience Emel Jurd’s exotic artwork series executed in her signature style.

Why: There’s no better way to enjoy contemporary art than when the art is intermittently blocked by a forkful of food.’Lotus-and-Other-Loveliness’-A-Vietnamese-Banquet/c990c0b0-7c22-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Vivid Ideas Game Changer: Spike Lee

1st June

What: With his trademark wicked humour, hear Spike Lee talk candidly and with authority about issues of race in the media and Hollywood. Most of all, imagine what you can do with his insights on film-making that takes the message far beyond the screen into popular consciousness.

Why:  For once it’s an event with intellectual credit that won’t require ingestion of a hallucinogenic. Ironic, huh?


1) Vivid

26th May-15th June

What: Vivid Sydney’s multi-award-winning festival of light, music and ideas returns to illuminate Sydney with mesmerising new light art and projections and deliver a fresh new program of music and ideas.

Why: Once again the city will be set alight and it’s not as a result of post-election riots.

Vivid Light:

Vivid Ideas:

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