Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 25/08/2019

Wine, beer, whisky and Shostakovich. You won’t be able to pronounce one or more of those words after this week.


10) Opening Night – Paper Tigers: Posters From Sydney’s Long ’70s

29th August

What: Join National Art School for the opening night of ‘Paper Tigers: Posters from Sydney’s long ’70s’. Paper Tigers celebrates Sydney’s dynamic 1970s poster art culture through the themes of music, art, film, theatre, parties, protest and politics.

Why: Your older sibling’s high school room transported to a gallery in Darlinghurst. Without the cum stains.’s-Long-’70s/577ce4e0-c2db-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) IQ2 Debate: ‘Democracy Is Failing the People’

27th August

What: Did voters create the messy, polarised, hung parliaments of Australia? Is it our fault, rather than the politicians’, that six Prime Ministers have been unable to serve a full term in over a decade? Perhaps we are being too pessimistic too soon and that’s inhibiting good policy. IQ2 is the Australian arm of the international debate series. Speakers have eight uninterrupted minutes to share their ideas – a luxury in today’s fast paced media environment of 15 second grabs and political party spin lines.

Why: What we’ve all been sorely missing from Australian politics: monetised debate.‘Democracy-Is-Failing-the-People’/2c07ef00-c2d9-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Them Heavy People: Love and Forgiveness

29th August

What: This edition of Them Heavy People is about two of the hardest things to grapple with in life: love and forgiveness. Whether it’s love for family, friend, foe, a place or an object, POC walk such fine lines learning love and forgiveness. On the night, five storytellers will each tell a true story of their own. Parliament on King will serve up some hearty tongue inspiring cuisine.

Why: A night to revelate that people of all cultures have experiences just as boring and unnoteworthy as you.


7) West Side Story

25th August-5th October

What: Leonard Bernstein’s world-famous score features unforgettable songs including Maria, Tonight, Somewhere, America and I Feel Pretty, that have been universally adored for generations, a timeless masterpiece. Director Joey McKneely’s vibrant new staging of this musical will feature some of Australia’s most exciting young talent performing Jerome Robbins’ original ground-breaking choreography.

Why: Hear someone with a Puerto Rican accent sing ‘I like to be in America’ without a trace of irony; experience a time when it was believable that a character in a musical could profess their hopefulness for a life in America without that lilt of bitter hyper-awareness.


6) Chicago the Musical 

25th August-13th October

What: Don’t miss Chicago coming to the Capitol Theatre this August and starring Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Roxie Hart, Alinta Chidzey as Velma Kelly and Casey Donovan as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton’. Created by the musical theatre talents of John Kander, Fred Ebb and legendary choreographer Bob Fosse, CHICAGO’s sexy, sassy score includes “All That Jazz” and “Razzle Dazzle”.

Why: Remember those times when media savvy and fame would excuse rampant criminality? Good thing we’ve matured as a society.


5) Book Launch: Dr Kerryn Drysdale

30th August

What: The very special launch of Dr Kerryn Drysdale’s new book, Intimate Investments in Drag King Cultures: The rise and fall of a lesbian social scene. Kerryn will be joined on the night by legendary drag king producers and performers DJ Sveta, Jayvante Swing and D-Vinyl to talk about the emergence of Sydney’s drag king scene, its eventual decline, and the future potential of drag.

Why: Drag culture is increasingly becoming more mainstream. So why not experience it in all its sequined brilliance with a…meticulous academic dissection of its sociopolitical complexities?


4) Sydney Pen Show

25th August

What: Sydney’s premier fine writing and stationery show! The show is a perfect opportunity for customers to try and track down all those fantastic grail pens they’ve seen online. The ultimate try before you buy. Attend all kinds of workshops or how-to seminars about a variety of related subjects such as calligraphy, bullet journalling and pen repair.

Why: Turns out writing with a quill and ink really does turn a fan-fiction into a novel.


3) Bakery Hill Whisky Masterclass

27th August

What: The wide world of whisky is just waiting to be discovered, so why not let Andrew Baker, Operations Manager and distiller from Bakery Hill Distillery guide you through the amazing smells, tastes and stories of Bakery Hill Single Malt whisky? You will receive 5 samples of premium Bakery Hill whiskies, along with gourmet finger food and a take home gift.

Why: The several reasons ‘why not’ will fall in number the more you drink.


2) Wine Wonderland at Willie’s

27th August

What: Wine will be taking over at Willie the Boatman for one night only with more than 70 wines on show from Burgundy to Barolo, Barossa to Austria, Marlborough to Margaret River, Rioja to…you get the idea! Several wine makers will be in the house showing off their wines plus Poor Toms will be splashing a few Gins around for you to sip.

Why: A phrase in the 21st Century containing the words ‘Willie’s’ and ‘Wonderland’ with a minimum age restriction. How refreshing.’s/53e99080-c2d1-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Ensemble Apex 02|19 ‘m e d i u m’

30th August

What: Ensemble Apex in association with Young Henry’s Brewery and The Powerhouse Museum presents: m e d i u m. A phenomenal venue combined with free beer and some of Australia’s hottest young musicians. The programme features: Sollima’s Violoncelles Vibrez feat. James Morley and David Moran, Shostakovich’s String Quartet No.8 arranged for string orchestra and timpani, Copland’s Clarinet Concerto feat. Oliver Shermacher and Haydn’s Symphony No.60 (The Comedy).

Why: A night with an American, a Russian, an Italian and an Austrian after which you won’t have to draw up tentative plans for an underground bunker.‘m-e-d-i-u-m’/ab3096c0-c2dd-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192

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