Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 24/11/2019

Christmas is coming, so the majority of our pitches this week involve alcohol.


10) L’Etape Australia

29th & 30th November

What: L’Étape Australia provides amateur riders with the closest experience they can get to riding in the Tour de France. The Race will take riders from Jindabyne to Rocky Plains, Berridale, the King of the Mountain sections at Col de Beloka and Col de Kosciuszko, descending back to Jindabyne. The Ride will follow the same route as the Race but will return to Jindabyne after Col de Beloka to finish at the L’Étape Australia Village, which this year returns to the banks of Lake Jindabyne.

Why: The heart-pumping experience of the Tour de France without the mandatory drug testing. So, way more fun.


9) Sydney Ideas: Wild AI and Tame Humans

27th November

What: Do the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) outweigh the potential negative effects, in the context of social responsibilities for the entire human race? Will intelligent machines soon take over, turning us into their slaves or raw materials? In this Sydney Ideas talk, Professor Mark Coeckelbergh shifts the conversation away from science fiction fantasies about AI and into the realms of real ethical issues and urgent policy challenges for development and use of artificial intelligence and robotics in society.

Why: We agree. The potentiality of AI needs to be seen through the lens of a realist as opposed to a fantasist or doomsayer. When our perfect robot counterparts are harvesting our organs for bio-fuel, the endless production of Pirates of the Caribbean sequels will finally cease. That’s a future we’d love to be a part of.


8) Experiments in Music

26th November

What: Immerse yourself in tales of life and death. Witness an exploration of identity and cultural confusion featuring the traditional Chinese erhu, poetic numbers inviting you into the heart of a relationship between musicians, an ultra-modern rework of Gregorian chants, and a colourful evaluation of sound and sensation to end the evening with a splash!

Why: A musical buffet demonstrating why considering yourself completely anti-mainstream is nonviable.


7) Senbazuru Sake Tasting

30th November

What: Senbazuru sake comes from a tiny village of Bungo Taketa nestled in the barely accessible foothills of Mr Kujo in Oita prefecture. You’re invited to taste a range of Senbazuru sake including the very rare Gold Label Daiginjo that won a whopping 18 Gold Medals at the most prestigious sake competition in Japan: Zenkoku Shinshu Kampyoukai.

Why: It’s free alcohol and free cultural cachet. You’re welcome.


6) Chris Cody and Quartet: Astrolabe Suite for Lapérouse

30th November

What: International pianist and composer Chris Cody returns with his all-star quartet featuring some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians (Paul Cutlan, clarinet, sax, flute, Fabian Hevia, percussion, Lloyd Swanton, bass, Chris Cody piano and direction) to perform this major work. Astrolabe, Suite for Lapérouse is inspired by the extraordinary three year voyage of French navigator Lapérouse who arrived here just six days after the First Fleet in 1788. After Lapérouse left these shores a few weeks later he was never seen again, his two ships being shipwrecked near the Solomon Islands. The powerful and moving music draws upon jazz, classical and diverse world music influences inspired by the voyage. There is plenty of space for the musicians to open up and improvise over the different moods, textures and styles, ranging from calm meditation to exuberant joy.

Why: The first European to set foot in Maui and one of the few men to deny Napoleon Bonaparte something he wanted. There’s a brilliant story to be told here and what better way to discover it than through the depressing parp of a clarinet?


5) Jermann Masterclass with Felix Jermann

26th November

What: Silvio Jermann blasted onto the Italian stage with the first release of Vintage Tunina in 1976, an incredible multi-varietal white wine that was to last 20 years. All his wines are extraordinary, multi-layered and extract-loaded, expressing the essence of each varietal character to its purest and fullest degree. Today, Silvio’s son Felix is in charge and continues to make very exciting wines. Felix will be hosting a masterclass tasting. Come and experience it.

Why: Drink to a dead man without having to feign emotion. A dream come true.


4) Wine & Caviar Workshop: A Night Of Indulgence

28th November

What: Caviar ambassador Lisa Downs is hosting her caviar master class at the Handpicked Cellar Door. You’ll be familiar with pairing caviar with vodka, but did you know how to match caviar with wine? Join the Cellar Door to find out. On the night Lisa will help you explore 4 of the worlds most famous caviars, produced by different species of Sturgeon and the Handpicked team will guide you on the best wines to match with the luxurious caviar lineup.

Why: A night of such disgusting privilege, you’ll have to get drunk and gorge yourself just to numb yourself to the pain of hypocrisy.


3) History Through Whisky

27th November

What: During this unique experience, the notorious tales of history will be brought to life through the glorious tastes of four whiskies. With drink in hand, your host will wind back the clock to reveal the stories and secrets of The Doss House , The Rocks and the spirited heritage of Sydney through the ages. Included in this intimate group event: sharing platters, four select whiskies to taste and a carefully crafted presentation of historic tales to match, all taking place within the story-soaked sandstone walls of the Doss House.

Why: Get pissed during a history lesson. It’s just like university without the Red Bull and UTI.


2) Four Pillars Christmas (Gin) Revue

26th November

What: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, The Third Annual Four Pillars Christmas (Gin) Revue is here. They’re welcoming the divine talents of Marsden&Wood the critically acclaimed duo behind Lady Sings it Better, Mother’s Ruin and Fat Musicals. Libby and Maeve will be there to hit the many MANY notes that Stu and Cam cannot… And, speaking of Stu and Cam, there will be costumes thrown into the mix. Hilarity most definitely will ensue. This awesome foursome will combine gin geekery with a side-splitting laughs, bawdy slapstick and power ballad sing-a-longs. Along the way you will get plenty of gin – all the very best gins from 2019 in some crazy-delicious cocktails created by maestro Jimmy Irvine.

Why: “Plenty of gin” is the best way through which to digest a half-cocked cabaret act.


1) The Ultimate Christmas Market

24th November

What: Sydney’s premium market operators, Cambridge Markets is to hold the Ultimate Christmas Market at The Entertainment Quarter featuring 150 stalls, live entertainment, kids rides, gourmet hot food, desserts and more. You will find everything you need for Christmas in a one-stop-shop! The market will offer a wonderful selection of Christmas-themed goods including candles, wreaths, wrapping paper, cards, Christmas ornaments, plus festive foods such as (pre-order) hams, turkey, puddings and Christmas cakes, sauces, preserves, gingerbread houses and chocolates. Plus a plethora of gift ideas for kids to adults.

Why: Supplies for the annual psychological apocalypse. Sparkly ones.

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