Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 22/12/2019

It’s the last Christmas before Australia’s burned off the face of the planet. That’s reason enough to down all the Baileys you can find.


10) Fantastic Race

22nd December

What: Equal parts interactive clue-based adventure game, live-action mystery novel, intellectual obstacle course, and self-guided tour, Fantastic Race Sydney is like the reality show, Amazing Race come to life. Plus there is no better way for the whole family to experience Sydney. Teams of 2 or more (max 10) meet at a common location and receive the first of a series of devious clues which leads them to the next location and so on. You’ll need your wits, your energy, and your willingness to have fun as you race the clock and your competition in an attempt to be the first team to unlock the codes and cross the finish line. Sign up as a team or as an individual.

Why: Sign up your whole family and in the clue-finding frenzy, catch a train to the airport and never return.


9) Sydney’s Razor Gangs True Crime Tour

26th December

What: In the not so distant past, a war raged in Sydney’s underworld – this was the era of the infamous Razor Gang Wars. Return to the scenes of the key events of the Razor Gang wars, discover the soap opera like lives of the most notorious gangsters from Sydney’s past and journey through the hidden parts of one of Sydney’s oldest and iconic locations. A unique investigation into a dark and crime ridden history.

Why: The Australian attitude is proof enough that gun control works. Why use a dinky little pistol when whipping out a razor is so much more terrifying?’s-Razor-Gangs-True-Crime-Tour/9e3f5090-22a1-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


8) Botanic Garden Behind the Scenes Sensory Tour

27th December

What: Touch, taste, smell and experience the best attractions on offer at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and gain exclusive access to the nursery and glasshouses when you join the Behind the Scenes Sensory Tour. Your experienced guide will take you to some of the most interesting parts of the Garden where they will surprise you with amazing aromas, interesting tactile experiences, tasty treats and visually stunning plants.You will also have the unique opportunity to see many of the hidden gems of the sub-tropical and tropical plant collection, including orchids expertly cared for by horticultural staff.

Why: A horticultural experience unlike any you’ve ever experienced. For starters, your guide will be wearing pants and probably won’t spend 2 hours talking in a loop about the Dave Matthews Band and Flamin Hot Doritos.


7) The Savoy Presents: Die Hard

22nd December

What: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? You decide. This is an epic thriller. An NYPD officer tries to save his wife and several others taken hostage by German terrorists during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. Arrive as early as you’d like to enjoy our full menu of craft beers, cocktails, natural wines, and tasty bite share plates & pizzas. Just walk in!

Why: Bruce Willis’ net worth is $180 million and you have work on Monday. Merry Christmas.


6) Morine (Film Screening)

22nd December

What: The year is 620 A.D., North Lebanon. Living with God is men’s privilege and the most unreachable women’s right. Stubborn as she is, the 20 year-old revolutionary girl breaks the rules and endures all the consequences.

Why: A ticket to this is a hell of a way to wish your bigoted grandmother a happy Christmas.


5) K x Comedy Club!

27th December

What: K X COMEDY CLUB brings a handpicked line up of Sydney’s best comedians with national and international guests for a comedy showcase that will have you die laughing.

Why: Christmas always leaves us pretty suicidal. If it does end up killing you, consider it a bonus.!/68569d40-22a0-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


4) Christmas Day Seafood Buffet Dinner

25th December

What: Celebrate this Christmas with a lavish seafood buffet dinner including a traditional carvery and all your festive favourites.

Why: The best way to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. Barely acknowledging their presence with your whole head crammed inside a mountain of shrimp.


3) Tramsheds Gourmet Market Tour

22nd December

What: The Tramsheds Sunday market tour is a great way to stock up on fresh produce and create a spectacular cheese or grazing plate for easy summer entertaining. The Artisan Lane marketplace includes dairy, pastries and breads, cured fish, handmade chocolates, and charcuterie items, so you can taste a delicious selection of gourmet sweet and savoury. You’ll be tempted by farm fresh produce, cured fish and charcuterie meats, pastries and breads – including GF – all sourced or produced by passionate providores. After the tasting tour, take a seat and enjoy a gourmet lunch with like-minded souls, in a restaurant inside the old Tram Depot.

Why: A lovely day at a beautiful market to remind you what the season is really all about. Mainlining salted meats and hard cheese in a fevered orgy.


2) 36 Hour Seafood Marathon

23rd December

What: A Christmas ritual for many, the extended trading hours mean shoppers wanting to snap up the freshest and tastiest seafood this Christmas can trawl Sydney Fish Market day or night, at a time that best suits them. The most popular event on the Sydney Fish Market calendar, more than 100,000 visitors are expected to participate in this year’s marathon in search of the ‘perfect catch’ for their festive feasts.

Why: 36 straight hours of fish in 2019’s Australian summer. Sounds like a cracking time.


1) Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

26th December

What: Over the past 74 years, the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has become an icon of Australia’s summer sport, ranking in public interest with such national events as the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Open tennis and the Boxing Day cricket test. No regular annual yachting event in the world attracts such huge media coverage than does the start on Sydney Harbour. As well as the eclectic on-water racing, the Rolex Sydney Hobart provides various activities and events for people of all ages to be a part of. Boxing Day each year is also Family Day in the JANUS et Cie Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race – Sydney Race Village. Face painting, popcorn, live streaming of the start and everything in between can be found in the Race Village on Family Day!

Why: Sit on the sidelines with your face painted like a twat while the rich play around in the water. You know. Life.

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