Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 21/07/2019

This week’s so sweet that when your blood’s spilled you’ll be attacked by a swarm of bees.


10) Closing Weekend Artist Talks: 2019 John Fries Award

27th July

What: Join 2019 John Fries Award finalists Madison Bycroft, Jenna Lee, Hayley Millar-Baker and The Ryan Sisters for a series of artist talks on the closing weekend of ‘There is Fiction in the Spaces Between’. Talks moderated by John Fries Award Curator Miriam Kelly.

Why: Your intellectual credit for the week. The ‘spaces between’ are also good for stashing flasks full of the stuff needed to survive a series of artist talks.


9) Worship

26th July

What: A line up of some of Sydney’s brightest performers, all of whom will be presenting pieces around the themes of cultural practices, religious practices, identity and worship. Following the culmination of these performances you will all pack the dance floor to experience a truly queer form of worship. The power that can be found in a dance floor packed with like minded souls is the driving force of a truly transcendental experience.

Why: Ever sat in a contemporary theatre with your ass cheeks clenched so tight you’ve started to sweat with the strain thinking ‘Please. Don’t interact with me. I’m an audience member. DON’T ENGAGE.’? Well this is that, but you don’t have to worry about clenching so much. At the end, you have to join in. So you might as well take your suicide pill mid-performance.


8) Hot V Cold Sake Tasting

27th July

What: Do you like it hot or not? Join Sakeshop and taste a selection of Japanese sake served both hot and cold in this discovery event. Beat the winter chill.

Why: If you discover you can stomach 2 straight hours of someone talking about sake whilst also stomaching the taste of sake, you might just have hit the level of hipster in which all of your taste-buds and the majority of your brain cells have self-immolated in protest.


7) Nigel Date’s Guitar Odyssey

21st July

What: Nigel Date is a guitarist who has performed professionally for over 30 years. He plays all styles of music and composes his own. He loves to play jazz particularly in the style of the gypsy guitar great, Django Reinhardt. Nigel will be joined by other musicians presenting Jazz, Blues, Latin, and original tunes intent on creating a classy, fun, and exciting musical experience.

Why: Old world music by a man with an old world name. There’s enough hipster credit here that you can finally shave off that goddamn beard and stop haemorrhaging cash on beard oil.’s-Guitar-Odyssey/a09d11c0-aa73-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Specialty Cheese and Tea Degustation

25th July

What: Following your welcome tea, indulge in a six course table service delivery of organic and rare specialty teas, brewed to perfection by a resident tea sommelier. Your set menu includes a specially paired European cheese per course, crackers and other treats, selected for complementary taste and texture with your tea.

Why: A clogger with a plunger. A perfect balance.


5) Return to Bistro Moncur 1993

27th July

What: Damien Pignolet, the great French chef of Sydney, and pioneer in the Sydney dining scene, is taking you back to the beginning. Damien will prepare 3 dishes from the original menu of Bistro Moncur. From his benchmark restaurants such as Claudes and Bistro Moncur, to his mentoring support of young chefs with the Josephine Pignolet Award, to his cult cookbooks, Damien loves to share his knowledge and has dedicated much of his time in his career to passing on his passion for French food.

Why: Having an old man waxing lyrical about his passion in the background will allow you to delude yourself into believing that cramming buttered cream and cheese down your gullet for 2 straight hours is ‘cultured’.


4) Caviar Masterclass

25th July

What: Lisa Downs will take you through an exploration of the history of caviar, what the market is like in 2019, how it is sustainably sourced, what creates demand, how to taste it, why we love it and more. In this Masterclass you will experience a vertical tasting of three styles of caviar matched with champagne and vodka.

Why: Mentioning the word ‘sustainable’ doesn’t make it any less true that you’re converting around half a week’s worth of the average income into your excrement. Shitting on the little guy kind of takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?


3) Lord of the Flies

23rd July-24th August

What: Artistic Director Kip Williams’ staging makes us look at Lord of the Flies with new eyes. An exciting ensemble of adult actors, including Australian screen star Mia Wasikowska (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland) bring Golding’s island of boys to life, showing how quickly small cruelties can escalate. More than just pig’s blood will be spilled.

Why: Nothing so well executes a novel exploring the regression of a group of young well-bred British boys into blood-thirsty primitive instinct like a bunch of full-grown adults, one of whom is a famous Australian actress with a net worth of 8 million dollars.


2) HKABA Christmas in July Food Appreciation & Wine Tasting Night

26th July

What: This year, with the support of Penfolds Australia, celebrate Christmas with a great selection of Penfolds wine and exquisite Cantonese cuisine from Emperor’s Garden.

Why: And, with the support of the toilet seat, celebrate the fact that Christmas in July is a patently ridiculous idea by puking up a great selection of Penfolds wine and what used to be…maybe…dumplings of some kind?


1) Sweet Expo Sydney

27th & 28th July

What: Sweet Expo Sydney is your one stop destination for everything cake decorating, baking, and celebrating! The Demo Stage has something new every 45 minutes, whether it’s ganaching perfectly straight sides on your cake to how to use the latest kitchen gadgets. There’ll be a market of Sydney’s most delicious and most instagrammable treats, you’ll have your cake and eat it too – all the while supporting local businesses. A festival of fun and food, there’s live music playing all day too!

Why: Live music! So you’ll have someone to serenade your descent into a gout-ridden diabetic coma!

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