Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 21/02/2021

Enough stalling.


10) Frozen the Musical

21st February onwards

What: From the producers of Aladdin and The Lion King, Disney’s new hit musical Frozen is storming Sydney’s Capitol Theatre. Adapted from the Oscar-winning film, Frozen the Musical is expertly brought to the stage by acclaimed Director Michael Grandage, giving life to this beloved story in an all new, unforgettable theatrical experience.  An inspiring tale of sisterhood and true love, it features the songs you know and love from the original film plus an expanded score with a dozen new numbers. With gorgeous sets and costumes as well as sensational special effects, Frozen is everything a Broadway musical should be – moving, spectacular and pure joy.

Why: Just in case you thought Disney was done harvesting every part of this dead horse.


9) Sydney’s Razor Gangs True Crime Tour

27th February

What: In the not so distant past, a war raged in Sydney’s underworld – this was the era of the infamous Razor Gang Wars. Return to the scenes of the key events of the Razor Gang wars, discover the soap opera like lives of the most notorious gangsters from Sydney’s past and journey through the hidden parts of one of Sydney’s oldest and iconic locations. A unique investigation into a dark and crime ridden history.

Why: The Australian attitude is proof enough that gun control works. Why use a dinky little pistol when whipping out a razor is so much more terrifying.’s-Razor-Gangs-True-Crime-Tour/f9daad60-7245-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


8) Book Launch: IVRIS by Misha the Maniac

27th February

What: The latest book from Apothecary Archive is out now: IVRIS by Misha the Maniac. Melding dreams, autobiography, invective, rant and the grotesque, IVRIS captures the psychotic mind in deterioration and renewal, expressing the disturbing insights of a mind in chaos. Join Misha the Maniac on Saturday for the launch.

Why: You know the mark of great literature? Being able to assert meaning via few words and subtle implication. Anyway, here’s someone who calls themselves ‘Misha the Maniac’.


7) Speaker Series: Ten Novels that Changed the World

24th February

What: Join author and literary lecturer Susannah Fullerton for an engaging presentation on “Ten Novels that changed the world” and discover which books brought about social, political, racial and literary change.

Why: Literary quality is subjective. But we all agree throwing around the titles of almost any left-leaning influential literature will score you points on Tinder.


6) The Bourbaki Ensemble: Shaking & Trembling

21st February

What: The Bourbaki Ensemble take the stage to perform an exciting selection of American, American inspired & English string works.

Why: To clarify, the description says ‘American’, but we assure you we’re almost positive it won’t be just someone smashing a violin over the head of an oppressed minority.


5) Beachcomber’s Birthday Rum Masterclass

22nd February

What: It’s time to get into 2021 the right way. Experience the relaunch of an in-person Rum Club to celebrate Don the Beachcomber’s birthday. There will be a Tiki Masterclass & tropical cocktails with some of the rum industry’s leading professionals to talk about what it takes to make epic tiki cocktails and the rums behind them. Tiki Tickets include a tiki cocktail on arrival and a rum masterclass tasting four styles of rum and the cocktails that they create.

Why: Nothing better than following up extended quarantine with the drinking format most associated with sweaty, bare-chested men in Hawaiian shirts in close proximity with one another.’s-Birthday-Rum-Masterclass/75893bd0-7245-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


4) Evil Twin: Experimental vs Improvised Live Music

21st February

What: EVIL TWIN is an afternoon of weird experimental music live in a lounge room. EVIL TWIN (experimental vs improvised live terror within improvised noise), sibling to the long-standing regular EVIL night at MoshPit, is bringing a new kind of nasty-lovely to King Street, with an emphasis on individual voices/instruments doing…things… Experience an afternoon of people doing inhuman things to the vibrations in the air.

Why: You know you’ve been to an ‘experimental’ concert when you find yourself wondering if experiencing the vibratory aftershocks of a real bomb explosion would have been a preferable way to spend a few hours.


3) Poetry & Song: Rosie Bogumil and Zion Wong

25th February

What: Experience an evening of live poetry and music. Since discovering the healing power of poetry, Rosie Bogumil has struggled to keep her chaotic story contained. Together with her entourage of neuroses, it has become her mission to create unapologetically daring depictions of mental illness, in the faint hope that this might stall the associated stigma. Zion Wong segued into writing and producing her own music after facilitating sound therapy sessions for yoga and meditation classes. She has a distinct ethereal, uplifting, otherworldly voice with a tinge of salty sultry.

Why: Who said poetry is a dead medium? Seriously. We’re wondering. Because the sucker just won’t go down.


2) James Jirat Patradoon: ULTRA

23rd February

What: Experience ULTRA, a phantasmic exhibition by James Jirat Patradoon featuring a visual throb of hyperreal beings and otherworldly scenes. Curated by 4A’s Con Gerakaris, and drawing upon Eastern and Western graphic concepts spanning manga, tattoo illustrations and product design, Patradoon’s encompassing murals and installation work reframe the 2021 Zodiac symbol of the Metal Ox. Reflecting upon the cycle of rebirth each new year, the artist has composed hypercoloured scenes of life and death as acts in a fictionalised Chinese opera.

Why: Do your part in injecting life back into the Australian economy by supporting the recently revitalised street drug trade and then going to this.


1) Queer Lyfe: LOVE

24th February

What: Queer Lyfe is a life drawing class with a progressive twist. This immersive experience is a chance for the artists and model to interact through pose, performance and conversation. LOVE features the divine SAINT VALENTINE. The delicious drag queen icon saint hails from the jewel of the south coast aka Wollongong. She’s campy, she’s cute and for one night only she will suit! Her name may be saint but a saint you’ll come to realise she ain’t!

Why: A life-drawing class in which you can admit you’re just there to check out some juicy arse.

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