Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 17/11/2019

Depressant, stimulant, repeat.


10) Slime Market in the City

23rd November

What: Experience a day with Scoopi and KittyCake from NSW, The Slime Allure and Ragdoll from VIC and Daisy from QLD. Try and experience different slimes so you know what they feel like and meet and trade slime with others in the Sydney community. Slime supplies such as instant snow, foam beads, clay, DIY slime kits are available for purchase, and you can decorate your slimes at the Scoopi custom sprinkle station.

Why: Your children will soon be consuming a similarly textured substance for sustenance likely composed of reconstituted human corpses in the Tomorrowland of the apocalypse. Best acquaint them with the feel of it now.


9) Art Battle

23rd November

What: Watch as painters battle the clock and each other transforming blank canvases into beautiful pieces of original artwork in just 20 minutes and help vote to determine the Winner of the night. Be a part of the fun as a spectator, or participate as one of the featured artists.

Why: Nothing says ‘legitimate artistic expression’ like a time limit.


8) Cabaret N°5

21st November

What: Enjoy a delectable 4 course meal, sip on champagne and be captivated by Cabaret N°5, a show that will immerse you in the thrills and spills of the 19th century cabaret era, from the Swing Jazz rival scene and quirks of Europe’s classic cabaret to the feathers and fanfare of the Moulin Rouge. Like a well-versed dive into the Prohibition history books, you are sure to feel as if you are sitting in a 1920s Speakeasy bar. The music is unexpected, the choreographies are audacious and the performers are nothing short of mesmerising. The sounds of the live Jazz band will keep the mood flowing throughout the evening and complete the Pelicano cabaret experience in fine form.

Why: Nothing says “unexpected” like pub food and 1920s nostalgia.


7) Archives in the Digital Age Symposium

20th November

What: To celebrate the launch of the Kaldor Public Art Projects Digital Archive, experience a unique symposium where a range of speakers working in art galleries, museum studies, media and art history come together to explore the cultural impact of digital archives. Hear from expert professionals – Nicole Anderson (Macquarie University), Louise Curham (artist, University of Canberra), Katrina Sedgwick (ACMI), John Potts (Macquarie University), Alice Desmond (Kaldor Public Art Projects) and Steven Miller (Art Gallery of NSW) – as they discuss the role and significance of digital archives, while referring to the new Kaldor Public Art Projects Digital Archive as a case study.

Why: The medium is the message and that message is, “screw the medium”.


6) An Evening With Markus Zusak

20th November

What: You are invited to a literary evening with bestselling author Markus Zusak Gertrude & Alice Cafe Bookstore. Markus Zusak is the international bestselling author of six novels, including The Book Thief and most recently, Bridge of Clay. His work is translated into more than forty languages, and has spent more than a decade on the New York Times bestseller list, establishing Zusak as one of the most successful authors to come out of Australia.

Why: The written word may be dead, but eulogies are always fun.


5) Celebration: 30 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

23rd November

What: To commemorate this important moment in German history, an original piece of the Berlin Wall will be set up for permanent public display in the small park directly in front of the institute in Woollahra. The concrete structure stands almost four metres tall, weighs more than two tonnes and still displays original graffiti with the words: ‘Jeder hat Kraft’ – ‘Everyone is powerful’. The Goethe-Institut and Woollahra Council will jointly inaugurate the piece of the Wall with kind support from international freight company Henning Harders.

Why: There are too many jokes to make about walls here and they’ve all been done. But…it is a fun observation that a symbol of, amongst other things, freedom from epic economic tyranny, disparity and mismanagement is being exhibited in the most prohibitively expensive suburb in Sydney.


4) Grappa Fest

19th November

What: Sip on Grappa until your heart’s content at Vizio Caffé e Cucina in Woolloomooloo. With the ability to taste up to 12 different varieties of grappa, you will be offered straight spirit samples in addition to Grappa infused cocktails, paired with a selection of matching chocolate, cheeses, and biscuits. Head chef Salvatore D’Alterio will be in the kitchen whipping up delicious house-made pasta all night long.

Why: Grappa? Cheese? Heavy pasta? Well, it’s a comfort to know some part of you, in this case your heart, will be content in death.


3) Sydney Tea Expo

21st-24th November

What: The SydneyTea Expo is an interactive experience designed to help Australian community to experience Chinese culture, especially tea culture. Spend a full day tasting all sorts of teas from over a hundred exhibitors and enjoy tea-related forums, ceremonies, performances, workshops and tastings at this four-day event which will extend your tea appreciation of the finest brew. Teaware, handcrafts, Chinese paintings and calligraphy are also displayed at the event, transporting you to the height of Chinese traditional culture.

Why: Stimulation of cultural appetite via stimulation of your colon.


2) Wollongong Writers Festival

22nd-24th November

What: Wollongong Writers Festival is a celebration of stories, art and ideas on the NSW South Coast. The theme of this year’s festival is All Lit Up. Writers from across Australia will gather at Wollongong Art Gallery to celebrate the power of writing and art for illuminating topics that have been silenced, have stigma attached to them, or need to be spoken about in new and more complex ways.

Why: We’ve, in the past, disparaged the hipster habit of equipping oneself with a quill or typewriter when one considers oneself a proper writer, but the entire concept of corporeal publishing is about as obsolete as any of those methods, so, hell, feel free to turn up with your own hieroglyph scribe.


1) Pinot & Friends Wine Fair

23rd November

What: A celebration of Pinot Noir and all it’s friends, Gris, Grigio, Blanc et al, and all the various styles and interpretations of these beloved grapes! The Grazing Co are back again with another amazing grazing table full of olives, charcuterie, cheeses and fruit for when you need a break from tasting.

Why: Notice how they didn’t say your friends, because alcohol is no substitute for real human connection. It’s far better, cheaper and less psychologically damaging.

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