Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 15/09/2019

Don’t worry about tomorrow. It’s time to get your heart pumping today. There’s a reason why pace-makers exist.


10) West Side Story

15th September-2nd October

What: Leonard Bernstein’s world-famous score features unforgettable songs including Maria, Tonight, Somewhere, America and I Feel Pretty, that have been universally adored for generations, a timeless masterpiece. Director Joey McKneely’s vibrant new staging of this musical will feature some of Australia’s most exciting young talent performing Jerome Robbins’ original ground-breaking choreography.

Why: Hear someone with a Puerto Rican accent sing ‘I like to be in America’ without a trace of irony; experience a time when it was believable that a character in a musical could profess their hopefulness for a life in America without that lilt of bitter hyper-awareness.


9) Sydney Language Festival

21st September

What: The Sydney Language Festival is a cultural and educational event which celebrates language diversity. This year’s festival will include Aboriginal languages, Albanian, Arabic, Auslan, Esperanto, Hebrew/Israeli, Japanese, Kalasha, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and more. Join language experts and native speakers as they share fascinating talks about these languages throughout the day. Enjoy live music in different languages, including Icelandic, Ukrainian, Spanish, Neapolitan, Yiddish and Georgian.

Why: What sprechgesanging should be. You hear that, indie musicians? This is the only thing sprechgesanging should be.


8) SydneyMicroFest3

20th September

What: SydneyMicroFest uses non-standard pitches (microtones) to express live as nuanced and varied musical views as deeply as we can imagine. Music by Donald Bousted, Peter Bowman, Larry Polansky and Peter Thoegersen. Performed by Kathryn Bennetts (1/4 tone recorder); Michael H Dixon and Gergely Mályusz (just intonation French horns).

Why: Experimental music that truly exemplifies the genre. How do we know? There are no random numbers or special characters in the names of the performing musicians.


7) Holding Back the Beers

19th September

What: Enjoy a very, very fresh first taste of the new Beerfarm Simply Red, a Flanders Style Red Ale. Meet Brewfather Neal and learn about the barrel age brewing process, enjoy a tune or two, and sip on a delicious tasting flight of Beerfarm’s barrel aged brews.

Why: Enjoy a very, very stale feeling of hungover regret.


6) Nothing But The Present

21st September

What: Three multi-faceted artists and their colleagues negotiate new ways of sacred self-expression in the three mysterious and resonant chambers of Building 20, a decommissioned military ammunition store. This journey of music, dance and images begins in Chamber 1 with the mellow tones and driving rhythms of the bass marimba — the ‘doyenne of percussion’. Chamber 2 will host the world première of Triglav. The work takes its inspiration from Slavic mythology to create a journey via movement, haunting Bulgarian harmonies, electronic sound and photographic images. Chamber 3 will host a climactic finale, with The Fantastic Terrific Munkle led by Sam Golding (brass) with Martin Kay (clarinet), Julian Curwin (guitar and banjo) and Danny Heifetz(drums). Their other-worldly music ranges from swinging romps and dirty tangos to delicate waltzes.

Why: A building that once rang with horrid purpose will now ring with horrid lack of purpose. Whether at war or at peace, humanity can still find a myriad of ways to suck.


5) Poetry & Song: Laurie Duggan, Lax Charisma & Ghost Gurl

21st September

What: Garden Lounge is hosting one poet and one musical act for your edification and/or entertainment. This Saturday sees the great writer Laurie Duggan reading for you, swapping sets with Lax Charisma & Ghost Gurl, who will play a mix of solo and duo pieces between them. Laurie Duggan was born in Melbourne in 1949. His books include The Ash Range, which won the Victorian Premier’s New Writing Award; The Epigrams of Martial, winner of the Wesley Michael Wright Prize; Mangroves (UQP), selected as The Age Poetry Book of the Year in 2003. Lax has been a mainstay of the Wollongong Music Scene for over 20-years with bands such as Hee Haw, Richie & The Creeps, and The Nice Folk. Ghost Gurl occasionally joins him to perform as a duo, riffing on each others songs.

Why: Be tag-teamed, but contemporary art style. Expect exactly the same amount of respect for your most delicate body parts.


4) Malaysia Festival

21st & 22nd September

What: Be whisked away by the fragrance of Nasi Lemak and satisfy your sweet tooth with some Teh Tarik, all whilst sitting and watching regional traditional dances and live music. Bring along the kids and enjoy some family friendly workshops where you can learn about Malaysia’s culture and have fun! Whether you’re a Malaysian dreaming of home or an Aussie dreaming of a tropical paradise, you’re sure to have a great time!

Why: Feel as though you’ve achieved new heights of cultural awareness whilst only really achieving slight indigestion and an interminable self-promoting anecdote.


3) Aussie Street

19th-22nd September

What: With both local and international competitions, exhibitions, artist-talks and workshops, Aussie Street will bring Australian street photography to the world’s stage by connecting local and international street photography communities. The festival will mark Aussie Street’s place among the growing global calendar of events that celebrate and promote street photography.

Why: By transcending the bonds of the virtual and materialising in the physical, Instagram has found a way to become Instagram-worthy. It adds a whole new meaning to the term ‘circle-jerk’.


2) Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

15th September

What: The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is a great way to have fun and get fit. You can choose to run, walk or jog in the 3.5km Family Fun Run, pick up the pace in the 10km Bridge Run, or challenge yourself in the 21km Half Marathon or 42km Mighty Marathon. Plus, it’s your only opportunity to run across the Harbour Bridge – traffic-free!

Why: There’s no better way to make peace with your own mortality than by being beaten by a child in a stroller in a marathon. You’re going to die. Soon. That’s okay. The sooner you die, the less chance you’ll be repeatedly exposed to the sweat chafe of thousands of hairy nipples.


1) Sydney Fringe Festival

15th-30th September

What: The Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in NSW. With events spread out across the sprawling city, the festival celebrates and highlights the amazing work of local independent artists, art makers and performers, inviting audiences to visit undiscovered parts of the city, a new venue or a secret bar, and discover the fantastic creative offerings artists prepare year-round. This year, the Fringe is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a lineup focused on re-igniting Sydney’s nightlife.

Why: Considering the current state of Sydney’s nightlife, we can only assume the attempt at re-ignition will involve literal arson.

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