Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 14/02/2021

Ice your vovo. It’s about to get wet in here.


10) Frozen the Musical

14th onwards

What: From the producers of Aladdin and The Lion King, Disney’s new hit musical Frozen is storming Sydney’s Capitol Theatre. Adapted from the Oscar-winning film, Frozen the Musical is expertly brought to the stage by acclaimed Director Michael Grandage, giving life to this beloved story in an all new, unforgettable theatrical experience.  An inspiring tale of sisterhood and true love, it features the songs you know and love from the original film plus an expanded score with a dozen new numbers. With gorgeous sets and costumes as well as sensational special effects, Frozen is everything a Broadway musical should be – moving, spectacular and pure joy.

Why: Just in case you thought Disney was done harvesting every part of this dead horse.


9) Jack Lanagan Dunbar: ‘Signal’ Exhibition Opening

19th February

What: Signal presents two complementary suites of work produced in very different locations. Where one of these bodies of work speaks of the rush and swirl of powerful ocean waves, the other recalls the frenetic energy of a firework display. The other ponders timeless hours spent exploring the intertidal zone, the other whispers of the confines of dark, underground tunnels. Both bodies are connected by a single element: copper. At its core Signal celebrates the stream of consciousness, our aptitude for producing mental associations, our ability to perpetually recycle networks of meaning, and the possibility of finding beauty within these constellations as they evolve, whether it be of a profound or everyday nature.

Why: Contemporary Art + Liquor = Tolerable.‘Signal’-Exhibition-Opening/9fd28970-6be5-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


8) Monet and Friends

16th February

What: Join Corinne Estrada, the French speaker, on a dazzling talk about Monet that will change the way you look at Modern Art. Monet is known for being one of the giants of Impressionism but he was actually mostly an abstract painter. Discover Monet’s life in Paris in 1870 when he became famous and why he became obsessed with waterlilies in his retreat of Giverny. Look again his masterpieces and understand why is palette changed over the years.

Why: The blurry paintings blind guy everyone sort of knows. Throwing his name around in conversation will make you sound impressive, but not too wanky.


7) Fangirls

14th-20th February

What: Edna’s fourteen and is head over heels in love with Harry – he’s beautiful, talented, perfect. But he’s also the face of ‘True Connection’, the world’s biggest boy band. And getting his attention will stretch the resources of anyone – even someone as clever and resourceful as Edna.

Why: We can’t help but have a deep, visceral hatred for this entire concept. But we can’t deny it’s jazzy.



18th February

What: This exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales features 48 artworks selected from 8617 student works submitted for the 2020 HSC, including works by students from government and non-government schools from across metropolitan and regional NSW. The elegant and highly resolved bodies of work demonstrate a creativity, resilience and sustained investigation of the very complex world and times in which we live. The 37th annual ARTEXPRESS represents a broad range of approaches across a range of art forms, including painting, drawing, photo-media, sculpture, ceramics, time-based works, documented form, printmaking, textiles and fibre and graphic design.

Why: Remember the kids still have dreams and ambitions. Then wonder if you were ever so stupid.


5) City Art Free Walking Tour

18th February

What: Join artist Katy B Plummer for a free City Art walking tour, as she discusses her new interactive fortune-telling artwork, We Are All Astonishingly Wise, along with significant public artworks that speak to the city’s past and its potential future, including Tracey Emin’s The Distance of Your Heart and Lara Schnitger’s Patchwork of Light.

Why: An art tour with infinite exits.


4) Poetry & Song: David Stavanger & Skye Carmen Staniford

18th February

What: Garden Lounge is hosting one writer and one musical act for your edification and/or entertainment. Relaxed atmosphere, cosy space, heart of Newtown. David Stavanger is a post-modern trickster poet, alleged performer/producer, and lapsed psychologist. Skye Carmen Staniford is a singer-songwriter, musician and writer. Her band We All Want To released 6 studio albums in 12 years. Following this, she burnt all her poems on a bonfire, gave away all of her things and drove to the South Coast of NSW to become a professional soup maker. For this gig she will put down the ladle and pick up the guitar.

Why: Who said poetry is a dead medium? Seriously. We’re wondering. Because this sucker just won’t go down.



19th February

What: BUTCH is a one-night only event celebrating masc-identifying women , non-binary and trans-masc people through fashion, music and community. Featuring gender defying fashion designers CharlieBoy, Punkuture, Shane Ave, Spunky Bruiser+Jeff McCann + hair by Sarah Wall Industries on the runway. With performances by BVT + Kings, Kim Sheehy [The Voice/The Sappho Show] and more to be announced! Plus twenty four community models who will raise the roof!

Why: Because even a complex, marginalised community with a myriad of fascinating insights can still participate in an empty, blood-sucking, shallow industry.


2) Whiskuits

20th February

What: We all grew up with biscuits and all have our favourites. Are you a wagon-wheeler, mint slice madman, Monte Carlo muncher or Iced Vovo indulger? This won’t just be opening packs of Arnott’s and sitting round the table, having a laugh. Whisky Uncovered is partnering with acclaimed pastry chef John Ralley and the Textbook patisserie team to recreate – and in some cases reinvent – these childhood classics. Guests at whiskuits will enjoy a 5-course sit-down whisky and Michelin-quality patisserie-pairing experience, a welcome cocktail and snacks, and a couple of sneaky surprises… all wrapped up in Whisky Uncovered’s signature afternoon experience!

Why: Perfect proof that any act isn’t a symptom of deep depression as long as you use the word ‘Michelin’ when describing it and charge hundreds of dollars to participate in it.


1) Nothing Else Matters: A Symphonic Tribute to Metallica

20th February

What: The George Ellis Orion Orchestra with Damage Inc perform Metallica Classics – Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets, For Whom The Bell Tolls, One, The Memory Remains + More.  As Metallica have shown with S&M and S&M2, the inspired fusion of Symphony & Metal can be a perfect combination, giving a new perspective on Metallica Classics. One Night Only.

Why: Hold your breath as you wish for death, with a monocle and a cravat on.

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