Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 09/06/2019

It’s a week of ‘isms’. Functionalism not included.


10) Sydney Ideas: Why Should the Perfect Robot Look and Think Just Like a Human?

11th June

What: Drawing on the latest research in engineering and social science, this event will explore the ways in which emerging technologies are similar to and different from the humans on which they are supposedly modelled: the thinker, the worker and the companion. The question is: how will humans adapt to a world of increasingly ‘intelligent’ and autonomous machines?

Why: To be honest, we don’t really think that question requires answering. We just asked Siri and she recommended the best place for dumplings. We’re feeling peckish.


9) Sydney IMPACTFest 

14th June

What: The Sydney IMPACTFest is the “first of it’s kind” educational and engaging conference to showcase the latest emerging technologies of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Robotics, Holographics Blockchains, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

Why: A chance for you to see how the sausage is made. Well, eventually how our struggling fleshy forms will be processed into a range of gourmet sausages and other products by intelligent robots to suit the gastronomic purposes of the richest and most powerful ruling classes.


8) IQ2 Debate: Stop Idolising Youth

12th June

What: IQ2 is the Australian arm of the international debate series, Intelligence Squared. Speakers have eight uninterrupted minutes to share their ideas. This debate tackles the question: How do we tackle a prejudice as pervasive as ageism?

Why: We have an idea: offer something more unifying than a debate to draw various age groups together. The election clearly did not work.


7) Beetopia: Meet The Creator

12th June

What: Beetopia is a giant glowing bee hotel with oversized, colourful native bees crawling all over it. Run your hands across the textured façade and, when you pat a bee, it will respond with a gentle buzz. The installation uses capacitive sensors on the bees that trigger a vibration similar to that of a mobile phone. Sydney OSA local section invites you to meet one of VIVID’s artists and explore the Beetopia installation for yourself as a VIP guest.

Why: Meet the maker of a giant vibrating protuberance designed to enrapture children…and see how many troubling innuendos you can work into the conversation with a straight face.


6) Laneway Chai Sessions Launch: Fritter Tasting and Foodie Talk

12th June

What: This is the launch of “Flyover Laneway Chai Sessions”, a creative events series to reinvigorate Sydney’s Laneway experience for the local community and beyond! The launch will feature an exclusive tasting event on the last week of VIVID that includes Pakora fritters, Khichri, Street style salad and hot brewed ginger chai, followed by a foodie talk led by Brendon D’Souza.

Why: Just a heads up, they’ve specified ‘no alcohol’ and ‘no toilets’. Sounds like an interesting experience; everything you’ve never done in or associated with a laneway.


5) Glenmorangie Embassy Solera Launch

15th June

What: Mister Pocket and Moet & Hennessey have partnered to create a Glenmorangie “Glenmo” Home at Mister Pocket. Join the launch party with a welcome cocktail, roaming canapes, a live Blues band, and a nip of a special edition Glenmorangie!

Why: Single malt whisky. There’s no better way to break even on your social standing after a night of drinking. You may puke in the Uber on the way home, but the value of your puke will be at least a week’s worth of the average salary.


4) CLIPPED Music Video Festival 

15th June

What: CLIPPED Music Video Festival will feature a curated and interactive music video exhibition, new awards format, screenings, Australian premieres, panels, industry talks, and masterclasses with international guest speakers. Spectator Jonze will be creating a live art piece throughout the day and Sydney based odyssey Nikkita Ra, newcomers Lorelei and alternative R&B artist A.Girl will provide the tunes, alongside CLIPPED VJs.

Why: Now more than ever, music is consumed via our eyes. It helps make up for the fact that all our ears are getting is what sounds like a synthesizer having a seizure.


3) Sydney Cabaret Festival 

9th-14th June

What: Welcome to Sydney Cabaret, an exciting new festival featuring over 40 performances in 10 glorious days, where artists and audiences collide. The festival features incredible vocals, hilarious comedy and sexy circus, there’s literally something for everyone.

Why: There’s something for everyone. Including that part of you that has become numb to the excesses of porn and desires to be aroused by a fishnetted leg and a somehow always slightly German affected accent.


2) Sydney Film Festival

9th-16th June

What: The world’s best new films come to Sydney every June for 12 days and nights of inspiring and entertaining premieres, talks and parties. Be among the first in Australia to see the greatest, strangest and most exciting work that cinema has to offer.

Why: Turn your eyes away from the laser lights of the city illuminating the joyous faces of children and towards the haggard shafts of light illuminating the Armenian genocide.


1) Vivid

9th-15th June

What: Vivid Sydney’s multi-award-winning festival of light, music and ideas returns to illuminate Sydney with mesmerising new light art and projections and deliver a fresh new program of music and ideas.

Why: Once again the city will be set alight and it’s not as a result of post-election riots.

Vivid Light:

Vivid Ideas:

Vivid Music:

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