Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 08/12/2019

Drink up. Carollers are coming.


10) Sydney XXXL Book Launch

12th December

What: Frank Sartor AO, former Lord Mayor of Sydney, NSW Minister for Planning, Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, will launch Ed Lippmann’s new book Sydney XXXL at The Architect’s Bookshop. Sydney XXXL, digs deep into Sydney’s history, charting the financial and political interests that have shaped its development, and — most importantly — identifying the key decisions that have to be made to accommodate future population growth in a more liveable, sustainable city.

Why: A vision for the future released in an almost entirely obsolete medium. How apt.


9) Exhibition Opening: ‘Painting Flowers’ & ‘The Greta Effect’

14th December

What: Painting Flowers by Amani Haydar and MsSaffaa – in this exhibition Amani Haydar presents a series of vibrant still lifes that consider the ways in which art intersects with activism. In collaboration with renowned muralist MsSaffaa, the exhibition also includes a powerful tribute and statement about the effects of violence against women. The Greta Effect curated by Natasha Welde – this exhibition explores themes that critically highlight the current climate crisis . . . a crisis of profound environmental upheaval. Curated by emerging curator Natasha Welde, works by local artists Abhijit Choudhry, Aisyah Haris, Anthea Feilen, Iffat Nonee, Irena Conomos, Jacqueline Olivetti, Lux Eterna, Matt Jones and Svetlana Panov creatively reflect on this important contemporary challenge. Come along to the opening day of these exhibitions.

Why: All your Instagrammable wokeness for 2019 in one handy gallery. After this, you can sleep through till February.‘Painting-Flowers’-and-‘The-Greta-Effect’/ffb149f0-17c0-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Exhibition Opening: Photostart 2019

12th December

What: This annual exhibition celebrates the works of current ACP Workshop students and tutors. Photostart 2019 is a vibrant and diverse exhibition that reflects ACP courses in digital and analogue photography. These range from studio lighting to street photography, as well as editing and post-production software.

Why: An exhibition slathered in the futile hope of a subset of youth that will never ever receive the same recognition as Sushi the dog, one of the many disposable members of the inbred Kardashian menagerie.


7) Indoor Xmas Art & Healing Market

14th December

What: Experience a Christmas market focused on handmade goods, arts & crafts, holistic and healing stalls.

Why: Get in, get out, pay deference to the season, replace that nagging quasi-religious ingrained childhood guilt about missing Christmas with the guilt that comes from buying a trinket that’ll end up in the tract of a beached whale and spend the rest of the holiday tanked on gin.


6) Kate Crawford: Anatomy of AI

9th December

What: Artificial intelligence is hard to see – but it’s already being built into the infrastructure of our core institutions, from education, business, healthcare, hiring, to the work of government itself. But what actually is “artificial intelligence,” particularly when it’s deployed in our homes and workplaces? Dr. Kate Crawford of the AI Now Institute and co-creator of Anatomy of an AI System will deliver the annual Wallace Wurth lecture on the wider system of extraction that makes artificial intelligence (AI) systems work.

Why: Scientifically eulogise humankind.


5) A Compás

14th December

What: “A Compás” is a unique opportunity to live the culture of Spain through vibrant Flamenco dance and live music. Over 20 dancers and four outstanding musicians interpret Molina’s flamenco vision for an incredible night. Enjoy the elegance of the dancers in their spectacular costumes while travelling through the traditional flamenco “Palos” genres/rhythms such as Martiente, Alegrías, Taranto, Tangos, Caña, Jaleos and Bulerías.

Why: Or just stay at home and get tanked on sangria. In terms of an ignorance-relieving cultural tonic it’s as legitimate and far more enjoyable.


4) Carols in the Park

14th December

What: Fabulous Jazz Singer Emma Pask will host the Carols in the Park in the relaxing surrounds of Mascot Memorial Park.Community organisations singing at this local event include performers from Sing and Perform, The Diamond Choir and Mascot Wesley Uniting Church. The Botany Bay Band will again commence the evening with your favourite Christmas tunes. Award winning four piece female group Platinum Harmony will also perform throughout the evening. Special guest Santa will also make an appearance.

Why: We’d make a comment about the obsolescence of Christmas carols, but we’ve gotten a pretty clear indication in recent times as to the obsolescence of the entirety of humanity, regardless of factionalism, so we might as well all go down singing.


3) DD Warehouse Open Day

14th December

What: Raise a glass to the end of the year with the DD team in their Ultimo Warehouse. They will be opening up over 50 of their favourite wines from the last 12 months for you to taste and stock up on for the festive season. They’ll have wines from iconic Australian labels and up-and-coming local stars, alongside top grower Champagne, scintillating German Rieslings, brilliant Burgundy and Barolo, and plenty more delicious vino from all over the globe.

Why: Contemplating the passage of time has never been a sober event, but contemplating the immediate future we’re facing requires the consumption of at least 50 times the usual quantity.


2) Mr Falcons Burlesque: In The Garden

8th December

What: A vulgar display of debaucherous cabaret! A close look at the wild world of Burlesque! Sydney’s favourite Burlesque night is exactly as you want it. Hot, steamy and in a brewery! Hosted by Memphis Mae as your confused MC for the evening and the return of your very favourite stage gypsy Bella Louche!

Why: Enjoy old-world sleaze in new-world still-operational lock-out laws.


1) Sydney Craft Drinks Market

8th December

What: The Craft Drinks Market is the newest addition to Sydney’s vibrant market scene, connecting discerning drinkers directly with the best Australian craft booze producers. The Craft Drinks Markets will feature Australia’s finest craft drinks producers, along with a selection of complementary food, beverage and lifestyle stalls. For lovers of craft, artisanal and boutique drinks there’s no better place to try, and buy, the best Australia has to offer.

Why: Clothe your addiction with the classy trench-coat of a ‘craft market’.

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