Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 06/06/2021

Warm your bones and assorted other bits.


10) Made/Worn: A Conversation

10th June

What: Join the curators and artists of Made/Worn: Australian Contemporary Jewellery in a conversation about their ideas and the stories behind the works. This is a unique opportunity to hear how key designers are interpreting the art of jewellery today.

Why: Not only an exploitative, absurd industry, an exploitative absurd bunch of sophists pretending the industry is worthy of deconstruction.


9) Diam Rock Fest Concert

6th June

What: An action packed Rock concert at one of Sydney’s trendiest venues with food and drinks, an unforgettable event where all DIAM students unleash their Rock energy!

Why: Thought School of Rock was intolerable? Well this time Jack Black won’t be there. So it’s even worse.


8) Elvis & The Beatles Tribute

11th June

What: Hey, Rock & Roll music fans the wait is over – “Let’s go back to where it all began” as two of the biggest Tribute names in the entertainment industry join forces as we relive the magic & the great hits of legendary music icons Elvis Presley & The Beatles Together Live In Concert at the iconic State Theatre Sydney.

Why: Because for some reason some promoter decided The Beatles and Elvis stylistically go together?


7) Andy Warhol: the Pope of the Pop

10th June

What: In the 60s, New York became the playground of the new pop art generation. At Factory, Andy Warhol and his disciples were transformational game changers. His sérigraphies about Marilyn and his still-life paintings of Campbell soup reflected the values of a decadent culture. In this talk discover Andy Warhol’s rocket career and explore what made the American art scene so vibrant.

Why: Society will never stop kissing this guy’s lily white arse. Pucker up.


6) The Line in the South-East

10th June

What: Artist, curator and researcher Jonathan Jones presents a lecture on The Line in the South-east, in relation to Aboriginal men’s artistic practice.

Why: Assuage your ever-present guilt by pretending to pay attention.


5) Toni Messiter: My Mother Said

10th June

What: Drawing from the aesthetics of 17th Century portraiture and in particular, portraits of the family, Messiter engages with this subject matter by animating the cherub-like figures in expressions and interactions familiar to us. In this way, there is a stylistic affinity for theatrics which dramatically unfold as ruminations on the human condition; presenting subjects that border upon absurdity and delight, provocation and enchantment.

Why: Because flying fat babies with prominent tits wasn’t absurd enough.


4) Wildcard-Sue’s Sydney Sea Superstars Art Exhibition & Pop-up Market

11th June

What: This is Wildcard-Sue’s Sydney’s Sea Superstars Exhibition, which coincides with World Ocean Day. This opportunity is generously offered and supported by Bendigo Bank’s ArtSpace program which supports artisans and creatives with an exhibition space, marketplace, and promotion to their community. During the residency, Sue aims to draw a sea animal each day, and you will also be able to buy Wildcard-Sue original artworks, artist cards, posters, prints, tea towels, tote bags, and more at the pop-up market.

Why: What happens when you receive too much praise as a child.’s-Sydney-Sea-Superstars-Art-Exhibition-and-Pop-up-Market/e19d12e0-c3fa-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


3) John Olsen: Goya’s Dog

10th June

What: John Olsen: Goya’s Dog spans eight decades of the artist’s practice, from the 1950s, when he first visited Spain, to the present. This exhibition tracks the influences of these Spanish encounters on the artist’s sensibility, his palette, and how he views the landscape and the human condition. It delves into the introspection and darker elements that pervade his work, and contrasts these with the sunny, more exuberant aspects of his practice.

Why: Goya, sunny side up.’s-Dog/0e026390-c3fa-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


2) Triple Treat

6th June

What: Come and enjoy a celebration of youthful talent with 3 soloists performing a movement each of the Mendelssohn violin concerto!

Why: Pretend you’re worldly!


1) Country & Inner Western

12th & 13th June

What: Country and Inner Western is one of the most original country music festivals on the calendar, bringing country music to the heart of Sydney and turning Newtown and its surrounding suburbs into country music HQ for the Queens Birthday long weekend. Taking over the myriad of small bars, pubs and open spaces that call greater Newtown home, Country and Inner Western will showcase some of the most well-known and best emerging country artists on the scene in the most unlikely of places, the heart of the nation’s biggest capital city, the Inner West of Sydney.

Why: Because this genre has too many guns to accept death quietly.

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