Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 03/11/2019

It’s time to double down on the summer vibes. And that doesn’t just mean sticking your whole head into the smoke stream of an industrial chimney.


10) Panel Discussion: Picturing Masculinity

3rd November

What: A panel discussion with Dr Ella Dreyfus, Paul McDonald, and Professor Catharine Lumby presented as a part of Under Twenty-Seven exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery. They will present their experiences and ideas around representations of the male body in photography, art and the media, with time for audience participation.

Why: If you’ve used the term ‘bae’ at any point to indicate your ideas around representations of the male body, you do not meet the age requirements for this event.


9) Chocolate Milk and Cigarettes

7th November

What: Award-winning artist Evelyna Helmer’s latest exhibition Chocolate Milk and Cigarettes showcases a series of still-life oil paintings and sculptures of everyday objects that encapsulate memory and nostalgia. Through incorporating familiar objects such as cigarettes, chocolate milk, bottles and the beachball or repurposing found objects such as 1940s French antique frames in her artwork, Helmer explores the messages and narratives that lie beneath the surface of these objects. Drawing upon Semiotics and influences from Pop Art, Helmer meticulously constructs the fine details in her still-life work and deliberately shapes her sculptures into making ordinary objects extraordinary.

Why: Experience chocolate, milk and cigarettes in the only socially acceptable way – contemporary still life and sculpture.


8) Bonachela/Obarzanek Double Bill

5th-9th November

What: Bonachela and Obarzanek will join forces in 2019 to celebrate a half-century of Sydney Dance Company dance making in a double bill climaxing in Us 50, a grand-scale work by Obarzanek featuring 50 performers made up of past dancers that have graced the stage, current Company dancers, and members of the community.

Why: Contemporary dance so contemporary that the playbill will provide enough cultural cachet to enable you to survive Sydney’s hipster bar scene for at least one night.


7) Vic’s Meat Market Turns 5

6th November

What: To celebrate turning 5, they’re throwing the BBQ party of the season and you’re invited! Head chef Angus Harrison is taking charge of our birthday spread – he’ll be firing up the BBQs for a low and slow meat feast featuring a whole smoked suckling pig, burnt ends, yakitori style skewers, brisket, sliders, hot wings, and more. Young Henry’s Beer and Handpicked Wines will also be at your beck and call.

Why: Ten years ago the notion of a 5 year old’s birthday party spurring countless cases of obesity and heart disease might have been inconceivable. Now, it’s impossible to tell a butchery from a prepubescent child.’s-Meat-Market-Turns-5/a30e8580-fb89-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) HMS Pinafore

8th-27th November

What: Mistaken identity, class warfare, sisters, sailors and the trickiest of tongue twisters abound in this nautical caper. Featuring the songs ‘I am the Monarch of the Sea’, ‘I’m Called Little Buttercup’ and ‘He is an Englishman’, H.M.S. Pinafore is a sharp satire of the English social hierarchical system of the Victorian Age.

Why: They mayn’t be Kelsey Grammar with a murderous intent, but they…uh..sorry. We shouldn’t have set the standard so high. Seems pointless to pitch it now.


5) Sip.Shuck.Strut

5th November

What: Celebrate Melbourne Cup at Sydney Harbour’s spectacular Cruise Bar. Enjoy the most fabulous race day of the year in the heart of Circular Quay with fine champagne on arrival, “Sydney Oyster Girls” oyster shucking servers, roving canapes, live entertainment and the Melbourne Cup on the big screen with harbourside views and the best atmosphere in Sydney.

Why: The difference between perky, groomed, shucking waitresses and trembling addicts languishing on the docks? Race and class. Wait, no, we meant classy race.


4) Poetry & Song: Beth Spencer & Alexi Kaye

9th November

What: Garden Lounge is hosting one writer and one musical act for your edification and/or entertainment. Relaxed atmosphere, cosy space, heart of Newtown. Beth Spencer’s books include Vagabondage (UWAP), How to Conceive of a Girl (Random House), The Party of Life (Flying Islands) and most recently, Never Too Late (PressPress). She writes fiction, poetry, essays and writes for radio and live performance. Alexi Kaye has done all the bits and pieces you’d expect of a singer whose career has spanned over 25 years or so. She’s toured extensively in Australia with two different original bands, performed live on TV with her vocal group KAYA, and on ABC radio in many Australian towns including Richard Glover’s Drive show in Sydney, won best Blues Artist Award with her Band EXTENDED FAMILY, played at weddings, funerals, concert halls, music festivals, pubs and private shows.

Why: Be tag-teamed contemporary art style. Expect exactly the same amount of respect for your most delicate body parts.


3) Double Bay Street Festival

3rd November

What: The iconic Double Bay Street Festival is the largest street festival in the Sydney metropolitan area. Now celebrating its 9th year, this annual event attracts over 80,000 people of all ages and recognises the strength, vibrancy, and diversity of the local community. Featuring over 400 leading designers and food suppliers, showcasing the work of independent makers, producers and artists, both local and from all over the country.

Why: A street festival for one of the most affluent suburbs in Australia. At least if you get shanked and robbed, the value of the shiv will be worth far more than whatever they stole from you.


2) Lunar Circus: Dance and Comedic Circus Show

8th November

What: A fusion of dancing, comedy and circus spectacle, Lunar Circus is a show like no other. Cheeky fun is served through dazzling physical feats of strength, breathtaking dance routines and a splash of mayhem at the prestigious GPO Grand offering a total dining and entertainment experience you won’t forget. With beautifully choreographed dance routines, world class balancing chair strength routines and more, The Lunar Circus is the perfect entertainment for any occasion be it a hens night, ladies night, birthday parties or just for fun.

Why: Hell of a funeral wake, too.


1) Sculpture by the Sea

3rd-10th November

What: Sculpture by the Sea returns to the Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach coastal walk as the world’s largest free to the public sculpture exhibition. See the spectacular coastal walk transformed into a 2km long sculpture park over three weeks featuring 100 sculptures by artists from Australia and across the world.

Why: Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again. As Sydney-siders we’re all aware of the time wherein experimental sculptors will dot the beach walk of Sydney with their work and we all pretend to be able to discern the good from the bad and wildly punctuate the conversation with the term ‘bourgeois’.

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