Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 02/06/2019

Welcome to the Cabaret, Sydney! Now sit down, shut up and be respectful. There are children about.


10) Folksong: Australia Ensemble

8th June

What: Folksongs can evoke a sense of place and identity, nostalgia and connection to other times and spaces. For centuries composers have tugged at heart strings and celebrated national identity through quotations of song. This diverse program of live folk music reveres this compositional feature, welcoming one of Australia’s most sought-after mezzo sopranos, Fiona Campbell, together with world-renowned harpist and regular guest, Alice Giles.

Why: Folksongs: no longer something you drunkenly sing in an Irish bar at 3am not knowing whether you’re speaking Gaelic or English.


9) Sydney Ideas: Does Language Control Us?

6th June

What: This event brings together a linguist, a psychologist, and a political thinker to examine the ways in which speaking is more than saying something to people, but actually acting upon them. The speakers will consider questions such as: Does hate speech hurt our brains? Are words like a virus? Are we slaves to language? Can speaking be violence?

Why: Sounds fucking interesting.


8) Henry Lawson Festival

6th-10th June

What: To commemorate Henry Lawson’s Birth and his contribution to the arts, Grenfell hosts the annual Henry Lawson Festival on the June long weekend. The festival promotes and recognises aspiring Australians in their artistic endeavours.

Why: You know Henry Lawson. That poet that was pulled out of every primary school teacher’s pocket when they were attempting to inspire children about poetry. The perfect balance of boring, milquetoast and quietly racist for the learning stages of K-6.


7) Vital Science presented by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

5th June

What: Get your pulse racing with Australia’s most popular science author and broadcaster Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. Hear all about Dr Karl’s adventures in Antarctica and how in a blizzard you can still see blue skies above you. Did you know we use all of our brain (not just 10%), discover how to work out pi in a zombie apocalypse, how biodiversity meant that we can still have rice with our curries, the truth about the Bermuda Triangle and more…

Why: The perfect hour of pop science you can pull out at any party for the year to come. Just make sure you learn to pronounce his last name correctly. You don’t want to flag at the finish line. It’ll make your credibility seem as credible as it actually is.


6) ‘resonance’ – Paul McDonald

6th June

What: This Cunningham Dax Collection consists of more than 16,000 artworks created by people who have experienced mental illness or psychological trauma. The Collection includes works on paper, canvases, photographs, textiles, sculptures, installations, artists’ books and diaries, digital media and films.

Why: One of the few times in this contemporary era when you can hear the phrase “A crazy person did something in a gallery” and not expect a death toll.’resonance’-Paul-McDonald/44967df0-7ff1-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Flashback Computer Party 

8th June

What: Flashback is a computer demoscene party hosted in Sydney Australia. Computer enthusiasts come to socialise and compete in live graphic, music & programming competitions with music performances, hardware hacks and a Retro Computer museum.

Why: Apparently this is a thing. Even traditionally solo activities have an enforced social component. Nothing is sacred.


4) Italian Wine Tasting From Piedmont

6th June

What: Join Favotto Tours for an Italian wine and cheese night as you learn about Favotto Tours and what they have to offer. Sitting under the shade of the vines you slowly sip an Amarone DOCG (Italy’s premier wine and ponder all the things you will do differently when you return home.

Why: Such as nixing the exorbitant expense of ‘gourmet experiences’ and heading to Aldi to stock up on 3 dollar wine and a huge block of cheddar.


3) Sydney Cabaret Festival 

5th-14th June

What: Welcome to Sydney Cabaret, an exciting new festival featuring over 40 performances in 10 glorious days, where artists and audiences collide. The festival features incredible vocals, hilarious comedy and sexy circus, there’s literally something for everyone.

Why: There’s something for everyone. Including that part of you that has become numb to the excesses of porn and desires to be aroused by a fishnetted leg and a somehow always slightly German affected accent.


2) Sydney Film Festival

5th-16th June

What: The world’s best new films come to Sydney every June for 12 days and nights of inspiring and entertaining premieres, talks and parties. Be among the first in Australia to see the greatest, strangest and most exciting work that cinema has to offer.

Why: Turn your eyes away from the laser lights of the city illuminating the joyous faces of children and towards the haggard shafts of light illuminating the Armenian genocide.


1) Vivid

2nd-15th June

What: Vivid Sydney’s multi-award-winning festival of light, music and ideas returns to illuminate Sydney with mesmerising new light art and projections and deliver a fresh new program of music and ideas.

Why: Once again the city will be set alight and it’s not as a result of post-election riots.

Vivid Light:

Vivid Ideas:

Vivid Music:

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