Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 01/12/2019

The view is splendid this week. Just ignore the giant pyrocumulus cloud.


10) Art Battle

7th December

What: Watch as painters battle the clock and each other transforming blank canvases into beautiful pieces of original artwork in just 20 minutes and help vote to determine the Winner of the night. Be a part of the fun as a spectator, or participate as one of the featured artists.

Why: Nothing says ‘legitimate artistic expression’ like a 20 minute time limit.


9) ‘Rebel With a Cause’ Opening Night

5th December

What: Bianca Beer’s first solo exhibition is an inclusive-driven exhibit celebrating people and their stories. The exhibit features portraits of friends and colleagues of varying ethnicities, ages, genders, sexualities, beliefs, backgrounds and lifestyles, and aims to celebrate those differences while illustrating the similarities of the human experience. Implementing augmented reality, the opening night will be a celebration of our differences with drinks, dessert, music and live performances to enjoy.

Why: Why engage with an unbiased representation of your already incredibly varied, multi-ethnic, multicultural, sexually fluid, gender-diverse everyday environment when you can go into an enclosed room with a bunch of equally pretentious twats, whip out your phone and have your Instagram blow up?’Rebel-With-a-Cause’-Opening-Night/ae1bdd10-1240-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


8) ‘No Righteous Left Among The Living’ Exhibition Opening

5th December

What: No Righteous Left Among The Living addresses contemporary culture as a series of secular exercises in making incorporeal ideas tangible. The artists included juxtaposed references to occult and spectral practices, idealised bodies and the digitally-induced malaise of the information age.

Why: And here we thought that the near-incomprehensible Kafkaesque insanity of the times in which we live could not possibly be distilled into something tedious and non-provocative. Such is the power of the contemporary art exhibition.’No-Righteous-Left-Among-The-Living’-Exhibition-Opening/d31706d0-1240-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Garagiste New Release Tasting

6th December

What: A fantastic Friday night tasting of new releases from Garagiste (Mornington Peninsula). Barney Flanders (winemaker) will be there to pour and chat. Come and try the wines for yourself.

Why: It’s wine.


6) Streetwise Newtown Food Tour

7th December

What: Creative, quirky, and colourful, a visit to Newtown is a must do Sydney experience. Explore the eat streets and back streets of Newtown on a foodlovers’ walking tour. Visit eclectic cafes and taste a delicious selection of sweet and savoury food. You’ll find ethically produced fashion, as well as the best eateries, including a mix of meat and vegetarian options. Indulge in some of the top eats in Newtown and discover laneways of colourful street art up close, as well as hear about Newtown’s colourful and infamous past.

Why: Just make sure you get out of Newtown by sundown. The lockout laws still have not been fully lifted yet and the war-horn of the temporarily displaced Kings Cross angry drunks sounds at around 8.00pm.


5) Plant Tales presents Plantasia

4th December

What: Paying homage to Mort Garson’s 1976 cult album Mother Earth’s: Plantasia, Plant Life Balance invites you to experience a one-off performance by Sydney based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Anatole as he performs his interpretation of warm earth music for plants and people who love ‘em. Set amongst the foliage of Marrickville gin hall, Poor Toms, live projection duo Tszuj will accompany Anatole as they map the walls with psychedelic fragments of our natural world. The evening will be hosted by pioneering plantfluencer, Jason Chongue and our plant behaviour expert, Dr. Monica Gagliano.

Why: Plantfluencer. Plantfluencer.


4) A Very Vegan Christmas

7th December

What: Gather your fam this festive season to enjoy a plant-based feast – with all the trimmings. It’s “no vegan left behind” as they pile your table high with everything from the party starters, through the roast to the pudding, and some nibbles in between.

Why: They’ve subjected you to decades of mental torture over the carcass of a bird. Get your revenge without saying a word over a jiggling soy mass.


3) Barangaroo Sunset, Views & Food

6th December

What: Sip a cocktail and celebrate Sydney’s fabulous waterfront location as you watch the sunset over Darling Harbour. The tour starts on a ferry ride from Circular Quay, travelling under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to arrive at Barangaroo Wharf. Drink in hand you might spot the National Maritime Museum’s resident real-life submarine, the bright red Carpentaria, or the SY Ena Edwardian steam yacht, as other harbour watercraft glides past. You’ll learn about the area as you walk along the harbour and taste a delicious selection of food in stunning surroundings.

What: What a certain subset of Australian society thinks the boat-faring asylum-seeker experience is like minus the suitcase full of terror-related blueprints.


2) QVB Cine-mas

5th-7th December

What: Enjoy twilight rooftop screenings of your favourite festive classics at the QVB Cine-mas. Experience a magical visit from Santa, indulge in buttery popcorn and an elegant open air pop-up bar.

Why: The selection of films is as follows: Polar Express, Home Alone and Elf. If the bar doesn’t help you, the fall from the rooftop might.


1) Rosé Bay Wine and Food Festival 

7th December

What: Sydney harbour, fine food, music and fabulous wines with a rosé focus from France, Australia and beyond. Mouth-watering south coast oysters, imported cheese, fresh breads and pastries as well as the chance to taste, buy a glass and to order the best wine on offer by the case for your cellar. Why travel to the South of France when we have the best of it right here on glorious Sydney Harbour, just a ferry or Uber ride away. This unmissable celebration of fabulous wine, food, music and friends is the perfect day out with your crew.

Why: Because, as we all know, France is a mass of land comprised of people twirling around in Jeeves-esque attire with plates of cheese and bottles of wine amidst a cavalcade of musicians playing that one song for violin that you know, who are fully aware that speaking their own language is patently ridiculous when their main role is clearly servile.

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