Top 10 Sydney Culture On this week 01/09/2019

This week’s got spirit. Some of the attendees will really be dead. And there’s enough whisky around to help you deal with the presence of idiots that believe in ghosts.



6th September

What: Super serious and profoundly absurd. A darkly humorous look at narcissism in today’s me obsessed society. Delving into the psychology of the ego and the super ego, this performance investigates riotous movement, physical characters and over the top theatricality.

Why: There are none more qualified to comment on the absurd narcissism of any era than those who have decided to dedicate their lives to contemporary dance theatre. So this kind of bites itself in the arse in terms of irony and relevance. But fear not, these are contemporary dancers. They can physically bite their own arses which is entertaining enough to distract you from questioning anything too deeply.


9) Muriel’s Wedding The Musical (Final Performance)

1st September

What: Muriel is coming back to Sydney! This big, brash and very cheeky new musical will play a strictly limited season at the Sydney Lyric Theatre. Stuck in a dead-end life in Porpoise Spit, Muriel dreams of the perfect wedding – the dress, the church, the attention. Unfortunately, there’s one thing missing. A groom. Following her dreams to Sydney, Muriel ends up with everything she ever wanted. That’s when things start to go really wrong.

Why: Revisit an era when it was plausible to move to Sydney for a better life.’s-Wedding-The-Musical-(75th-Performance)/43185960-900b-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Watchfest

6th September

What: Come experience Australia’s first watch convention. Over two days, brands, watch makers, industry experts, and guest speakers from all over will come together to create an experience for everyone to enjoy. Join fellow collectors as they share and showcase their pride and joy timepieces. The first 50 ticket holders will be invited to the exclusive Black Tie cocktail opening event.

Why: If you’re stroking your smartwatch and wondering why the hell anyone would want to attend this event, don’t worry. You’re not invited. The people attending this event don’t need a watch to tell them when it’s the optimal time to take a shit. They have a bevvy of servants that shit for them. It’s called old money, sweetheart.


7) West Side Story

1st September-5th October

What: Leonard Bernstein’s world-famous score features unforgettable songs including Maria, Tonight, Somewhere, America and I Feel Pretty, that have been universally adored for generations, a timeless masterpiece. Director Joey McKneely’s vibrant new staging of this musical will feature some of Australia’s most exciting young talent performing Jerome Robbins’ original ground-breaking choreography.

Why: Hear someone with a Puerto Rican accent sing ‘I like to be in America’ without a trace of irony; experience a time when it was believable that a character in a musical could profess their hopefulness for a life in America without that lilt of bitter hyper-awareness.


6) Chicago the Musical

1st September

What: Don’t miss Chicago coming to the Capitol Theatre this August and starring Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Roxie Hart, Alinta Chidzey as Velma Kelly and Casey Donovan as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton’. Created by the musical theatre talents of John Kander, Fred Ebb and legendary choreographer Bob Fosse, CHICAGO’s sexy, sassy score includes “All That Jazz” and “Razzle Dazzle”.

Why: Remember those times when media savvy and fame would excuse rampant criminality? Good thing we’ve matured as a society.


5) Winefest

3rd September

What: Winefest will take you on a sensory tour of boutique wine from regional NSW. Since 1994, this event has provided an opportunity for Kenvale College’s Hospitality, Event Management and Commercial Cookery students to combine their talents to promote regional NSW wines matched with cocktail food at their themed stalls as well as showcasing the skills and knowledge they have acquired.

Why: Get drunk and give students the chance to experience traditional hospitality and chef roles before their graduation to a gloomy, wind-blown future presided over by Uber Eats.


4) The Spirit of the Wild Masterclass Series

4th September

What: Rediscover the Spirit of the Wild at the new Spirit of the Wild masterclass series at Terminus Hotel, Pyrmont. Learn about real food, stripped back to the essentials with a BBQ smoking workshop by Urban Collective. Enjoy tasting the delights straight from the smoker. Enjoy a cocktail masterclass where you will be able to taste some Wild Turkey products neat & learn how to make a cocktail using native Australian ingredients.

Why: An event with ‘spirit of the wild’ in the title that doesn’t involve drinking your own piss Bear Grylls style. Though it may involve sitting in your own accidental piss on the ride home Hemingway style.


3) Ephemera Quarter + Polymorphic Orkestra

6th September

What: Ephemera Quartet play original compositions and improvisations inspired by outer space and accompanied by astronomical projections. Fusing the soundworlds of contemporary classical and jazz, they have been described by Sydney Morning Herald as “arresting, gen-re-blurring music with massive breadth and high drama”. Polymorphic Orkestra are an electroacoustic improvising trio made up of Lee McIver (trumpet/flugelhorn/laptop), Ed Goyer (vibraphone/percussion) and Ed Rodrigues (drums, iPad, samples).

Why: Experimental music so experimental it has been recognised favourably by Fairfax Media.


2) HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures 2019 Launch Party

7th September

What: The 11th annual HIDDEN has evolved. Rookwood Cemetery will transform into an open air exhibition that will provide an unusual and engaging experience for visitors. To celebrate its activation, come along and enjoy the street food style catering from Eat Art Truck. They specialise in creating connections and experiences through food. They are so passionate about art, they dedicated one side of the truck to be a canvas for artists to showcase their talent!

Why: Be careful. This is a sociological minefield. It’s impossible to tell contemporary art enthusiasts from mourners based on appearance alone. Or sense of optimism. Or level of sobriety.


1) Sydney Fringe Festival

1st-30th September

What: The Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in NSW. With events spread out across the sprawling city, the festival celebrates and highlights the amazing work of local independent artists, art makers and performers, inviting audiences to visit undiscovered parts of the city, a new venue or a secret bar, and discover the fantastic creative offerings artists prepare year-round. This year, the Fringe is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a lineup focused on re-igniting Sydney’s nightlife.

Why: Considering the current state of Sydney’s nightlife, we can only assume the attempt at re-ignition will involve literal arson.

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