Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 29/09/2019

The Germans are coming. So you might as well drink, dance and drink again up until the point when they arrive. The next world war go by a lot quicker if you’re not sober.


10) White pres. Matt Sassari

4th October

What: White Noise is kicking Spring off with someone who needs no introduction to Australian shores – French house and techno artisan, Matt Sassari. It’s been just over a year since they last hosted Matt for one of their biggest, most vibe-some nights at New Guernica, and so they can’t wait to do it all over again.

Why: Ahh, a techno artisan. Just like any other contemporary artisan. Infuriating.


9) Stranger with Function

4th October

What: One of techno’s true underground heroes, Function (Dave Sumner) has been DJing and making music for over 25 years. Hailing from New York, he was seduced by techno when Jeff Mills held residency (as well as his own first) at Limelight in the early 90s. 2019 will see Function re-inventing himself once again: releasing a fresh batch of newly orchestrated productions in the near future and roaring with energy to get back on the road playing shows.

Why: A middle-aged man reinventing himself without the classiness to quietly experience his crisis in the form of a Viagra overdose.


8) :affinity — Matrixxman

5th October

What: Charles M Duff aka Matrixxman emerged onto the techno scene in 2015 with a clear vision, to provide the soundtrack to a future world run by technology and machines. Warm drum grooves cut through cavernous synthesizers to create a sensation as enticing as it is sublime on the dancefloor. Experience him live in the Mycelium Studios Basement, a powerful concrete blank canvas venue which will be outfit for a proper warehouse rave. Lighting and sound will be nothing short of hypnotic.

Why: We knew there was some element of hypnosis involved in the proliferation of techno music. We just assumed it was done mostly through the DayGlo logo.


7) Direct — The Gaso (Day Party)

5th October

What: Direct is the latest day party offering coming in hot to the beloved Gasometer Hotel, boasting a day of disco, house and techno supplied to you by a spread of Melbourne’s finest such as: Laura King, Sammy La Marca (2 hour set), Rory Marshall, Ryan Haynes and more.

Why: It appears disco is back. So that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about losing in the encroaching technological era. A.I. will never be able to move its hips like Travolta.


6) Rinkadink & Tetrameth (Live)

4th October

What: For the very first time ever, Progression Sessions is hosting one of the most genuine legends from South Africa Rinkadink. With his sound transitioning to progressive full on driving psytrance, Rinkadink has become become a legend in the scene with his incredible sets especially around Europe and in Brazil in the last few years. Joining him is one of Australia’s favourites from down under – Tetrameth. With no introduction needed at all this is going to be a mammoth night with the Progression Sessions family.

Why: If you’re not familiar with ‘psytrance’, think ‘why am I thinking?’, then bash your head on a wall. The sensation’s comparable.


5) Perception

5th October

What: ‘Perception’ is an idea created by the ‘Faces Of Group’ to bring together the realms of house & techno music and digital visual stimulants, providing an immersive sensory experience. They can’t wait to show you wait they have planned.

Why: If at some point in the night in the middle of the 45th version of the same electro-techno-house track you perceive your life going down the shi**er, congratulations. You’re not totally divorced from objective reality.


4) Day Spa: Heaven & Hell

29th September

What: Dance with the devil at Day Spa’s Heaven and Hell party! When the angel and demon on your shoulders are both telling you to skip church on Sunday and hit the Spa you better be listening. For 20 hours on Sunday…celebrate life! Across two epic levels – one heavenly angelic and one demon infested, you’re going to party so hard it would make the devil blush.

Why: Don’t worry. If the angel and demon on your shoulders are both telling you to skip church, that’s not an imperative for you to spend 20 hours at a nightclub. It simply means you’re present in the 21st Century and thus have found far less time-consuming ways to tacitly support mass mind-control and underage sex-slave rings.


3) Renegade XVIII: After Burn

5th October

What: This will be a special Saturday edition of Renegade showcasing music, live art, and performances from fellow creatives. Renegade will be celebrating the spirit of giving, gratitude, togetherness, and the start of summer. The musical journey will be led by heavyweight producer and DJ John Baptiste. Before the party starts you are going to get grounded with a Wim Hof deep breathing session led by William Frost.

Why: It makes sense to regulate your heartbeat before this special Saturday edition. Your heart will soon after be ricocheting off your rib-cage with all the drugs you have to take to be able to endure another endless club night.


2) Pinot Palooza

5th October

What: Pinot Palooza is wine that rocks. Their line-up of Pinot producers are the best from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. So come, soak up the wine, music and taste your way across the #pinot spectrum. Highlights of this festival include over 200 wines, 70 wineries, Bar Vermouth, Beer (of course) and a massive food line up.

Why: It’s a wine festival, but they’ve used ‘palooza’ in the title and also made use of a hashtag. Meaning you’re already dominating them on the dignity leader-board. You have dignity to spare. Check which relatives have functioning livers and go nuts.


1) Oktoberfest West ft Chocolate Starfish

5th October

What: Inspired by the traditional Bavarian festival and great beer, Oktoberfest in historic Williamstown sees the amazing and newly renovated Seaworks big shed transformed into the biggest undercover beer hall and beer garden on the water. Experience authentic German food stalls, roving performers and a marvellous mix of entertainment through the afternoon and evening. The event ends with a bang with Chocolate Starfish who burst on the Oz music scene in the 90’s with a huge album and chart topping hits.

Why: Excessive amounts of alcohol? A vast body of water? Germans? This can only go well.

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