Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 28/07/2019

This week you’re going to get bent of shape…by the fireside. Swings and roundabouts.



2nd August

What: Take a walk back in time with all the old skool classics from Soul, Motown, RNB, Hip Hop, West Coast to Reggae and Club Anthems. Featuring: DJ Ari, DJ Brandon, DJ C, DJ Kevin Watts, DJ Mary Panos, MC Mikey Mike, DJ K Dee and Andrew Avi. The MC Junior Project Presents: OUTSTANDING.

Why: There truly is something outstanding about this event: the bank account of whomever currently runs the club. It’s the only justifiable reason for charging $20 to listen to what once would’ve just passed for a 2day FM 104.1 ride-to-work selection.


9) Rubix presents Techno Mansion

3rd August

What: The next episode of Techno Mansion is hitting Rubix Warehouse with Chaira Kickdrum, Lucca Tan, Dsens and Andreia Do O.

Why: Successive repetitive breaks in sanity marked by ejection of bodily fluids and incoherent screaming? Yes. That sounds episodic.


8) Revolver Sundays present Doorly

28th July

What: Doorly is first and foremost a DJ, with his dedication to and passion for the craft apparent to everyone who sees him perform. Sets are played out across four CDJs & Vinyl plus drum machines, samplers and FX units, and he is a firm believer that a DJ set should be a live, unique experience.

Why: It makes sense. People tend to be firm believers in the aspects of a thing that ensure they remain employed and relevant. Imagine if club-goers found out that DJs could be outperformed by a free YouTube house track played over the sound of a pneumatic drill?


7) Rhapso Turns TWO with Mike Who & Paul Jextra

3rd August

What: To celebrate their second orbit Rhapso is taking to the new “spot” Angel Music Bar and bringing some of their faves along in the form of Mike Who, Paul Jextra and many more. People who have celebrated and supported Rhapsodise since its inception. Friends and artists who incite and inspire.

Why: It’ll be just like your own second birthday. Confusing, full of people you don’t know, completely unmemorable and at one or several points you’ll soil yourself.


6) HANDMADE 6 (Afterparty)

28th July

What: The cozy Bistro will transform into a version of the pub’s former past – think dance floor, smoke machine, party vibes and the very impressive custom built Hope Sound System. Local legends from the Crown Ruler talent stable – DJ JNETT + Jeremy Spellacey will be playing all night from 5pm. A selection of must-try wines from Handmade producers will be available by the bottle.

Why: Finally. A venue that understands that an event involving a smoke machine and somebody that goes by the name ‘DJ JNETT’ requires the ability to purchase one bottle containing more than 8 standard units of alcohol at a time.


5) Renegade XVI: Full Red Moon

2nd August

What: It’s back to their roots — the underground. The lineup features the whole Red Moon crew of warehouse warriors. Red Moon will be celebrating the community, the people, and the intent behind the journey called Red Moon, which is to give people a space to connect, dance, share, and enjoy life.

Why: It’s like celebrating the intent behind opening up a Woolworths on the same street as a Coles.


4) Stonefield ‘Bent’ World Tour

1st August

What: Psych-rock luminaries Stonefield are hitting the road in Australia. The first single Sleep opens the album with guitars covered in five inches of sludge and distortion and something that sounds like a far-off siren, or the high-pitched howling of the wind. It serves as a warning, a call to arms, kicking things off with a next-level version of the massive, unholy racket the band has become known for over the course of their last three albums.

Why: It’s rare for a young contemporary band to describe themselves with such honesty. But then, ingesting copious quantities of psychedelics can allow one to reach new realms of personal revelation without the trappings of ego.‘Bent’-World-Tour-(Melbourne)/18e439c0-adca-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Sensory Underground: An Immersive Dining Experience

1st August

What: Light, sound and human performance fused in an intoxicating cocktail of entertainment, all hosted in the secret under croft deep beneath Fed Square. Enjoy a four-course meal designed and prepared by Tokyo Tina that explores future food trends while watching the Blade Runner inspired lighting installations by Kit Webster. Listen to the ambient electronic soundtrack by Rival Consoles (London) or take a break in the Future V.R Spa created by Phoria.

Why: Nothing whets the appetite like being submerged in a psychological mindscape spurred by a terrifying dystopian reality populated by justifiably murderous replicants, 


2) Fireside Winter Festival 

28th July-4th August

What: Fireside is the Yarra Valley’s brand new Winter festival, celebrating smokey food, roaring fire, refined wine and rocking music. Rather than behind a table like formal tasting set-ups, you’ll find the winemakers wandering amongst the beer garden, sitting by fire braziers, chatting to guests and pouring their wines. There’s no better way to learn about wines than hearing the passion straight from those who make them.

Why: You won’t be able to escape the 2 hour lecture from the winemaker about the right way to cultivate certain varieties of grapes. Because they won’t be bound by a bar. They’ll be out roaming the plains. Picking off the weak.


1) Melbourne International Film Festival

1st-18th August

What: MIFF is one of the world’s oldest film festivals, alongside Cannes and Berlin. Presenting a curated global program of innovative screen experiences and the world’s largest showcase of exceptional Australian filmmaking, MIFF is an accessible, iconic cultural event that provides transformative experiences for audiences and filmmakers alike.

Why: One of the oldest film festivals in the world is hobbling its way back onto the screens providing hundreds of contexts wherein you won’t have to figure out how to strap a secret whisky flask to your person without danger of spillage. In other words: it’s practically a film festival mandate to be buzzed 95% of the time.

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