Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 26/05/2019

This week’s real nice. The secret is gin.


10) We Are 1337!

31st May

What: The rebirth of the warrior is upon us. Join the elite on at Chasers Nightclub for a world class club show of colossal proportions!

Why: It says something particularly concerning about contemporary society that our warriors are defined by watered-down vodka and club music.!/46744120-7c2c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Subsonic Music & Eat The Beat presents Launch #3: Melb ft. Joeski

25th & 26th May

What: Joining forces with the fine folk at Eat The Beat, Subsonic is bringing US house music legend Joeski to the rig at New Guernica, with a fine array of Subsonic residents and local heroes throwing down their finest 4/4 in full support.

Why: When has involving Americans in an already aurally offensive event ever gone wrong?


8) Darkbeat with Alex Niggemann

31st May

What: It’s the return of Darkbeat favourite, Alex Niggemann! Since his first tour he has exploded to become one of the hottest acts in the world. The Berlin based owner of AEON Audio is known for his dark and gritty house and techno sound, perfectly capturing that balance between trippy beats and rocking dance floors.

Why: Nothing says ‘balance’ like a gritty man from Berlin screaming at you to ‘feel the beat’.


7) Hoi Polloi: Warehouse Party

1st June

What: Hoi Polloi SE02 EP01 will be held in a secret warehouse hidden away from the masses, where you can all get up to no good whilst the rest of the world passes by oblivious. They have hand picked some of Melbourne’s finest techno DJ’s to put the D&B sound rig through its paces and to take everyone on an amazing aural journey.

Why: A secret techno party. Kind of like a secret table-tennis tournament. Secrecy just seems so unnecessary.


6) Rooftop Gin Festival

26th May

What: They have gathered the best local and international Gin distillers and are bringing them together for an afternoon on The Rooftop so you can enjoy Geelong’s best views whilst sipping on your favourite G&T. Breaking the corporate shackles and following a crazy dream, ask these inspiring people how they found themselves selling their own Gin on a Sunday afternoon on a Rooftop in Geelong.

Why: Be forewarned, if you find yourself alone drinking gin on a rooftop with a guy named Switchblade, you have the wrong address.


5) Shadow Drum 5

31st May

What: Shadow Drum returns for the fifth chapter in a series of Universal Tribes most anticipated event. To excite your auditory and visual senses even further they’ll be evolving the production on all levels, bringing you the largest and most intelligent indoor stage design to date!

Why: “The largest and most intelligent indoor stage design”, huh? Seems Hal 9000 is shifting his focus to suit the contemporary age, trading spacecraft maintenance for sick beats.


4) The Wool Store: Xe54 All Day Event

1st June

What: This is not your average day party. You’re encouraged to wake up and get in early. Inspired by the European club scene (think Printworks London, Tresor.Berlin and Berghain / Panorama Bar), see The Wool Store transformed into a techno utopia.

Why: Funny. We’d always assumed the word ‘utopia’ would be used in reference to a society inclusive of all kinds of music. But perhaps when techno is itself a genre of music, it’s time to reconsider whether being a party of society at all is worthwhile.


3) Good Food & Wine Show

31st May-2nd June

What: At the Good Food & Wine Show you can enjoy a fun day out with friends discovering new foods, wines and the latest products. Sample from hundreds of local and international exhibitors and find new recipe ideas from some of Australia’s best chefs.

Why: When else will you have such an excellent cover for your gastric tendencies? Stop stuffing your face with french fancies in the office toilet and shed your restraint. The Good Food and Wine Show is city-sanctioned glut made glamorous.


2) Melbourne International Jazz Festival 

31st May-9th June

What: The Melbourne International Jazz Festival is an annual, world-class jazz festival first held in 1998. The Festival takes place in concert halls, arts venues, jazz clubs and throughout the streets of Melbourne as the city comes alive with the spirit of jazz.

Why: Sydney’s currently blanketed with unsafe levels of haze. Come on, Melbourne, join in the fun.


1) Nicefest 

1st June

What: Now in it’s sixth year, NICEFEST is Art As Catharsis’ showcase of exceptional progressive and cathartic local music. The Melbourne edition features post-rock standouts Bear the Mammoth, Sydney progressive trio Instrumental, adj., the lush, immersive sounds of half/cut, the spacious shoegaze of Laedj., and the Melbourne debut of Black Aleph, who fuse ambience and drone with Persian instrumentation.

Why: It’s a bold claim that so few bands can represent the diversity of underground music. But then, it’s a bold claim that current underground music is anything more than recycled genres from bygone eras perverted through a synth and spewed out on a sweaty club dance-floor.

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