Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 26/01/2020

Here be wolves.


10) Riva Down Under: Australia Day

26th January

What: Back by popular demand after a sold out 2019 event, an all-Australian artist lineup that will leave you sizzling for more will light up Melbourne’s biggest Australia Day show, beach side at Riva St Kilda. Featuring: Will Sparks, Tigerlily, Joel Fletcher and many more.

Why: A glorified EDM rave in a mass open air daytime venue. Never has so much skin cancer been contracted so pointlessly.


9) Rainbow Serpent & Hardware present Infected Mushroom

31st January

What: After two decades of making waves in the scene, Infected Mushroom has earned their reputation as a groundbreaking legend within electronic dance and psytrance music. Twice ranked amongst the world’s “10 Best DJ’s” by DJ Magazine, with streaming numbers in the tens of millions and a cult following of die-hard fans, the LA-based, Israeli-bred duo has created one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world of electronic music. Experience them live.

Why: If you do consume an infected mushroom whilst at the venue, the organisers of the event are not legally liable. Although you might have a case against the band for inciting a suicide attempt by charging fifty bucks to hear thirty variations of a Drinking Bird using 2018’s version of GarageBand.


8) Day Party In The Drome

1st February

What: See the iconic Coburg Velodrome be transformed into a haven of dance music. Untitled Group will be bringing their signature set design, meticulous production and world-class sound systems for what’s sure to be an event like no other. Melbourne producer, Dom Dolla, has seen a meteoric rise following the release of his global house hit ‘Take It’. Proving himself as one of the most prolific electronic exports from Australia, Dom Dolla followed up his 2018 epic release, with his latest offering ‘San Frandisco’. Be there as Dom returns home for this one time only day party.

Why: “A haven of dance music.” Like an island oasis formed from flushable butt wipes.


7) A Day on the Green 2020 feat. Rod Stewart

31st January

What: A Day on the Green is an “experience” combining the best Australian and International artists with carefully selected wineries, offering a day of good food & wine, good friends and of course great music. To date there have been almost 400 concerts under the A Day on the Green banner with over 3 million people attending. This concert features Rod Stewart.

Why: Possibly one of the only instances in 2020 when you can hear a 75 year old man cry, “if you want my body and you think I’m sexy, come on, sugar, tell me so” without having to contact the police.


6) Elton John ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ Tour 

26th, 29th & 31st January & 1st February

What: In response to enormous demand, and hot on the heels of the incredible global success of the epic musical fantasy Rocketman, Elton-mania has reached fever pitch! 13 years after he played the city to a record-breaking 22,000-strong audience, Sir Elton John returns to bid his final farewell. Don’t miss your last chance to see Elton!

Why: The bitch is back. Again.


5) Wolfmother 2020 Tour

31st January

What: Having spent the majority of their career touring & selling out theatres, stadiums & festivals throughout the world including North & South America, Europe, the UK & Scandinavia, hard rock icons Wolfmother announce their return to Australia! Led by vocalist/guitarist Andrew Stockdale, Wolfmother have amassed a international fanbase, played to packed-house crowds around the world, delivered show-stealing sets at star-studded festivals and have been invited to share stages with rock icons Aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns N Roses & many more.

Why: Poke that 2006 brain wrinkle when everyone was laughing at George W. Bush, no woman had a bush, John Howard was screaming about protecting the bush from the boats, and the bush wasn’t all ash and koala corpses.


4) Walk Off The Earth 2020 Tour 

26th January

What: Following a sold out 2017 tour, Canadian indie pop band Walk off the Earth are set to return to Australia in January 2020 for another string of spectacular performances. After their brilliant 5-people-playing-one-guitar interpretation of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” exploded on YouTube, the band has gone on to take the world by storm, selling out venues across the globe and collaborating with some of the biggest names in music.

Why: Get an exclusive live preview of the soundtrack for the new Nutella ad.


3) Bastille ‘Doom Days’ Tour

30th January

What: Bastille’s third studio album Doom Days features the massive first single ‘Quarter Past Midnight’, title track ‘Doom Days’, latest single ‘Joy’ (and its hilarious video clip), and the freshly-released new cut ‘Those Nights’. Doom Days is their most confident record yet. It tackles many of today’s most pressing political and social issues while maintaining a personal angle throughout. Lyrically provocative and sonically diverse, it draws on influences in gospel, house, R&B, and more, as well as incorporating instrumentation inspired by their acclaimed ReOrchestrated tour. Now, they’re bringing the party to us. Don’t miss your chance to see Doom Days in the flesh this summer.

Why: There’s no better way to communicate concerns about pressing political and social issues than via a generic dance track whose primary method of dissemination will reach crowds of drunken ravers aurally consumed by the sounds of their own chunky retching.‘Doom-Days’-Tour/c8569240-2dc7-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


2) Australian Open Live Stage

26th January-2nd February

What: After the unprecedented success of the 2019 AO Live Stage and the amazing growth of the Australian Open, the music component at the AO has cemented itself as a must play summer concert date. Attractive to international artists plus the vast array of great Australian, established and up & coming talent, the diversity of the line-up over the two-week period means there is absolutely something for everyone! See the baseline rally, then hear the bassline drop.

Why: And here we thought two-to-five hours of watching two people hit a small yellow ball back and forth couldn’t get more exciting.


1) Let Go Fest. 

1st February

What: Let Go Fest returns once again! It will be delivering the ultimate experience for patrons with multiple facets of enjoyment. You will leave with a sense of fulfilment that no other music festival could provide and walk away doing something you have never done before! The lineup features Hilltop Hoods, Hermitude, Cosmo’s Midnight, Winston Surfshirt, Benson, Boogs, Clueless, Dena Amy, Drapht and many more.

Why: “Walk away doing something you have never done before.” Wait so monkey dust has already been made obsolete by something else? We just can’t keep up with the scene anymore.

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