Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 25/08/2019

This week, the wild ones are returning.


10) Rubix presents Techno Mansion

31st August

What: Techno Mansion was created to bring Melbourne techno lovers together and Melbourne’s best story techno tellers are ready to bring you their deep dark techno beats. The next episode of Techno Mansion is hitting Rubix Warehouse with Kasey Taylor, Lucca Tan, Philosophia and Frank Moss.

Why: Successive repetitive breaks in sanity marked by ejection of bodily fluids and incoherent screaming? Yes. That sounds episodic.


9) IWTFA with Ness (The Gods Planet, Mental Modern)

31st August

What: Ness began his electronic music journey in the late 90’s and his evolving interest and passion soon encouraged him to start a DJ career experimenting with various genres. Ness’s music and DJ sets are well accepted and defined as an exploration of a wide range of deep and hypnotic techno and ambient soundscapes. Experience him live.

Why: The long search is over. Ness is here and a monster of an entirely different kind.


8) LIVE feat. Steve Ward & Jamie Stevens

31st August

What: Melbourne heavyweight Steve Ward (Chameleon Recordings) has created his name world wide with a huge respect and energy all over Australia with his clean crisps sounds and production. Alongside him will be Maestro Jamie Stevens the King. Jamie is at the forefront of the music industry with his incredible techno sounds and masterful production. Experience them both LIVE.

Why: We were not previously aware that techno could be described with the word ‘clean’. But perhaps it makes sense. We’ve felt in the past that listening to a solid eight hours of techno is equivalent to pouring bleach directly into ones ear.


7) GRAVEYARD ‘Peace’ Tour

25th August

What: GRAVEYARD are touring in support of their critically heralded 5th album, “Peace”, which is available now from Nuclear Blast. From the opening track’s blistering declaration that ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’ to the final note of heart beating bass on the epic and moody rocker ‘Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)’ the band manages to squeeze out every last creative drop of what there is to know, hear and love about the band.

Why: An incarnation of 21st Century hard rock that’ll have you thinking: ‘perhaps I’ve been too hard on the ukulele-wielding subset of humanity’. Until you try to listen that subset again.‘Peace’-Tour/6a8eea30-c2de-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Chi Wow Wah City (Launch Party)

30th August

What: Come experience a night of roving performance, immersive visuals and Chi Wow’s signature brand of deep house and techno beats. Featuring: Uone, Philosophia. The Oddnesss, Boy Stef, The Fields, Caly Jandro, Apollo Walker, Ayabloom and Liam Waller.

Why: It’s an amuse bouche for the main Chi Wow festival. But instead of exciting your tongue, it’ll do that thing to your intestines deep house is wont to do.


5) Little Lon Distilling Co. Spring Soirée and Garden Party

31st August

What: Shuck off those winter woollies and ease into the G&Ts and cocktails at The Little Lon Spring Soirée where elegant white picket fences, lush garden greenery, live music, a surprise entertainment (to take you back in time), a food truck to dispense some zesty nosh and more gin than you can squeeze from a juniper orchard await.

Why; The classiest afternoon of knocking back industrial paint-thinner you’ll ever experience.


4) Arj Barker: We Need To Talk Tour 

30th August

What: “Hey, you got an hour? Look, I’ve been doing a shit-ton of thinking about… us, and where we’re headed. This isn’t easy, but I need to be 100% honest with you, even if what I say makes you laugh, very, very hard.You had better sit down for this…” Australia’s adopted son of comedy returns with his brand new show We Need To Talk.

Why: One of the worlds most sellable comedians. So. You already know the pitch.


3) Hugh Jackman – The Man. The Music. The Show.

27th August

What: Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe, Grammy and Tony Award-winning performer, Hugh Jackman will be bringing his The Man. The Music. The Show. WORLD TOUR to Australia in August this year. Produced by TEG DAINTY the tour will see Jackman perform a new show with hit songs from The Greatest Showman, Les Misérables and more from Broadway and film, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Why: He’ll never be Wolverine again. But that doesn’t mean he’s finished attempting to break the sound barrier with his howl-based oeuvre.


2) Melbourne Fashion Week

28th August-5th September

What: Melbourne Fashion Week takes over the city, celebrating the best in Australian fashion with over 150 events. As always, there will be be a whole host of fashion themed talks, parties and exhibitions taking place throughout Melbourne. This year’s focus is on sustainability.

Why: If you can sustain yourself for seven days on the nutritive content of errant fabric fibres, you gain free entry to the backstage oyster bar. There’s a reason why the written budget for this event is just one page with the word ‘irony’ on it.


1) Winterwild Festival 2019: Visions and Ecstasies 

30th August-1st September

What: Bid welcome once again to the after-dark winter festival of the arts. Witness abandoned quarries lit up by projection art, yoga, ritualistic bonfires, consensual touch workshops, didgeridoo-guided meditation, forest bathing, panel discussions and live gigs. This, the second weekend will celebrate the music of David Bowie, include a gourmet feast accompanied by burlesque and puppetry with Feastiality, and feature the experiential Moon Garden.

Why: In a world increasingly awash in the horrors of climate change, terrorism, right-wing nationalism, the resurgence of militant racism and a still-touring Cher, it’s comforting once in a while to put on a scary mask and immerse yourself in a world of childish fears: secret caves, demons, ghosts, witches and fairies. And it’s even more comforting to take a tonne of hallucinogens and space out at a Bowie tribute.

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