Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 23/05/2021

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10) The Rubens: Live

27th May

What: The past year has seen The Rubens travel to North America, UK & Europe for headline tours, perform and release their MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne album, slay the main stage unveiling their collaboration with punk hip-hop star Vic Mensa at Splendour In The Grass AND between all of that, bunker down to write and focus on new music. Don’t miss your chance to see Aussie alt-rockers, The Rubens, live in 2021!

Why: The most non-threatening alt-rock band since that other one that no one remembers.


9) Colour Warehouse Party

29th May

What: They’re going off the map again, this time for a winter warehouse rave edition. Jamsheed Wines is the place.

Why: A rave in a…winery. At least you know there’ll be quality drugs to compensate.


8) Handsdown & Leigh Boy

29th May

What: These heavy hitting techno DJ’s are Melbourne’s most sought after acts and they’re ready to take you on a journey.

Why: And by ‘sought after’ they don’t just mean by sexual assault victims.


7) Lift & Fall

29th May

What: The changing seasons, the rise of music in the Autumn sky, the fall of the leaves that settle amongst the dancing feet. Breathe in, breathe out. Laughs, whistles, chatter and yeehaw’s all lift in elation. In chilly draughts they fall back down to be spent, heartily, happily, by smiling faces and moving bodies. Experience an Autumnal dance in the flux of Melbourne seasons.

Why: It’s just a goddamn rave.


6) Ken Murray, Trio Agogo and Friends

26th May

What: Music inspired by Brazil composed by Ken Murray and Paul Carey featuring a host of wonderful performers: Doug de Vries (guitar), Al Kerr (percussion), Paloma Bica (violin), Adam May (cavaquinho) Rodrigo Salgado (double bass), Laila Engle (flute), Sophie Marcheff (mandolin and guitar), Paul Carey (guitar) and Ken Murray (guitar).

Why: A brilliant example of pure instrumental experimentation that’ll even make you miss the lyrics of Whitesnake.


5) Ngaiire

28th May

What: Sydney future-folk/soul songstress Ngaiire has cemented her place as one of Australia’s most dynamic vocalists and unique performers. Her Australian Music Prize nominated, debut LP Lamentations (2013), showcases stunning vocals over a refined mix of down-tempo electronic glitch, soulful grooves and elegant piano work. Experience her unique talents live.

Why: A lot of delicate potential repeatedly shoved headlong into Audacity.


4) Desecrator’s Live Til Death 10th Anniversary Show

29th May

What: Tracked live in Melbourne’s iconic music venue “The Arthouse” and originally mixed by acclaimed thrash producer & engineer Harris Johns, Desecrator’s 2011 debut release “LIVE TIL DEATH” was a statement against the common over-produced sound of recorded heavy metal, favouring instead a return to the raw, loud and honest LIVE roots from which thrash was born. 10 years on, in 2021, Desecrator celebrate this milestone of their first release with a special show – playing the album in it’s ENTIRETY at the Bendigo Hotel!

Why: It’s fascinating that people are able to tell the difference between over-produced and under-produced maniacal screaming and growling.’s-Live-Til-Death-10th-Anniversary-Show/72d09450-b779-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


3) Bugs: Diamond Tour

29th May

What: Bugs are no longer reserved to the confines of the Brisbane scene in which they made their start, with a whirlwind couple of years shepherding the band and their heartfelt, honest and relatable brand of pop rock to the national stage. Experience them live.

Why: Pop rock that’s honest and relatable? What’s next? Grunge that’s alienating?


2) The Gloom in the Corner: Live

28th May

What: The Gloom In The Corner will make their long awaited return back to the stage after a long 14 month break for a special one-off hometown headline show at Stay Gold! The metalcore band have been using this time off working hard behind the scenes and you’ll finally get to experience their newly released 3 track ‘Ultima Pluvia’ live in the flesh!

Why: Escape the eternal quiet with an explosion of sound. Then get right back to it once your eardrums explode.


1) K-POP World Festival

28th May

What: If you are a K-Pop fan who would love to watch cover stages of your favourite artists by the most talented Melbournian performers, do not miss 2021 K-Pop World Festival in Melbourne after a long wait!

Why: A horrific industry of suicide, rape and anorexia…in pink! So, basically like every other industry pitched to tweens.

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