Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 20/12/2020

Unclench. The end is nigh.


5) Dance Gavin Dance: Live

20th December

What: Rock band Dance Gavin Dance will be performing live in a worldwide virtual concert from the Sacramento Tower Bridge. The setlist is fan-voted, and will include songs the band has never done live before.

Why: Not the worst instance of screaming emanating from the Sacramento Tower Bridge.


4) Bad Religion: Decades

27th December

What: Bad Religion celebrates 40 years with the release of Decades, a four-episode streaming event filmed live at The Roxy in Hollywood, California. This episode will feature Bad Religion exploring songs from The New America, The Process of Belief, The Empire Strikes First, and New Maps of Hell. They will discuss what it was like being young punks in a world of Pacman, Reaganomics, and Televangelism.

Why: Hear your cool older relatives talk about the 80s as though they were fraught with uncertainty.


3) Mary-Elaine Jenkins: Live at Rockwood Music Hall 

24th December

What: Mary-Elaine Jenkins’ music sounds like a premonition. Like sweat and perfume. Bourbon and salt water.  Spanish moss on ruins. A product of her upbringing amidst the canopy of her Lowcountry family tree, Mary-Elaine carries herself as if she had never left the humidity of the coast. Experience her unique sound in an intimate livestreamed virtual performance.

Why: If you can come up with a simile hinting charming backwoods incest, her marketing team would love to hear from you.


2) Fleet Foxes: A Very Lonely Solstice Livestream

22nd December

What: Indie folk band Fleet Foxes are hosting their first official livestream, titled ‘A Very Lonely Solstice Livestream’. The show will feature a solo acoustic performance by frontman and songwriter Robin Pecknold, with a one song guest appearance from the Resistance Revival Chorus.

Why: Celebrate the solstice with Fleet Foxes because your acquaintances still don’t appreciate how much of a cartoonishly arrogant hipster you are.


1) Dua Lipa: Pandora Live

23rd December

What: Dua Lipa is performing for the final Pandora Live series, which will also feature an in-depth conversation with the artist. There will also be an opportunity for fans to participate in a virtual pre-show meet-and-greet and trivia.

Why: There is no hope in this world’s pandora’s box. Just another bloody streaming service.



5) The Breakfast Club’s Annual Christmas Rave

25th December

What: Experience the infamous Breakfast Club Annual Christmas rave as they completely takeover Chaser’s nightclub all night long. After a rough year, it’s finally time free your mind and let your body feel the beat.

Why: To avoid a messy legal situation we suggest you leave before the vulnerable high schoolers start crying.’s-Annual-Christmas-Rave/2e37a7f0-40c0-11eb-96b7-b132cf2a7536


4) Sundowners DJ Set

22nd December

What: Sundowners DJ Set in St Kilda beach is back! Experience a sunset party on the beach: feet in the sand, glass in your hand and music in your ears. After a rough time in lockdown the team has decided to come back! So let’s do it again! For the love of music, good vibes and golden hours.

Why: Confusion, restlessness, insecurity, emotional outbursts, mental decline. Yes, ‘Sundowners’ is the perfect name for a St Kilda beach rave.


3) Tr!p 13: The Comeback Special

26th December

What: Trippers, finally they are back! What a year it’s been. But it’s blue skies ahead! It’s time to hit the d-floor once again. Experience a night full of smiles and hugs and laughter amongst the rocking classic tunes spun by the best in the business.

Why: Hell, why not lick a few eyeballs as well? In for a penny, right?!p-13:-The-Comeback-Special/3ed11380-40c0-11eb-96b7-b132cf2a7536


2) Eat The Beat: Boxing Day Boat Party

26th December

What: Announcing the return of Eat The Beat’s Boat Party on Boxing Day! Experience 3.5 hours of cruise and 2 floors of awesome music on the infamous Lady Cutler!What will happen at the end of the Cruise? An after party of course at New Guernica Club! Spend your Boxing Day where the sound waves mix with the ocean waves!

Why: Spend the day following Boxing Day expelling whatever that mixture winds up being in your digestive system.


1) Sex on Toast

23rd December

What: Exploding Christmas joy at The Night Cat, Sex On Toast will have you feeling the festive spirit so treat yo-elf! Dust off your merriest get-up and bring all your mates along for the Christmas Spectacular tradition you’ve grown to love. They’ve got your 2020 Christmas wishlist covered: Social distancing, hand sanitiser, and a DAMN GOOD NIGHT OF LIVE MUSIC!

Why: If the name of the event doesn’t entice you, frankly there’s nothing we can say. Once you’ve read something as viscerally unsettling as “sex on toast“, any words that follow will have no impact.

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