Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 18/08/2019

This week is a feast for the senses. Traditionally, feasts did involve ritual vomiting.


10) Electroswing & Glitch Hop Back To The 70s

23rd August

What: Dress up, have fun and dance the night away in funky town. Get groovy with Goosebumpz (NSW), experience 70s sounds from Gorilla Groove and boogie to the incredible talent from Culture Jam with Trickbox featuring a LIVE Saxophone player.

Why: The past meets the future in a night of electroswing. Unfortunately, that does not mean you’ll have the chance to engage in sexual relations with a relative. It means something far less enjoyable.


9) NebbiYOLO

24th August

What: Born in the mountains of Piedmont in north-western Italy, Nebbiolo is known for its intensely aromatic nose of roses, smoke and tar, making it a true treat for the senses and the spirit animal for all the hopeless wine romantics out there. Across the afternoon you’ll get a chance to learn about what makes this wine so damn great, while tasting from a classy line-up of both local and international examples.

Why: There’s nothing troubling about someone calling their spirit animal ‘wine’. After all, it’s only the people totally in control of their vices that identify their vices as ‘animals’.


8) Resist: At Night feat. Joel Fletcher

23rd August

What: Resist: At Night is getting dark and dirty! Leading the charge for this special edition party are Melbourne legends Joel Fletcher, Katt Niall, Sammy La Marca and more! Spread across the upstairs main room and garden bar of Brown Alley it’ll be non-stop belters all night, powered by Funktion-One sound.

Why: An all-night rave that’ll have you acquiring more synonyms for ‘generic club music’ than are featured in the Cambridge thesaurus for the term ‘idiot’.


7) Reflex 2nd Birthday with Female Wizard + Salvador Darling

23rd August

What: Headlining Reflex’s 2nd Birthday celebrations will be Melbourne rave icon and director of Powertrip, Female Wizard [3H]. Salvador Darling will be bringing along his array of hard hitting techno slammers that will have you climbing all the way till sunrise. Closing the night will be another Melbourne techno great, with an ever growing alias that never fails to provide, SLAM ROSS 1000, and her vast array of hard hitting industrial techno.

Why: Who knew it would take so short a period of time for a reference to Salvador Dali to be the least unsettling thing in the description of a night out.


6) Day Doof #5 feat. Gregor Tresher

18th August

What: In the trend-driven universe of electronic dance music, Gregor Tresher is the rare artist who transcends such cycles. His secret? A relentless focus on melody and timbre, timeless musical elements that other producers often undervalue. So dust off those doof outfits, and bring them out of the depths of your wardrobe. There’ll be no winter blues here!

Why: An EDM producer that values melody and timbre? Well, that’s not rare at all. All EDM producers value melody and timbre. In fact, it’s so valuable to them, they never seem to be able to afford to use it.


5) Wild Love X Anomali: In Technocolour

23rd August

What: Wild Love X Anomali present to you a progressive and techno night ‘In Technocolour’. Somewhere between dreams and reality, between the conscious and the unconscious world, you’ll visit a strange place resembling a forest. Creatures swirl around you all chanting one word: “Alebrije” and yet you are not afraid. These spirits are here to protect you, and everything is illuminated in radiant neon technocolour. Bring your spirit animal to life. Featuring: Shintaro Min X Chanjo, Tømii, Ebony Willis and more.

Why: Remember kids. Experience progressive techno responsibly – with enough drugs to make it enjoyable.


4) La Nuit Blanche

22nd August

What: In the words of Enlightenment philosopher Baron de Montesquieu, “Nothing beats watching the snow fall over the river Seine… but La Nuit Blanche is the second best thing to it”. So instead of shelling out $2,000 on flights to spend a snowy night in France, come party at the Mill House. Featuring UV lights and face paint, free drink on arrival, plenty of free food and discounted drinks all night, La Nuit Blanche is the perfect way to kickstart your White Night celebrations.

Why: It makes sense to reference an Enlightenment philosopher to preface this event. After all, it’s in those little moments at 3am after a UV light rave when one really questions the worth of one’s own existence.


3) Blobfish Beer Festival

24th August

What: Australia’s first beer festival dedicated to unique beers! Like the blobfish, these beers emerge from the depths of the beer scene – intriguing, slightly obscure, somewhat unknown but always exciting. Melbourne’s iconic Meat Market will host 16 breweries from across Australia, plus a handful from overseas. There’ll also be a special festival restaurant, oyster bar, premium cheese, a bottleshop for unique takeaways, live acoustic music, natural wine, and more.

Why: If you’d like a preview of your physical state after attending this festival, google ‘blobfish’.


2) Hugh Jackman – The Man. The Music. The Show. 

18th August

What: Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe, Grammy and Tony Award-winning performer, Hugh Jackman will be bringing his The Man. The Music. The Show. WORLD TOUR to Australia in August this year. Produced by TEG DAINTY the tour will see Jackman perform a new show with hit songs from The Greatest Showman, Les Misérables and more from Broadway and film, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Why: He’ll never be Wolverine again. But that doesn’t mean he’s finished attempting to break the sound barrier with his howl-based oeuvre.


1) Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic

23rd-25th August

What: Exploring modern, traditional, evolving and emerging forms of ecstatic ritual and transformational expression, the festival features pioneers who have redefined entire art forms alongside new generations of artists redefining the thresholds and possibilities of their disciplines. The 2019 program features talents including New Zealand songwriting phenomenon Aldous Harding, avant-garde jazz group The Art Ensemble of Chicago, cult musician John Maus, Master Iraqi Maqam vocalist Hamid Al-Saadi and American theatre legend Robert Wilson who will perform revolutionary 20th-century composer John Cage’s A Lecture on Nothing.

Why: The festival even features a lovely keepsake; a document featuring the names of the participants who have died as a result of overdosing on ‘ecstatic ritual’. It’s a liability thing.

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