Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 18/04/2021

Salute the sun. It may just give you that malignant melanoma that’ll kill you before the world really goes to s***.



24th April

What: The DJs that brought you Lockdown Getdown and the Bunker Club present the party that you Diehards and Bunker Clubbers have been waiting for: BREAK OUT! Taking you on a dancefloor journey of disco, house, funk and the great dance decades.

Why: Every day we wonder when funk’s going to die. Then we strip down to nothing but our sequinned half jacket and rollerblades, flash the neighbourhood kids and remember how fun the genre can be.!/7b86f1e0-9f30-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


9) Untitled

24th April

What: Untitled Group is proud to present Bourke Street Courtyard Party with Jamesjamesjames, Jennifer Loveless & X CLUB. This event will take place at Bourke Street Courtyard, an industrial garden paradise, the perfect party haven.

Why: The courtyard rave! The perfect place to hear the music of someone who calls himself ‘Jamesjamesjames’. A place where you can’t really hear him.


8) Cat House X Translate: Acid Warehouse Party

24th April

What: Experience an acid warehouse party with Dj Kiti, Chiara Kickdrum, MTLDA, MNMLT, Kazuma Onishi, Løst Reflexion, Headchef, Deltazia and Esterslah.

Why: Just to be clear, there’ll be no actual acid at the party. Just some s****y impure 2021 version of ecstasy.


7) Electric Mary: Live

24th April

What: Electric Mary are a classic rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The band formed in 2003 and named themselves after Mary Campbell, friend and manager of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios in New York City. After finalising a lineup that understood what life looked like playing in an old school rock band, They were taken on the road as supports for Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple and Glenn Hughes. Experience this band live.

Why: See Whitesnake’s favourite supporting act. You know, Whitesnake. The band that wrote ‘Kitten’s Got Claws’ on purpose.


6) React

23rd April

What: React’s electronic music was borne from futurism. The concept endured through refraction, a complexity which morphed into something completely original. The new glow is strangely different, yet familiar. Explore the past through the filtered lens of the future. This is trance. This is breaks. This is techno. This is rave. This is house. This is electro. This is experimental. This is acid. It is old and it is new. Stay calm and you will react accordingly. It is what it is.

Why: With that many disclaimers and clarifications you’d think this was an ad for erection pills.


5) Melbourne Cocktail Festival (finale)

18th April

What: The Melbourne Cocktail Festival is here to celebrate cocktails, bars, and craft spirits – and to reignite this city’s incredible bar scene. Be a part of Melbourne’s great comeback.

Why: Then, the next morning, be a part of Melbourne’s great comedown.


4) Mount Beauty Music Festival

24th & 25th April

What: Experience a great festival of music, dance and spoken word that prides itself in the variety and quality of the acts it attracts. The lineup so far includes ELK, an ambitious 5 piece folk-pop-rock band hailing from Albury, Ria Brcic, an eclectic new artist with an expert ear that’s able to fuse country, folk and bluegrass genres, The Weeping Willows, a folk rock duo, and many many more.

Why: The inoffensive smooth peanut butter of the music festival world. The analogy here is breakfast spreads.


3) Meadow Festival

April 23rd-25th

What: Reimagining recreation. Uniquely intimate performances with no overlapping set times. Leisure and pleasure shared among an open-minded community of just 1,100 participants. All backdropped by a rugged edge-of-the-world type beauty found only in the Otway Hinterlands. Meadow. A festival in Bambra. Featuring acts like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Private Function, Birdsnake, Ramdaddy and many more.

Why: Don’t worry it’s a metaphor. You’re not going to actually fall off the world. You’re just very very high.



24th April

What: Born Yesterday Music are proud to announce the very first BY Mini Fest YesterdayFest! Featuring a stacked and diverse line-up of amazing Melbourne bands in Steadfast, No! Not the Bees, A New Way Home, Ultraviolet, Some Heard Trouble, Inferiority Complex, Oceans Inside, Dover Island, North Heights and Everlyne. This will be a huge day of great alternative music and 100% of the profits will be donated to Safe Steps Family Violence to help those in need of support.

Why: Get f***ed up and dry hump strangers. For the kids.


1) April Sun

23rd-25th April

What: An autumnal entertainment delight, April Sun will serve up a platter of Australian performers to satisfy the many and varied palates of Melbourne music lovers.  The lineup includes: The Church, Leo Sayer, Marcia Heins, Bob Evans, OPIUO, Blanke, POOF DOOF, Sneaky Sound System, Electric Fields, drag DJ duo Jawbreakers, Yo!Mafia, Sgt Slick, YUMMY, You Am I, Thick As Thieves, Cosmo’s Midnight, Chillinit, Hiatus Kaiyote and so many more!

Why: If only a palate for Sneaky Sound System involved actually wanting to cannibalise them, we could’ve been done with their s*** a decade ago.

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