Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 16/02/2020

Autumn is approaching. Beware the white snakes.


10) Pentatonix 2020 Tour

22nd February

What: Pentatonix are coming to Australia this summer! The three-time Grammy Award-winning and US multi-platinum-selling pop a cappella group bring their awe-inspiring world tour to arenas in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney this February 2020. Unaccompanied by instruments, Pentatonix excel in harmonies, percussive sounds and beatbox delivered in their own Grammy-winning-style arrangements, stemming from influences of pop, dubstep, electro, hip-hop, country and classical music.

Why: Who says youth culture should be inaccessible to 80-year-old fundamentalist Christians?


9) Palace Trax: 1st Birthday Rooftop Party

22nd February

What: It’s been a whole year since four blokes with unhealthy house obsessions came together to forge what is known as Palace Trax. Come and celebrate 12 months of dancing, memories and mateship on a sunny rooftop in Melbourne’s CBD featuring some classy, local talent. Featuring: suki (Equinox), Tim Koren, Big Mac (President Press) and Jayeboy.

Why: We’re glad they’ve admitted it’s the fondness for House music that’s unhealthy. We’d hate for meth to be dragged through the mud.


8) Neurocrank x Sub Club

21st February

What: Neurocrank and Bathtub Music present a weekend getaway inside the SUB. Sometimes you gotta go slow to go fast, and sometimes you have to do both. Bringing you a two room paradox of the best in heavy hitters of all times and tempos. Trance Fuzion, is the brainchild of Melbourne figureheads River Yarra & Jess Zammit. Both renowned for burning at a slow speed, they will be transporting you through 2 hours on the trance-Atlantic chugger train. Darcy Justice; highly qualified and highly equipped. Her ability to adapt and adopt different styles and speeds means she is the perfect person for the tempo transportation. Finally, some of the best in young talent: Fibre optixxx and jazz aren’t old of age but of musical mind. If you’ve just found it, they’re likely to have HAD it. Expect bass, expect break; but most of all expect the unexpected.

Why: “Sometimes you gotta go slow to go fast, and sometimes you have to do both.” Never has the internal logic of the EDM track been so well phrased.


7) The Beautiful Girls (Live)

22nd February

What: To celebrate 20 years of the band, singer, songwriter and guitarist, Mat McHugh of The Beautiful Girls, has pulled together his favourite tracks from all five albums, as well as the debut EP, thrown in an acoustic version of the 2018 single, ‘Beautiful World’, and released it as a vinyl double-LP! The band will be performing the complete album in order, and adding in some songs off other records every night. The Beautiful Girls are bringing out an expanded six-piece lineup – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horn section.

Why: The pinnacle of inoffensive surf pop. How do you like them now, Kiera from high school?


6) Melbourne Splash Festival

22nd February

What: Are you ready for the biggest festival coming to the west this February? Chill out looking over the water to beats from international reggae and dance hall acts like Nyanda from Brick & Lace and Anthony B to set the tone, plus faves like A1 Krashn, Alárìíyá, Marvin Priest, SK Simeon, Yaw Faso, Lamine Sonko and the African Intelligence, Ausecuma Beats, Jah Tung & The Natural Order. The DJ line up is enough to fill an arena alone with Shantan Wantan Ichiban, MAI Sisters, MzRizk , Dj Verse@ille, and Dizzy Dee, just to name a few. You will need the full 9 hours to explore all the food trucks, enjoy the fashion and check out the market stalls. This event is for all ages with free activities for the little ones!

Why: There’s nothing more fun than an all-ages music festival. Except perhaps an irreversible addiction to black tar heroin. We wouldn’t say no to a colonoscopy without sedation either.


5) Pseudo Echo ‘Autumnal Park’ Tour

21st February

What: Pseudo Echo’s iconic debut album “Autumnal Park”, now thirty five years strong, will be performed in it’s entirety for two exclusive shows. Autumnal Park paved the way for Pseudo Echo, making the band a household name in Australia, and Internationally over the ensuing decades, endearing them to a loyal and dedicated following worldwide. Fans will be treated to catchy upbeat electro pop singles like “Listening”, “A Beat For You” and “Stranger In Me”, to dark brooding tracks like “Walkaway”, “From the Shore” and “Dancing Until Midnight”, as well as some new romantic rarities from the original album demo sessions.

Why: If this is to be the soundtrack to your Autumn, remember, don’t have sex, don’t drink or do drugs, and never, ever, under any circumstances, say, “I’ll be right back”. Because you shouldn’t risk passing on your DNA, chemicals won’t make it sound better and no one wants you back. Not even your parents.‘Autumnal-Park’-Tour/f1910a50-4eab-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


4) Polaris ‘The Death of Me’ Tour 

22nd February

What: Sydney metalcore outfit Polaris announce the details of their highly anticipated second studio album, The Death Of Me, out February 21, 2020, via Resist Records and their biggest headliner to date, The Death Of Me Australian Tour supported by Wage War, Crystal Lake and Alpha Wolf. In the two years since The Mortal Coil, Polaris embarked on three sold-out headlining tours of Australia, as well as supporting Architects and Parkway Drive around the country; five runs throughout Europe (including a series of arena shows supporting Architects and a slew of high-profile summer festival spots); three separate US tours; not to mention performing at the Download Festival and Unify Gathering in Australia. Somewhere in there, the quintet found time to write The Death Of Me.

Why: They’re addicted to the misery of fifty bucks a ticket plus merch revenue.‘The-Death-of-Me’-Tour-(Melbourne)/0edeb620-45e7-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


3) Stiff Little Fingers 2020 Tour

22nd February

What: On Feb 2nd 1979, SLF unleashed their groundbreaking debut album upon a confused musical world barely ready for the incendiary onslaught of passion and politics that positioned SLF right at the forefront of the punk movement. Formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, SLF wrote about their own lives growing up at the height of The Troubles. Preceded by the single “Suspect Device” which John Peel played every night, “Inflammable Material” burst into the UK Top 20 – the first ever debut album to do so on an independent label. This was an album of anger and frustration, full of lyrics melding the personal and political, music that combines the punk energy with infectious hooks, and a delivery that rings of honesty and commitment. A SLF live show continues to be a special event of energy and power and the band are more in demand than ever.

Why: The problem with picking a band name young is that you’ll never be able to anticipate how differently apt the name will become when you’re still touring at the age of 60.


2) Scorpions & Whitesnake 2020 Tour 

19th February

What: Get ready for the biggest hard rock tour of the year! German icons Scorpions return to Australia in 2020 with Whitesnake, the legendary rock’n’roll band founded and formed by former Deep Purple singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Coverdale. Global hits like the over 15 million selling ballad ‘Wind of Change’ and ‘Send Me An Angel’ from Scorpions’ ‘Crazy World’ album have made Scorpions Continental Europe’s most successful band with a history spanning more than 50 years. Mega platinum Whitesnake, the legendary rock ’n’ roll band founded and formed by Deep Purple singer and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer David Coverdale are proud to announce the continuation of the 2019 “Flesh & Blood” World Tour into 2020. Following the global success of the “Flesh & Blood” album Whitesnake has played 55 shows in 24 countries to over 600,000 fans in 2019.

Why: Oh lord, they’re praying you give them strength to carry on. One mistimed low-frequency solo and their osteoporotic bones will shatter into a million pieces.


1) Babylon in the Park

23rd February

What: Featuring an amazing collection of acts playing across three stages; from techno & house to psychedelic, magnificently orchestrated to create a spectacular visual and audio sensory experience at the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Alan Fitzpatrick will be headlining Babylon In The Park for his Australian debut. Babylon legend, partner and curator Carl Cox is set to give attendees the party they’ve been waiting for – “Carl Cox techno”. Ann Clue, female DJ & producer, best friend and creative collaborator with Boris Brejcha will also be featured along with world renowned classical pianist, turned synth king and electro veteran Reinier Zonneveld.

Why: The mythologised city of Babylon finally has truly impenetrable walls. Because there is no traditional manner of desensitisation to pain that will enable you to get through the aural assault of EDM music neurologically alive.

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