Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 15/09/2019

Time to take a tour of the heights of human artistic potential. Also, Birds of Tokyo are here.


10) Xtravaganza ‘we Feel/we Love/we Dance’ with Boogs & Casey Leaver

21st September

What: A night of opulence and decadence, much like the old school avant-garde clubbing experience. Dress up, dress down, just bring your best self to party with some of Melbourne’s most exciting acts, unique looks and a hot and heaving dancefloor. Featured DJs: Boogs, Casey Leaver, Bando, Discoslut, Lee Bay and Montana.

Why: Nothing says ‘avant-garde’ like ‘old school’.‘we-Feelwe-Lovewe-Dance’-with-Boogs-and-Casey-Leaver/1677f4f0-d43b-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Visceral

21st September

What: You’re invited to an evening encompassing all the senses at the illustrious and intimate space of Horse Bazaar. A night to remember, filled with dreamy frequencies from artists relatively underground in the Melbourne scene, stunning visuals for your eyes to melt into and other cheeky surprises throughout the night! So come one, come all for a night of music, positive communication and an all round soul-bathing experience.

Why: Funny how ‘nights to remember’ are always filled with substances that annihilate memory.


8) Leisure ‘Twister’ Tour

20th September

What: Made up of five independently talented and successful members LEISURE are an anomaly in the music industry with an unrestricted clash of modern and retro sound explorations and their over-riding manifesto to keep things LEISURE. Their debut self-titled album was critically acclaimed and has amassed over 65 million streams to date. Slow burners, face-slappers, shoegazers, strut-steppers and midnight moodmakers unite on the living room floor for TWISTER.

Why: A mix of five brilliant ingredients forming a whole. Like a gas tank filled with garlic, chocolate, uranium, Doritos and a puppy. This car’s gonna fly.‘Twister’-Tour-Melbourne/44f6a530-d439-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Merj Spring Session

15th September

What: A sanctuary for electronic music lovers. MERJ was created to connect the underground music scene in any city. The DJs are unannounced and this allows for connections to be made without pretence. The focus is on the music and not who you know. A mix of local selectors and touring DJ’s, you’ll only find out on the night. The dance-floor is phone-free. They pride themselves on a unique, deep sound that stimulates euphoric emotions and organic self and human interaction.

Why: Seems counter-intuitive to deprive electro-fans of their smartphones. Like granting the make-a-wish wish of a cancer victim whilst at the same time ceasing their necessary chemotherapy.


6) Thrashfest

21st September

What: ‘Thrashfest – New Wave Of Australian Thrash Metal’ brings together all metal heads alike who like their thrash metal in all its glory. Headlining will be none other than Harlott from Melbourne who have toured extensively supporting major international metal bands locally and abroad. Joining the line up will be Dark Order (Sydney), Purenvy (Newcastle), Incrypt (Melb), Tempest Rising (Perth), who have just finished a massive European tour, and more!

Why: Don’t think Metallica. It’s not Metallica. It’ll never be Metallica. In very much the same way that The Beatles were a boy band, and BTS is a boy band.


5) Melbourne Guitar Festival

20th-22nd September

What: From a concert of traditional South African Kora music by the amazing Derek Gripper, through to Radiohead arrangements by Codex Guitar Quartet, with breath-taking classical guitar soloists Campbell Diamond, Matt Withers, Gian Marco Ciampa (our 2018 ICAC winner) and Harold Gretton, and a French inspired program by the Melbourne Guitar Quartet, this 5th Melbourne Guitar Festival will be one to remember! Throw into the mix some amazing guitar displays, a $20,000 performance competition, masterclasses, presentations and complimentary catering at the evening concerts, the vibe and quality of performance at this classical guitar festival is unparalleled!

Why: A festival of fingering to sate your hungry mind-hole.


4) Dara O’Briain: Voice of Reason Tour

16th September

What: This is the chance to see one of the most charismatic, intelligent, fast-talking and downright funny live performers working today back in his natural environment! Don’t miss the brilliant and hilarious Dara O Briain!

Why: Being the subject of a feature story entitled ‘Big head can protect against Alzheimer’s’ is but one of the feathers in the oversized cap of this brilliant Irish comedian.’Briain:-Voice-of-Reason-Tour-(Melbourne)/add81bd0-9495-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Kris Kristofferson & The Strangers Tour

19th September

What: One World Entertainment is proud to announce the awaited return of legendary Kris Kristofferson & The Strangers to Australia. The three times Grammy winner, Rhodes scholar, actor and undisputed country music living legend kicks off his tour in Adelaide on September 17th before moving on to the east coast. Kris will be accompanied on stage by The Strangers.

Why: Turns out kicking the crap out of vampire arse wasn’t enough to sate this man’s clamouring desire to remain relevant.


2) Birds Of Tokyo: Good Lord Tour

20th September

What: Alt rockers Birds of Tokyo have announced new dates for their September Good Lord Tour. In other good news for the band, ‘Good Lord’ will be certified Gold on next week’s ARIA Singles Chart. The breakup anthem is already one of the most played songs on Australian radio, proving that there’s still some space on the commercial airwaves for electric guitars and real drums.

Why: Somehow unfamiliar with their canon? Imagine every generic indie-alt-rock band. That’s it.


1) Melbourne Fringe Festival

15th-29th September

What: Melbourne Fringe transforms the city into a platform for every kind of artform imaginable, supporting over 3,000 artists to present 450+ works in 170+ venues to more than 360,000 people. The Fringe celebrates freedom of artistic expression, takes voices from the margins and amplifies them across the city. By pushing boundaries and illuminating new thoughts and ideas, the Festival transforms not only the city’s places but its people too.

Why: Hundreds of thousands of hipsters infesting every corner of city, randomly exploding in quasi-unsolicited theatrics. What a transformation for Melbourne.

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