Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 14/03/2021

Tie yourself down.


10) Prince Purple Revolution: Live

19th March

What: Andrew De Silva, from leading R&B group CDB, and a multi – platinum ARIA award winner joins forces with Australia’s leading musicians to take the audience on a respectful yet soulful musical journey through the life of Prince. This show promises to bring you the songs, the costumes, the energy, and the individuality that is Prince.

Why: Why listen to His Royal Badness when you could listen to His Profiteering Imitator?


9) The Allstars Finale

21st March

What: The Allstars can trace their pedigree back almost to when rock n roll began. They have performed throughout Australia and have shared the stage with many internationally acclaimed artists. After more than sixty years this is their finale, and it is sure to get your toes tapping. The Allstars will also perform with Normie Rowe, Donna Fisk, Mark Andrew, Rick Diamond and Billy O’Rourke, presenting some of the biggest hits of the Rock-n-Roll era.

Why: When the camera lens adjusts and the people in the background become clear while the foreground is fuzzed out just as the scene cuts out. What we’re saying is, give it ten seconds and you’ll forget they ever existed.


8) Stella Donnelly: Live

18th March

What: Although touring has taken a back seat for much of the year, 2020 saw Donnelly receive the prestigious Australian Independent Record Label’s Association (AIR) ‘Album Of The Year’ and ‘Pop Album Of The Year’ awards for ‘Beware of the Dogs’. An artist totally in command of her voice; able to blend her inviting charm and sharp wit into authentically raw songs, Donnelly’s song writing makes you feel like you’re in her lounge room and she’s just made you a cup of tea and a slice of cake, so that you’re comfortable when she tells you some hard truths.

Why: You read that. As long as you’re stuffing your face full of cake, her singing won’t bother you. So…bring cake.


7) A Night with ORB

20th March

What: Emerging from the great cosmic dark, ORB are back with their first Australian show since August 2019. In a night of grand thematics, the 3 piece will bring their blend of wah drenched fuzz and dystopian sci-fi to the strictly limited capacity, fully seated Forum Melbourne.

Why: Because what we all need right now is to experience the soundscape of a dystopia.


6) Cosmic Psychos: Live

21st March

What: For almost 40 years, the Cosmic Psychos have blazed a trail of empty beer cans and busted eardrums around the globe with their pounding bulldozer punk songs. Finally, they’re back and ready to play Forum Melbourne.

Why: They may be incredibly old…but…wait…what was the question again?


5) Midnight Oil: Makarrata Live

20th March

What: In early 2021 Midnight Oil will perform a handful of special outdoor concerts called Makarrata Live. At each show, the band will be joined on stage by an incredible line up of First Nations collaborators for a unique concert event featuring music from their #1 mini album The Makarrata Project plus iconic Midnight Oil songs of Reconciliation from throughout their career. These gigs will seek to elevate The Uluru Statement From The Heart which calls for a Makarrata – or “truth telling” – to account for the theft of lands and displacement of First Nations people.

Why: A desperate attempt to remain relevant, as bald and oily as the lead singer himself.


4) React

19th March

What: React’s electronic music was borne from futurism. The concept endured through refraction, a complexity which morphed into something completely original. The new glow is strangely different, yet familiar. Explore the past through the filtered lens of the future. This is trance. This is breaks. This is techno. This is rave. This is house. This is electro. This is experimental. This is acid. It is old and it is new. Stay calm and you will react accordingly. It is what it is.

Why: With that many disclaimers and clarifications you’d think this was an ad for erection pills.


3) Live at the Bowl

14th-31st March

What: The Sidney Myer Music Bowl will host an open-air season of music, comedy, family-friendly events and more. Applaud as your favourite artists return to the stage in a program of free and ticketed events. Share a socially distanced dance under the stars with friends and family, and reconnect with Melbourne and each other. The first lineup announcement includes: Birds of Tokyo with the MSO, Hannah Gadsby, Human Nature, Daryl Braithwaite & The Black Sorrows, Lime Cordiale, Missy Higgins, Mo’Ju with Orchestra Victoria, Ocean Alley, Soju Gang, Felix Riebl, Ollie McGill & Emma Donovan, Vika & Linda Bull, the Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra and many, many more talents.

Why: Because unfortunately mass death in 2020 wasn’t enough to kill off the dregs of 2000-2010.


2) Echo Beach Music Festival

20th March

What: Whispers of good tidings have caught the breeze. After a year riding the currents of the blasted year that has been, Echo Beach once again bubbles to the surface to give a day of mystical retreat from the throes of ennui. With mavens from yonder shores unable to set sail, the cast of Echo Beach’s maiden berth has been reworked, incorporating three of the islands finest selektas to guide the ship in their stead. Featuring Lauren Hansom, Andras and Noise in my Head at Echo Beach’s inaugural boot scoot. They’ll replace Dan Shake and Chee Shimizu on the lineup and will join Adriana, Adi Toohey, Loure and a showcase of local Westside talents on the day.

Why: Rave music as it was meant to be performed – adjacent to a big ocean in which to drown yourself.


1) Cable Ties with Little Ugly Girls and MOD CON: Live

17th March

What: Cable Ties, a fierce, tense punk trio, take the three minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point to deliver smouldering feminist anthems. Post-punk and garage rock hammered together by a relentless rhythmic pulse. Three friends summoning a rhythmic tide to deliver anthems that turn latent anxieties into a rallying cry. Support action comes by way of legendary Australian punk outfit Little Ugly Girls. Forming in the early 90s the band permeated cult status, only releasing their debut album in 2018 and making sporadic live appearances, the last outing setting the Meredith sup alight.   MOD CON, the incarnation of three longstanding creative friendships, and entrenched members of Melbourne’s DIY community perfect this line-up. MOD CON sear on recordings, and in live performance, with hell bent solos, dual vocals and syncopated rhythms at the core.

Why: It’s 2021’s version of punk. Think less bloody violence and more $300 half-shaved-head haircuts.

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