Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 14/02/2021

Get back in there.


10) Empress Records x Rising Sun: SWEAT

20th February

What: Empress Records x Rising Sun present SWEAT. Chiara Kickdrum spearheads this night with her original brand of relentless techno that stands out amongst the plethora of amazing Melbourne artists. Featuring support from Empress and Extended Family crews, you can expect top shelf and boundary pushing dance music.

Why: We can’t help but think they could’ve named this one differently. Surely, in this era naming it ‘Retain Bodily Fluids’ would provoke far less anxiety.


9) Cable Ties with Little Ugly Girls and MOD CON

20th February

What: MMW’s debut outing at The Forum couldn’t get more special or raucous than this. Cable Ties, a fierce, tense punk trio, take the three minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point to deliver smouldering feminist anthems. Post-punk and garage rock hammered together by a relentless rhythmic pulse. Three friends summoning a rhythmic tide to deliver anthems that turn latent anxieties into a rallying cry. Support action comes by way of legendary Australian punk outfit Little Ugly Girls. Forming in the early 90s the band permeated cult status, only releasing their debut album in 2018 and making sporadic live appearances, the last outing setting the Meredith sup alight. MOD CON, the incarnation of three longstanding creative friendships, and entrenched members of Melbourne’s DIY community perfect this line-up. MOD CON sear on recordings, and in live performance, with hell bent solos, dual vocals and syncopated rhythms at the core.

Why: Contemporary punk. Think less pissing on the stage, more exclusively shopping at Vinnies.


8) Gordi: Album Launch

18th February

What: Following her ARIA and J Award nominated second album Our Two Skins and her debut Sydney Opera House performance, Gordi is proud to announce her return to Melbourne and her debut headline show at The Forum.  Having sold out a series of intimate, stripped back shows outside Victoria in October, the medical-muso is thrilled to return to her newly adopted hometown for a special album launch show at Melbourne’s iconic venue.

Why: We’re not exactly sure what “medical-muso” refers to here, but we assume it’s become the Victorian premier’s prerequisite for all indie musicians.


7) SummerSalt 

20th & 21st February

What: This Summer, SummerSalt will take place in some of the most picturesque and iconic locations around the country including a bunch of new and fresh locations. SummerSalt aims to provide a truly unique feast for the senses – an eclectic series of concerts with a focus on these proven and beloved performers, and introducing some fresh talent, creating the perfect setting to either dance with your friends or sit back and chill to the tunes. Summersalt will be a day/evening of fun in the sun with the perfect soundtrack to match. Featuring: John Butler, The Cat Empire, The Teskey Brothers, Boy & Bear and more!

Why: We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Yes, John Butler is still alive.


6) Jack Jones In Concert

20th February

What: Jack’s back by popular demand! Jack was still a teenager when he found fame in Southern Sons, who became one of the most loved Australian bands of the ’90s, with hits such as ‘Heart In Danger’, ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’, ‘You Were There’, ‘Always And Ever’, ‘Waiting For That Train’ and ‘Lead Me To Water’. Experience one of Australia’s most talented folk singers and guitarists live. The evolution continues…

Why: Hear a fifty year old named Jack Jones reminiscence without having to constantly brace yourself for the inevitable nuggets of racism.


5) Pseudo Mind Hive: Live

19th February

What: Pseudo Mind Hive have established themselves as an exciting and ever evolving mainstay of the live music circuit. From the retro riffs and gritty fuzzed out production of their debut LP ‘From Elsewhere’, to the thunderously heavy and delicately celestial heights of their sophomore effort ‘Of Seers and Sirens’, the five-piece have also established themselves as being ambitious and imaginative in the studio. Now with a thrilling new line-up and a swag of freshly penned tunes that feature a brand new sound for the band, Pseudo Mind Hive are kicking off what is sure to be a massive year with the release of ‘Vol III’, and a very intimate session at Cherry Bar.

Why: Given their name at least you can expect the amount of self-awareness it takes for yet another indie band to not claim they’re unique.


4) Melbourne Women in Film Festival

17th-21st February

What: More Than… The MWFF 2021 festival explores the creation of screen storytelling as an expressive art form for activism, acknowledging the past as we envision the future. Film is a powerful medium to tell important stories – it is more than something we just watch on our screens. Film has impact and creates change. MWFF is proud to present a program that showcases bold and socially relevant films and web series from gender diverse Australian, Aotearoa New Zealand and Pasifika filmmakers. With experiences online and in cinemas, MWFF celebrates its 5th edition cultivating a culture of equality and some exceptional filmmaking.

Why: It’s 2021. Just give up on your eyeballs ever being moist again.


3) DUST. Festival

20th February

What: Dust is set to become Faces Of Group’s home to unique sounds, art and experiences, creating an environment that allows everyone to leave reality seeking a place of self love and expression, a place of spiritual and emotional freedom. Featuring experimental deep techno artists: The Journey, William Kiss, Luke Alessi, Bec Grenfell, Mami and more. Welcome to the beginning of a very special event. Welcome to the DUST.

Why: A festival named for floating airborne particulates! What a great choice of name for an event in 2021.


2) Live at the Bowl

14th February-31st March

What: The Sidney Myer Music Bowl will host an open-air season of music, comedy, family-friendly events and more. Applaud as your favourite artists return to the stage in a program of free and ticketed events. Share a socially distanced dance under the stars with friends and family, and reconnect with Melbourne and each other. The first lineup announcement includes: Birds of Tokyo with the MSO, Hannah Gadsby, Human Nature, Daryl Braithwaite & The Black Sorrows, Lime Cordiale, Missy Higgins, Mo’Ju with Orchestra Victoria, Ocean Alley, Soju Gang, Felix Riebl, Ollie McGill & Emma Donovan, Vika & Linda Bull, the Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra and many, many more talents.

Why: Because unfortunately mass death in 2020 wasn’t enough to kill off the dregs of 2000-2010.


1) Malthouse Outdoor Stage

14th February-14th March

What: The new Malthouse Outdoor Stage will host music, comedy, dance, cabaret, talks, and theatre, all in the open air. The stage will open with a line-up of local artists including ARIA-winning jazz and soul prodigy Kaiit, euphoric funk craftsmen Mildlife, and the singular style of Emma Donovan & The Putbacks. The program will continue with comedians taking centre stage, including Lano & Woodley, Eddie Perfect, Anne Edmonds, and Judith Lucy and Denise Scott.

Why: It’s open air. So the miasma of mouth juices has a chance to really expand throughout the atmosphere.

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