Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 13/10/2019

This week features the second coming of Jesus. He’s even more sleazy than last time around.


10) Arcane

18th October

What: Arcane is bringing back the adventures and exclusive event experience of the Melbourne underground party scene. They will release the name of the artist performing on the night. Join them for the launch of Arcane as they dive deep into Melbourne’s underground.

Why: Nothing says ‘gritty underground’ like a sensible door fee and a well-known, well-lit above-ground venue.


9) Natty: Fabe

18th October

What: Born in Berlin, raised in Mannheim. From his roots in 90s Hip-hop, Fabe found his way to the electronic music. Since 2010 he has appeared in several projects and made his success, after dedicating himself completely to underground music. Fabe continuously evolves himself, based on a mix that combines his talents and ambitious work. Supporting him at this rave will be Sleazy Jesus from the infamous VLAD party and Breakfast club resident Dayle Marina.

Why: A German raised on 90s Hip-hop. A match made in hell, mein Bruder.


8) Bollywood Diwali After Party

19th October

What: Get ready to dance to Bollywood songs in your Bollywood/Indian outfits! This Diwali, there’s nothing more convenient than enjoying the fireworks at Fed Square and then having a party nearby to flaunt your Indian attire!

Why: Be aware of your inner light. And then cause an internal brush fire by pouring loads of liquor on it.


7) Electroswing and Glitch Hop: Alice In Wonderland

18th October

What: There’s no point going back to yesterday because YOU were a different person then! Whether you’re a cat, a rabbit, a caterpillar or even a mad hatter, you’re invited to the magical world of Alice in Wonderland My Aeon style. With dress ups and props, special custom made decor and roving performers, this is not to be missed. With a special 2 room exclusive special line up, get ready for yet another special night of electroswing & glitch hop. Step into another world as you enter Wonderland.

Why: Unfamiliar with electroswing? Think of swing music. Then have someone take a pneumatic drill to your skull. It’ll save you the pain of having to listen to electroswing.


6) White Noise pres. Animal Trainer

18th October

What: Switzerland’s dynamic duo and inimitable selectors of emotive rhythms, Animal Trainer (Hive Audio | Katermukke) are coming in to land upstairs at Circus Bar & Nightclub. The Swiss melodic house and techno groovelords will headline a big night of tech, house and melodic with support from hand-picked Melbourne-based selectors Doakes, The Fields and more.

Why: It fits. There’s nothing whiter than a ‘Swiss selector’.


5) Eat The Beat: Masquerade Party

19th October

What: Choose who you are at Eat The Beat’s Masquerade Party. Eat The Beat will be an exclusive experience with a constantly evolving decor, outlandish costumes and a multitude of colours and lights. A great variety of masks and costumes will be provided by staff during the night. Express your personality and party till the morning.

Why: Choose who you are. As long as who you are is a club-hopper and who you aspire to be can be purchased for under ten dollars at The Reject Shop.


4) Debbie Does Daytime XL

19th October

What: Debbie is going XL as she opens up to take her widest girth yet. She’s biting off more than she’s chewed before with over 1800 people across 5 areas spanning across both levels of Brown Alley and Colonial Hotel including one of Melbourne’s best garden bars. Everything is XL from the Funktion 1 sound system across all spaces to more production than ever before, all while Debbie’s biggest ever line up plays house, techno, old school and minimal thumpers.

Why: We’ve not met Debbie, but if her method involves opening up and then biting something off and chewing it, she’s obviously got her wires crossed somewhere, or clearly needs to work through some revenge-related issues.


3) Daniel Sloss X Tour

19th October

What: Don’t miss Scotland’s award-winning Daniel Sloss when he returns to Australia this October for a very special encore performance of his critically acclaimed & stunning live show; X.

Why: It’s been a long while since we’ve listened for the Scottish brogue, given we’ve all been deafened by the American elephant-in-a-wood-chipper, but it’s about time we plugged in our hearing aids and paid for one sweet session of Scottish sanity.


2) John Waters: Make Trouble Tour

18th October

What: The one and only John Waters returns to Australia with his world acclaimed one-man show, filled with “comic anarchy” – the unique brand of outrageous insights and urbane wit that once earned the cult filmmaker and pop culture icon the moniker, The Pope of Trash.

Why: You know who he is, bitch. He’s the filthiest person alive, that’s wh0 he is.


1) Oktoberfest in the Gardens

19th October

What: Inspired by the love of the traditional Bavarian festival and great beer, Oktoberfest in the Gardens features two massive big top beer halls, authentic German food stalls, roving performers, sideshow alley, silent disco, a wood chopping demonstration and an eclectic mix of entertainment and competitions across multiple stages throughout the afternoon and evening. Taste your way across Europe with a large selection of imported German beer, cider, wine and a range of other beverages.

Why: Who could’ve predicted that one day the Germans would provide the freest method of passage across Europe?

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