Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 09/06/2019

There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But who cares because in a cloudy winter Melbourne alleyway there’s Mario Kart and someone named Debbie in fishnets with a tonne of beer.


10) Marco Effe Live

15th June

What: Electro god and resident of the famous Watergate club in Berlin, Marco expands his musical vision to a heightened artistic-cultural level. Thanks to his accurate technique and his unique performance, he always succeeds in conquering the audiences of the best clubs! Come experience him live.

Why: A reference to Watergate and a messiah complex. We really did think young people were on the cutting edge of experimental artistry. Perhaps we’ve been afraid of facing cultural obsolescence for no good reason.


9) Daintonfest

9th June

What: Here it is beer-lovers! Dainton Brewery’s first ever music festival! Featuring Melbourne’s own Aussie rock legends Dallas Crane as the headline act. (Think if Credence, Cold Chisel, The Kinks and You Am I had a baby.) With support on the main stage from your favourite local Melbourne bands, plus acoustic sets throughout the day on the tap house stage, this is gonna be a day to remember.

Why: Anticipate a headliner either with an appeal so vague it’ll be a calming treat for your skittish grandmother or a headliner with a canon so schizophrenic that both ukuleles and blood will be involved. Either way, it’s worth it just to quell your curiosity. Also there’ll be beer.


8) ANOTR Live

8th & 9th June

What: The duo ANOTR have graced internationally acclaimed clubs, venues, and festivals with their distinctive sound,and unmatched, on-stage energy. They are well known for being fresh, consistent, and more than sufficiently talented to aim for music world domination. Come experience them live.

Why: It’s a sign of the times that the standard for world domination is the ability to misspell and pump out noises that appeal to a tone-deaf majority. And that our politicians are essentially no different to our rave DJs.


7) Patrick Topping & Patrice Baumel: 10 years of Thick as Thieves

15th June

What: You’re invited to celebrate 10 years of Thick as Thieves. Featured Tech legends Patrick Topping and Patrice Baumel represent everything that they are about both from a musical, and personal values perspective. No corner of shed 14 will be left untouched with state of the art stage design and production, roaming entertainment, food & market stalls and many more surprises.

Why: We’re not really affiliated with the personal values of techno DJs, but we assume they don’t factor in respect for the maintenance of genre specificity.


6) Queen’s Birthday Eve Winter Snow Party!

9th June

What: Come and see Merchant Lane fully transformed into a winter wonderland for one INCREDIBLE night! Come dressed in all white, glow under masses of UV LIGHTS and enjoy delicious Jam Jar cocktails all night long!

Why: There’s nothing troubling in these times about a gathering of people dressed all in white. On an evening dedicated to celebrating colonial rule.’s-Birthday-Eve-Winter-Snow-Party!/06abf440-8657-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Rolê x Anomali presents TANGLE

9th June

What: Coming together for Queen’s Birthday Eve in one of Melbourne’s more intimate locations, Rolê and Anomali pres. TANGLE. Entwining sound and aesthetic, the distinct identities will form a tangled mass of arts and movement, perfectly accentuated by sonic selectors. Featuring Loop’s renowned VOID Acoustics sound system and projections, it’s the perfect addition to the long weekend.

Why: A night of merging sound, aesthetics and movement. No different to staying at home, getting drunk and watching The Wall. Except the whisky will be watered down and they won’t feature Pink Floyd. You make up your own mind.


4) My Aeon presents Psy Trance

15th June

What: It’s Techno vs Psy Trance! Race into My Aeon for B2Bs all night long with both genres pulling out the best they’ve got to fly their chosen teams flag strong. This a battle of pure love for both genres with quality selections taking place from start to finish. 2 International acts will headline this special night with all time old school legend, full on psy trance act Indra (ALL Records) (Israel) & his progressive alias Pop Art (Blue Tunes Records) (Israel)! The night’s theme is MARIO KART with custom created decor and visuals and Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 all night long.

Why: How appropriate. A race between two parties whose output is equally loud, nebulous and oft virtually indistinguishable. Perhaps some blood-thirsty radical flugelhorn player will appear out of the woodwork to save the night and your soul.


3) Debbie Does Daytime

9th June

What: After copping an absolute pounding Debbie is still wanting more and she’s heading back to the docks and indoors to Shed 9 for one long, hard, hot and steamy session. Featuring all of Debbie’s favourites plus some extra special debutante surprises. Playing house, techno, old school and minimal thumpers.

Why: There’s only one thing wrong with the otherwise charming personification of a bar and that’s: we know what we’ve done to and what we do inside bars on a regular basis and now we feel as though there should be a warrant out for our arrest.


2) Mr Australasia Bear Contest

14th June

What: Bears from around Australasia come together for the bear-night-of-nights, competing for the title of them all – Mr Australasia Bear. Contestants will no doubt delight, thrill, entertain and arouse you. The guys will demonstrate their bear pride! Experienced hosts will keep things moving on stage and ensure the contestants show you their best!

Why: An event containing the name of an endangered species that doesn’t prod that festering ball of guilt inside you.


1) Rainbow Spa

9th June

What: On the eve of the Queen’s Birthday public holiday, Pawn & Co will come alive with the colour, costumes, music and decor from Rainbow Serpent Festival. Day Spa will be transformed in to a space reminiscent of Mad Monday, with plenty of vibe, love and debauchery thrown in. Headlining proceedings will be Brazilian techno tune-maker K.A.L.I.L.

Why: There’s no more appropriate way for an Australian to celebrate the Queen’s birthday than in a place called ‘Pawn’.

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