Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 09/05/2021

Bruises are sexy.


10) OK Motels

14th & 15th May

What: OK Motels is heading back to their favourite Mallee town and making a weekend of it! They’ve made some extra fun on the Friday night if you want to take a sickie, with the ‘Locals vs Blow-ins’ Pool Comp and Mighty Duke and the Lords bringing the party. But if you can’t make it in time for that, don’t worry, Saturday is all about a ‘Friend Speed Dating Devo Tea’ with Tell Your Friends You Love Them and the ladies of the Charlton CWA. Saturday night, welcome back Blake Scott, who was the first ever artist to play the Charlton! This time he’s back on stage with his full band. Welcome some new acts to the function room, say hello to Floodlights, Imperial Leather and Sweat Dreams DJs!

Why: So offensively Australian, you’d think it was designed by Americans.


9) Northeast Party House: Live

15th May

What: In celebration of Northeast Party House’s most acclaimed album to date Shelf Life, the band is heading out around the country taking their famed live show on the road. Having built a fierce reputation in the live arena for the best part of a decade, these shows are set to once again elevate the band into the minds of the Australian music psyche. The album, spearheaded by the singles ‘Magnify’, ‘Dominos’ and the future club classic ‘Shelf Life’, are just a taster of what you’ll experience in the live show and the critics are already raving about the new album.

Why: An indie band brazenly accepting their utter lack of originality. That in itself is original.


8) Eat The Beat: Together

15th May

What: One hell of a rave featuring Steve Bleas, Joey Coco, Andrea Guadalupi, Nat Ambrose, Matteo Freyrie, Jay Williams and Etwas at the helm.

Why: The only thing louder than your year-long internalised screams of loneliness.


7) System of a Don’t: Live

15th May

What: Hitting the Bendigo hotel stage again to slay us with their high energy and highly entertaining set of SOAD classics are Melbourne’s own “System of a Don’t”. If you missed them last time you are going to want to get in early for this one as it will most definitely sell out quickly and they are truly not to be missed!

Why: You know what they say, why have the original when the knock off has gin and potential sex attached to it?’t:-Live/df494560-b052-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


6) Jesswar

14th May

What: Hip hop phenom Jesswar’s ruthless refusal of prescribed definitions is the foundation on which she builds her universe. Deeply inspired by her chosen community and her experiences she uses music as the vessel to tell her story. Her pride reflects on her resilience and resourcefulness and defends the notions of holistic interdependency and kinship.

Why: The third-most important type of interdependency in hip hop.


5) Chemistry Class: Singularity

13th May

What: Chemistry Class is proud to announce it’s debut event at Colour Club. They’re eager to showcase a rich lineup of artists featuring DJ’s both old and new to Chemistry Class. Experience local legend DJ Kiti who will more than likely make your mind melt with her Dark Electro and Techno music. House Mum from techno group fluxx, will be playing a broad plethora of experimental dance music.

Why: Patrons with a pre-melted mind will be charged corkage.


4) Terra: Live

15th May

What: Terra are a five-piece rock outfit hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Presenting a delicate side to the bands diversity in songwriting, ‘Into Deep Blue’ reimagines older material into an acoustic format and features new song ‘Song For Maddie’ which the band has been playing in their live shows over the last year.

Why: Same s***, different wood. Like screwing your husband’s father.


3) Bang Return Night

14th May

What: After year in the cooler, Bang is finally back with the full force of the entire RMH opening to give you the return you all deserve. They’re going big, really big, and they’re not stopping until the sun comes up. Coming out of hiatus for one-night-only are the Sunshine State’s biggest spectacle – BRIS 182. For those who don’t know, BRIS 182 are usually found playing to thousands of people at festivals across the country. A powerhouse 10-piece tribute act to BLINK-182, it’s a must-see live performance. See it, believe it, get ready to lose your mind to it.

Why: Because what BLINK-182’s sound needed was more instruments competing chaotically with one another.


2) First Light Day Party feat. CC:Disco!

15th May

What: DJ, radio host, curator, label head and party promoter – CC:DISCO! is hopelessly lost in music and there’s no turning back. Playing disco, house and boogie cuts with her heart at the controls, CC triggers a joyous feedback loop that infects the dancefloor. There’s no pretension, only pure feeling. Experience him live!

Why: They’ve promised infection. So legally, they’ve covered their arses.!/2dce3e30-b052-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


1) Emma Donovan & The Putbacks

13th May

What: Acclaimed Indigenous vocalist Emma Donovan and Melbourne rhythm combo The Putbacks first burst on to the Australian scene with their album Dawn in 2014, announcing a new voice in Australian soul music. After six years, the band reunited launching Crossover in 2020 to great acclaim. Emma’s songwriting is optimistic, impassioned, and bruisingly honest, The Putbacks’ music is fluid, live and raw, and the collaboration has won friends and admirers all over the world. Experience them live.

Why: An easy way to digest socially mandated cultural awareness.

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