Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 06/10/2019

This week isn’t going to seem real. Mostly because of daylight savings. But there’s also a lot of gin.


10) Revolver Sundays pres. Oliver Dollar vs Boogs + Melé

6th October

What: Revolver’s closing out their winter day parties and opening their summer night parties with a Sunday session so spicy you might want to take the Monday off now – the return of Olive Dollar vs Boogs for a match made in heaven in the day time, and UK vibe master MELÉ in the evening. Meet them at the cage, because you’ve got some dancing to do.

Why: The wintry day meets the summer night with…Boogs. Perhaps the fast-approaching unending one-season hellscape of global warming-induced eternal summer won’t be so bad.


9) Solar. Day Party.

12th October

What: Solar Events are beyond thrilled to announce their biggest and most exciting daytime dance rave yet. Taking place within the realms of the Melbourne CBD, they’ll be stepping things up, transforming the space to truly encapsulate the unique Solar theme, including carefully curated production and lighting plus Funktion-One sound. Along with promising a premium space this party will be paired the talents of Laura King, Brian Fantana, Butters, The Slingsby Brothers and more handpicked selectors.

Why: Remember when rebellious music-based events involved either dirty anti-government underground or weird rich-list S&M? Yeah, we don’t either. The constant assault of generic club music has pounded our long-term recall function to a pulp.


8) Eat The Beat: Street Edition

12th October

What: Dance to the sound of Eat The Beat surrounded by the beauty of one of the most iconic places of Melbourne CBD! Queensbridge Square is a pedestrian plaza beside the Yarra River, featuring the postmodern Red Stair amphitheatre and riverside landscaped garden beds. Featured DJs: Matteo Freyrie, Andrea Guadalupi, Etwas and Chriss Mattò.

Why: Because rave culture just wasn’t offensive enough when it was confined to an enclosed space away from the ears of the rest of humanity.


7) Mirror 04

11th October

What: Mirror Collective returns to New Guernica for its 4th edition headlined by none other than Orpheyo Dragon, the musical guise of Dean Benson, co-founder of Melbourne based community, Wildwood. From driving hypnotic techno to organic world sounds, his skills in traversing the audience has taken him across the globe, from main stage festivals to the most intimate of club shows. A respected regular performer at gatherings such as Rainbow Serpent Festival & Earth Frequency Festival, Dean has also performed at Mo:dem (Croatia), Midnight Sun (Norway) and contributed to many more lifestyle festivals and underground events throughout Australia.

Why: He’s a jack of all trades and this evening, he’ll be taking a pneumatic drill to your ear-holes.


6) Give ‘Em The Bird: Hawker Hall x Four Pillars

12th October

What: For the first time EVER Hawker Hall and Four Pillars Gin are collaborating for one day only for the sauciest lunch you’ve ever devoured. Designed by Hawker Hall Head Chef Nabila Kadri, this bird-centric menu is a shared four-course celebration of all things delicious, guaranteed to leave you fully satisfied! Everyone loves something to whet the palate, and you won’t miss a beat. Each course you’ll enjoy a matched Four Pillars Gin cocktail that’ll surely satisfy your senses.

Why: Alcoholics are always eating crow. Might as well do it once literally.‘Em-The-Bird:-Hawker-Hall-x-Four-Pillars/98a8f7d0-e660-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


5) The Whisky Roast

12th October

What: Enjoy four delicious courses and eight beautiful whiskies as four master distillers face off for your vote, competing for the Whisky Roast trophy this year… all for a bit of fun and general merriment. See Josh Walker from Timboon Railway Shed Distillery defend his 2018 Whisky Roast trophy title. Share a meal with Andrew Baker from Bakery Hill Distillery, Stuart McInstosh from Mornington Peninsula’s Chief’s Son Distillery, and be one of the first to taste the new Solera Rye from Melbourne’s The Gospel Whiskey distillery. Your role is to taste amazing whisky, experience an afternoon of leisurely indulgence and vote for your favourite pitch. Join in the festivities of this second, and now annual, whisky event!

Why: Four people fighting desperately for your approval whilst you drink excessively. All the best parts of parenthood devoid of the responsibilities of financial or mental stability.


4) Hyper Real 2.0: An Immersive Dining Experience

10th-12th October

What: HYPER REAL 2.0 is a dystopian playground of five experiential installations incorporating performance art with an injection of Chin Chin’s DNA. HYPER REAL 2.0 is all about collective participation where the guests become the experience. Be guided through the full-throttle sensory adventure. Cut through the metal fence and lick the walls, this is a playground of touch, sound, art and taste. Guests will meet at a secret location near Chin Chin and will be guided into the experiential playground of touch, sound, art and Chin Chin food, all wrapped in one. For those who pass by, the Chin Chin laneway will be activated with projections and augmented reality by local Melbourne artists.

Why: We don’t need to point out the gratuitous nature of this event. But at least for once you won’t be licking the wall just because Bowie’s face is on it.


3) Melbourne International Arts Festival

6th-20th October

What: Provoking and inspiring, Melbourne International Arts Festival seeks to connect art forms, people and ideas. At the heart of Melbourne’s culture of creativity, it curates unique experiences that bring people together and break new ground in culture and the arts.

Why: There’s nothing more unique than experiencing random explosions of unsolicited live performance art in Melbourne.


2) The Cat Empire: Stolen Diamonds Tour

11th & 12th October

What: Australia’s kings of real good, feel good roots pop, The Cat Empire return home for another triumphant lap around the country this October and November still riding high on the success of their most recent studio album, Stolen Diamonds. An empire of loyal Australian fans will again have the opportunity to celebrate the band’s most recent acclaimed material and revisit some of the enduring, and indeed endearing classics that have secured their status as one of the world’s most beloved live acts.

Why: Hello? The 7PM Project on Channel Ten? Dear god you’re looking old.


1) Out on the Weekend

12th October

What: You want some of the finest alt-country/Americana artists on the planet? Established names plus emerging talents guaranteed to blow your mind? Some truly first-rate food, fine alcohol, record shops, two step dancing, barber and beauty saloon, vintage clothing stores, spontaneous good times and random friend finding? It’s all here. And this year there’s a new stage that promises even more mind bending good times. Out on The Weekend is all about music – and a whole lot more. It’s a full family-orientated, kid friendly afternoon/evening down by the water, with all stages, food and activities in one area. This isn’t Luna Park – it’s Cosmic Americana Park.

Why: Americana without the Americans.

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