Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 06/06/2021

God save the subcontractors.


10) Tr!p 18: Trance Classics

11th June

What: After a smashing 4th Birthday event Trip is back on the Queen’s Birthday Long weekend with something a little bit different. At this edition of TR!P take on the uplifting sounds of Classic Trance! Think records produced by Trance legends such as Paul V Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buurern, Tiesto, Transa, Above & Beyond, Lange, The Thrillseekers, Mike PUSH to name a few.

Why: Celebrate a tax-dodging geriatric by contracting herpes!!p-18:-Trance-Classics/1c81b6d0-c3fc-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


9) Doof feat. Blastoyz

12th June

What: Your favourite day party is throwing a DOOF THEMED, 1500 capacity event with BLASTOYZ for a day full of house, techno & a taste of psytrance! Get your doof outfits ready!

Why: We have no idea how to promote this.


8) Riva Night Party

12th June

What: A soundclash of house, techno and rave records from the early 90s melded together, Rebūke is an international artist building a distinct sound of his own. Supporting this elusive heavy-hitter is Boogs, Black Tiger, Carina Lawrence and Tiff Cornish.

Why: A wildly unnecessary macron? This guy must be good.


7) Dr. Colossus: I’m A Stupid Moron

11th June

What: Simpsons themed metal titans Dr. Colossus return to Planet Earth in the wake of their new record ‘I’m A Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and a Big Butt and My Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt’.

Why: Seems genuinely fun.’m-A-Stupid-Moron/8a64c6c0-c3fb-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


6) Partiboi69: Live

11th June

What: Horse float tire pressure specialist and recent recipient of the UFO Association Of Australia’s Leadership Award Partiboi69 (techno DJ) lands in Melbourne for one night of pleasure before he moves his operations back overseas.

Why: See: 1927.


5) 1927: Live

11th June

What: From the golden era for Australian rock bands to reinvigorating fans today, 1927 have been entertaining audiences for 30 years and have stood the test of time as icons of the Australian music scene. Experience them live.

Why: Because today’s s*** music has forced us all to exhume the dead.


4) Body Electric: Live

12th June

What: After a year of dancing on their own, the Body Electricians are ready to “step, kick, kick, leap – AGAIN”. These dancing divas have thrown off the shackles of the 2020 and are dishing up a new wave of enthusiasm and passion for performance. Next month’s show at the Forum, I Feel Love, is a celebration of that energy and positivity and a reminder that life’s better when there’s dancing. And while they say the neon lights are bright on Broadway – they’ve got nothing on the sparkling routines and bedazzled costumes of these amateur dancing powerhouses.

Why: The best way to experience dance. When you don’t have to do it.


3) Maple Glider & Angie McMahon

11th June

What: A singer songwriter with an over plucked acoustic guitar and deftly weighted piano chords, Maple Glider shares vignettes of her life; growing up in a restrictive religious household, falling in an out of love, interstate and international relocations, the new perspectives travel can bring along with the alienation of being away from the familiar. Angie McMahon is the twenty- something heroine you can relate to and root for; the star of her charming, honest songs about life, love, and comfort food.

Why: Or just watch any indie teen movie ever and skip the hassle of going out.


2) Tiny Little Houses: Live

10th June

What: Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses return as vital as ever with new single ‘Car Crash’ – a raucous, lyrically introspective burst of jangly energy as crucial and immediate as the band’s previous radio hits ‘Garbage Bin’ and ‘Entitled Generation’.

Why: Oh yeah. This screams opposition to generational entitlement. Probably literally.


1) Cable Ties: Far Enough

12th June

What: Melbourne’s tense, cathartic punk trio Cable Ties belatedly launch their album Far Enough. Cable Ties take the three minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point to deliver smouldering feminist anthems. Post-punk and garage rock hammered together by a relentless rhythmic pulse. Three friends summoning a rhythmic tide to deliver anthems that turn latent anxieties into a rallying cry.

Why: It is the Queen’s birthday weekend after all.

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