Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 05/01/2020

This week will suck the life out of you. But that’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it? You vampire-obsessed monsters.


10) Black Loops (Live)

10th January

What: Yours&Mine are proud to present the Melbourne leg of Black Loops’ 2020 Australian tour. Riccardo Paffetti, AKA Black Loops has built himself a solid reputation as one of House music’s most creative and progressive producers. Recognising his momentum and high-quality releases, Traxsource named Black Loops the #1 Deep House Artist of 2017. Black Loops influences stem from genres such as funk, soul, and disco, while his style is similar to the sound of the 90’s UK House movement and early 00’s NY House. Experience him live.

Why: “The #1 Deep House Artist of 2017”. It’s a shame Garageband underwent updates in 2018 that severely improved the quality of its pre-made loops.



9) Miza: Under The Lamp

11th January

What: Whether listening to a particular track or an artist’s performance, we’ve all had many moments where the construction of electronic music has connected with us, as well as connected us with others. Under The Lamp is a celebration of this musical construction and the local artists that are some of its finest examples! When the lights go out and the lamp comes on, watch as electro headliner, Miza presents his craft.

Why: Ahh. For us we knew we had truly connected with electronic music when we were punched in the head by an oblivious raver. What about you?


8) Mclusky (Live)

11th January

What: Mclusky were a band between 1999 and 2005, in which time they made a few friends and three albums. Slow-forward 14 years and, thanks to the uncanny pull of nostalgia and gravity, they have made more friends but no more albums. Originally persuaded to reform – like ham – to help save a local music venue and for other vaguely charitable reasons, Mclusky is the band but with Damien Sayell of The St Pierre Snake Invasion (who incidentally have an album out this year) playing bass and singing and is loads better (technical term) than it used to be, nostalgia be twatted directly in the eye. There is one quiet song, at the start, then the rest is just soup. The post-hardcore group may have split in 2005, but their reputation has grown in their absence. Witty, acerbic and brutal, it’s often hard to comprehend why they weren’t bigger.

Why: Never heard of these guys? Imagine the poeticism involved in artfully phrasing lyrics to assert meaning in relation to mythologised characters. Then remove all that and replace it with the word “tits”.


7) Pink Sweat$ (Live)

9th January

What: A man apart from a world of processed beats and trap-hats, Pink Sweat$ doesn’t rely much on the percussive world, preferring to let simple instrumentation and his syrupy vocals lead the way. “I’m tired of hearing the same varieties of styles,” Sweat$ explains. “I hear songs, and I know that’s a hit, but damn, I heard that flow…”, and if that sounds like the words of a man who knows his sounds – it’s because they are. His two EP’s to date Volume 1 and Volume 2 have garnered millions of streams, proving that Pink Sweat$’ penchant for tranquil harmonic flow is shared by listeners all over the planet. Pink Sweat$ will demonstrate his addictive harmonies and sublime vocal abilities on stage at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel.

Why: He’s “tired of hearing the same varieties of styles”. So perhaps he’ll just be standing in a corner facing the wall and intermittently screaming. We really have no idea.


6) The East Pointers (Live)

10th January

What: The East Pointers have always been musically complex and technically brilliant, the core is definitely traditional Celtic, but on the new album, fiddle tunes are grounded in complex rumbling bass lines, a dirty Americana exploration turns on a dime into a lighthearted guitar feature with flamenco reference palmas, playful keyboard tones turn traditional solos into urgent dance-party journeys, and off-the-leash festival jam sessions give rise to vocal numbers that are either perfect pop songs or moving tributes to the home and people they love. Experience them live.

Why: The musical equivalent of a surprisingly edible fusion buffet in a restaurant owned entirely by white people.


5) Milky Chance Live Tour

7th January

What: Having stormed the charts and pinched our hearts back in 2013 with the adorable ‘Stolen Dance’, German folksters Milky Chance return Down Under on the back of their much anticipated third record. Appearing for some very special all ages dates, eager fans will be among the first in the world to experience Milky Chance’s brand-new album Mind The Moon live on stage. Set to be released in November, the LP contains ‘Daydreaming’ – the duo’s recent collaboration with Australian sensation Tash Sultana – as well as new single ‘The Game’. With a reputation as one of the hardest touring acts around, their breezy harmonic tones illustrated on tracks like ‘Cocoon’ and the mega-hit ‘Stolen Dance’ will steal the night away.

Why: Milky Chance. Because “Indie Pop Band Number 180,253” didn’t play well in the market research sessions.


4) By The Bay

11th January

What: Presenting the inaugural By The Bay Festival for Bayside. Soak up the sun and dance on the sand to a lineup of artists curated by the locals, for the locals. Featuring: Boo Seeka, Young Franco, Graace, Benson, Naations, Groove City (DJ Set), Spacey Space and Dual Manner.

Why: Because there’s nothing potentially dangerous about a big crowd at a beach in Victoria now. Right?


3) Of Monsters and Men ‘Fever Dream’ Tour

10th January

What: The first Icelandic band to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify, Of Monsters and Men are a global force of indie-pop and stadium folk. Known for their monstrous hooks, these singalongs sit beside vulnerable admissions with rich melodies. Last on our shores in 2016, Of Monsters and Men embarked upon a sold-out East Coast run that demanded second shows to be added in all cities. Returning with impressive third studio album ‘FEVER DREAM’, fans are sure to be chomping at the bit to hear its giant tracks – such as ‘Alligator’ the empowering anthem that raced to No.1 on the Billboard Alternative Charts.

Why: If the meaning of your life peaked with the film Juno and Windows 8 advertisements, this is the band for you.‘Fever-Dream’-Tour-(Melbourne)/0e7ceed0-2dc4-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


2) A Day on the Green 2020 feat. Cold Chisel

7th, 10th & 11th January

What: A Day on the Green is an “experience” combining the best Australian and International artists with carefully selected wineries, offering a day of good food & wine, good friends and of course great music. To date there have been almost 400 concerts under the A Day on the Green banner with over 3 million people attending. The headliner this time is Cold Chisel.

Why: Nothing goes better with “Metho Blues” than a lovely Shiraz and a gourmet cheese platter.


1) Vampire Weekend ‘​Father of the Bride’ Tour

7th January

What: Frontier Touring are delighted to announce the welcome return to Melbourne by one of the USA’s most irresistible outfits: ​Vampire Weekend​. Vampire Weekend recently celebrated their current incarnation with a sold-out massive, three-hour performance at New York City’s Madison Square Garden: their spiky, seven-strong touring band – two drummers, four keyboardists, new faces – and an unbelievable 30+ setlist, packed full of old favourites (e.g. the jovial ​‘Unbelievers​’, ​‘Diane Young’​), covers, and new hits (​‘2021’​, ​‘Sunflower’​). These special Vampire Weekend theatre shows will be one hell of a party, guaranteed to kick off 2020 summer!

Why: If you want to be anti-mainstream, boy, there’s no more popular way to do it than by listening to these guys.‘Father-of-the-Bride’-Tour/90326ab0-2dc2-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372

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