Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 04/04/2021

Happiness is ephemeral. But constipation is forever.


10) Breakfast Club x Thick As Thieves x Tabularasa

5th April

What: The Breakfast Club, Thick As Thieves and Tabularasa are coming together to present an 18 hour public holiday event with over 3 levels of music, live performance, visual arts, doof market stalls, food vendors and a few other hidden surprises.

Why: Cause the best way to stick it to the morons who made it illegal to sell takeaway alcohol two days out of the year for no reason is by spreading as much gonorrhoea as you can.


9) Motion

10th April

What: Strap your skates on, put on your dancing shoes and experience epic warehouse vibes. It’s part festival, part roller rave, with a sprinkle of studio 54 and lashings of dirty disco thrown in for good measure.

Why: Oh no. They brought it back.


8) Willaris. K (Live)

9th April

What: Electronic sonic craftsman Willaris. K returns to Melbourne for his first shows in over a year. A special intimate affair at Fitzroy’s The Night Cat, Jack McAllister is excited to debut some new live material for fans in his adopted hometown.

Why: So it’s a craft now, is it? Like…how managing to get all your piss in the toilet bowl 45% of the time is a craft?


7) Modern Hypnosis

9th April

What: As club life certainty glooms globally, it’s important to make most out of Melbourne’s finest rave basement with C.Frim, Emelyne, Issa, Stormn Norm, Pugilist, Tamen and Toni Yotzi…wild.

Why: It’s nice they’re so optimistic about the death of club music…but we aren’t so bright-eyed. People will be raving for centuries to come.


6) A Colourful Storm: Mark N (Bloody Fist Records) + Moopie

4th April

What: Bloody Fist Records was set up by Mark N in Newcastle, NSW in August 1994 and became one of the most seminal underground labels in the world. Mark spins exclusively vinyl sets specialising in breakbeat, hardcore, jungle, rave and hip hop and mixes with a turntable prowess that has to be seen to be believed. Mind melter! Moopie joins him on this long weekend special.

Why: In terms of rave music, we have no idea how one distinguishes between the conventional and the underground when it all sounds like freshly skinned cats screwing each other.


5) Voy Del: Otologic, Katie Pearson, Spinifex

10th April

What: Voy Del presents Otologic, Katie Pearson and Spinifex for a long overdue hoon at Colour nightclub. Through releasing music and running parties, to their residencies and radio shows, perennial cult duo Otologic have left their psychedelic imprint on music scenes here and abroad. From her skills as one of Melbourne’s best selectors and more formal involvement in organisations such as Listen!, Katie has been a positive force in shaping the dance music culture from behind the decks and beyond. Mastermind behind the Whitvoir label and festival-favourite Spinifex is quickly becoming an undeniable influence within all facets of the scene.

Why: Sometimes it’s insane to think how many books have been written about the art of crochet. Then you realise, when you read something like this, that people have an endless capacity to wax lyrical about anything objectively worthless.


4) Factory Summer Festival (Finale)

5th April

What: Factory Summer Festival 2021 is a three-week festival of pop, dance and hip hop acts. The Factory Summer Festival, with acts including Australian chart-toppers Ruel, Illy and Vera Blue, British rapper Example, and party starters What So Not, Dirty South and Nina Las Vegas marks the wild return of music events since the events of COVID.

Why: If you’re young enough to know who any of these people are, you won’t be reading this, so there’s really no point in us promoting this event.


3) The Bamboos

10th April

What: Founded and lead by guitarist and songwriter Lance Ferguson and featuring the stellar Kylie Auldist on vocals, nine piece soul funk band The Bamboos have built a loyal worldwide fanbase with their effortless ability to reinvigorate a classic sound, seamlessly incorporating contemporary influences to create something altogether brand new.

Why: Yes, it’s a nine piece soul funk band. So, with the way in which society seems to be operating right now, expect a whole crowd of vaping teens in the audience claiming they were born in the wrong era.


2) Weighbridge ‘Hole’ Single Launch

9th April

What: This alt heavy punk rock 5-piece Melbourne band has been ripping through stages for a few good years now. Experience the launch of their latest single live.

Why: We’ve no real idea what qualifies as ‘punk’ these days, but we expect the price difference in the achievable mohican is significant.‘Hole’-Single-Launch/43b5a060-9416-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


1) Melbourne International Comedy Festival 

4th-18th April

What: The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the largest stand-alone comedy festival and the second-largest international comedy festival in the world. Established in 1987, it takes place annually in Melbourne over four weeks. Sit back and get ready as Australia’s largest cultural event transforms Melbourne into the capital of the comedy universe!

Why: You know why this is necessary. You don’t need us to give you a reason.

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