Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 02/02/2020

This week is brought to you by the Air Force. Aim high. Wrestle sweaty men in masks and spandex. Apply now.


10) Bushtechno 8.0

8th February

What: Bushtechno is back after an incredible launch with over 650 bushtechno rangers, lighting up the dancefloor with smiles and stomps. Featuring: Eeemus, Maxi Basshead, Muska, Timmus, Kane Laidley, Ebony Willis & Viktor Legin.

Why: A little advice for marketing departments; post 2019, don’t use ‘bush’, ‘lighting up’ and ‘smiles’ in the same sentence.


9) Care Package

2nd February

What: The recent Australian bushfire season has been devastating. We cannot forget about the damage that has been done to the natural habitat and the hazardous level of air quality. This is obviously a major problem for remaining wildlife species, which is why KILL Collective and BC management have decided to host a warehouse party. With a huge variety of talented Australian artists and DJs this event is not to be missed. 100% of ticket sales will be donated to Lucky Stars Sanctuary and any extra donations on the night will help immensely.

Why: Save the wildlife with the KILL collective. We don’t need to make a joke here, we’re just chuffed that sentence exists as a reality.


8) Barefoot Beats

8th February

What: Beavs Bar and the Hygeia are teaming up to bring you an afternoon of beats, booze and food on the bay. It all begins when you sail from the Carousel at Geelong Waterfront. 3 glorious hours of cruising with Mr. Ryan Bell bringing you a LIVE acoustic set and DJ MushieP on the top deck…is there a better to spend your arvo? The bar will be fully stocked with all your favourite ice cold beverages, complimentary finger food and all sail long!

Why: The only other better way we can think to spend the afternoon is cruising around in a Bentley with the other Mr. Ryan Bell, a stock broker who’s going through a midlife crisis and is looking to spend all his money on someone that makes him feel less close to the nothingness of death.


7) SixthSense presents GROUCH

7th February

What: This event is primed to blow your senses into the furthest atmospherical realms. Welcome to the 3rd instalment of SixthSense. The undisputed king of SixthSense sound, GROUCH will lead an amazing line-up, carefully selected to guide your ears through a psychedelic voyage of impeccable sound design that will pay homage to the natural wonders Whaea Whenua, our Mother Earth.

Why: Unlike the real anarchist, Oscar the Grouch, this one has to be home at a reasonable hour in time for work, so you better make sure you’re right on time for your rebellious behaviour.


6) Air Force

8th February

What: Lucha Fantastica has gone on a search for the best flyers they have and are presenting a legendary battle of evil vs good (Rudos vs Técnicos). Expect a huge Mexican Fiesta with amazing music from The Lone Mariachi & The Silver Masked Men, Los Tremoleros & Cumbia Massive DJS, the best Mexican tacos courtesy of Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria and Luchadores and Enmascarados (masked wrestlers) doing a combination of sport, entertainment and dramatic storytelling all rolled up into a flamboyant display of wild and highly flying insanity. Expect a combination of various fighting techniques like wrestling, judo, jujitsu, grappling, kickboxing and boxing. It is a mixture of all these combat art forms blended with the elements of soap opera, dramatic storytelling, physical comedy, incredible athletics, suspense and intrigue.

Why: The thing you already know of but with no Jack Black in spandex. So really, not worth it.


5) Integrity (Live)

8th February

What: Founded in 1988 by artist, Dwid Hellion, Integrity has a legendary and influential presence in the Metal, Noise, Hardcore, Gospel and Punk scene for over 32 years. Diverse, sinister and eclectic, it is impossible to nail them down to just one genre of music. They exist beyond simple confines of category or genre. Integrity still remain one of the most relevant bands in extreme music.

Why: We’re not surprised. It’s probably hard to be irrelevant in a genre that’s still lyrically based on medieval torture methods and mangled lines from the Old Testament.


4) Synapse x Bushfire Relief Day Party

8th February

What: Synapse presents a day party in perhaps the most revered Northside space – the beautiful Fairfield Amphitheatre! Come down and see Melbourne’s up and coming acts play alongside some of Melbourne’s most bonafide selectors. It’s an early one, doors open at midday so you can all soak up the serenity of the amphitheatre complimented by an eclectic array of tracks. All money raised donated to the “Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities” and Wildlife Victoria.

Why: If this is your version of serenity, you’ve no need to fear WWIII. We imagine that’ll feel like a rather spirited afternoon tea to you.


3) Australian Open Live Stage 2020 (Final Concert)

2nd February

What: After the unprecedented success of the 2019 AO Live Stage and the amazing growth of the Australian Open, the music component at the AO has cemented itself as a must play summer concert date. Attractive to international artists plus the vast array of great Australian, established and up & coming talent, the diversity of the line-up over the two-week period means there is absolutely something for everyone! See the baseline rally, then hear the bassline drop.

Why: And here we thought two-to-five hours of watching two people hit a small yellow ball back and forth couldn’t get more exciting.


2) St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

8th February

What: Featuring the most talked about, critically-acclaimed and best live acts in the world right now, the 2020 Laneway Festival is gonna be the hottest ticket in town! For a full day of musical discovery and adventure, they have you covered. Headlining the bill are the likes of pop pioneer Charli XCX and popular rapper Earl Sweatshirt will also be playing this year’s festival. Other international snags include The 1975 and J.I.D. But that’s not all. There’s a huge stack of local legends on the bill as well, including Ocean Alley, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Chats, Hockey Dad, DMA’s, Stella Donnelly, Ruel, Tones and I, Kucka and more.

Why: The most invasive thing to happen to St Jerome’s laneway since Christianity was shoved up his arse.’s-Laneway-Festival-2020-(Melbourne)/3b1c5b10-3d55-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536


1) Where The Wild Things Are Music & Arts Festival 

8th February

What: Red Forest Productions is ready for their wildest adventure exploring the elements of art and nature through sound and sight. Ceres Community Park will be transformed into a space for all things to grow beyond the limits of your wildest imagination. Discover and share a whole range of knowledge through creativity, freedom of expression & environmental awareness, to be used as tools in strengthening the bond between yourselves and mother Earth. Featuring diverse music across 3 exciting stages, markets and art, bars, food and an adults-only after party at Rubix Warehouse. Lineup: Kaya Project, Somatoast, Bayawaka, Safira, Staunch, Ryanosaurus, Shadow FX, Smilk, Eemus and many more.

Why: Nothing says “creativity” and “freedom of expression” like 200 versions of ‘UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ’.

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