Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 27/10/2019

Your subconscious is about to get fingered. Deep.


10) The Psychology of Sounds: Forum

28th October

What: Building on the considerations of sound and the voice in healing and transcendence in the ACCA exhibition Haroon Mirza: The Construction of an Act, this panel is moderated by Steve Ellen, psychiatrist, author and media commentator; and brings together Fjorn Butler, sound artist and co-director of FutureTense; Stephan Skov, music therapist at the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre; and ACCA Senior Curator Annika Kristensen.

Why: Maybe they’re finally going to explain mumble rap. There has to be some sick, twisted psychology behind that.


9) Novecento and Beyond

31st October

What: A programme of talks, documentaries and short films exploring the history of Modern Italian Art from the audacity of the avant-gardes to the anxieties of the 21st Century. Presented in English by Dr Roberta Crisci-Richardson, Lecturer in History and Theory of Art and Design, Federation University, Ballarat. This session features a screening of Maura Axelro’s Maurizio Cattelan Be Right Back and a discussion of the post-medium.

Why: What every night out at the movies needs. A lecture.


8) Mirusia and The Original Seekers

2nd November

What: Mirusia is one of Australia’s favourite singers and has won hearts around the globe as the star soprano of André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. In this scintillating collaboration she shares the bill with the Original Seekers – the three founding members of The Seekers; Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley, joined by long-time Seekers producer and guitarist/singer extraordinaire, Michael Cristiano.

Why: Hey, hey, hello, Mary Lou, you know what goes real swell with gentle folk pop? The sound-barrier-shattering screech of an opera singer favoured by Andre Rieu.


7) Japan Culture and Art Festival

27th October

What: The theme of this festival is to promote and encourage the participation of everyone to enrich the cultural exchange experience. The day will feature culture workshops, family-friendly activities, an art market showcasing Japanese-themed products, stage performances, cultural dance, Japanese music, singing, and a Japanese food market.

Why: Any person spouting racial bigotry will…probably get a free beer. It’s Collingwood.


6) Seaside Street Food Festival

31st October-3rd November

What: The Seaside Street Food Festival is returning to Frankston Pier Promenade this Spring! 4 days of festival fun for the whole family under the sun! This year is set to offer family friendly activities, attractions, a kids’ zone with an outdoor cinema, entertainment & community engagement.

Why: They really should consider not placing the word ‘fun’ so close to ‘family’. People might start to think the two words could possibly be related.


5) Focus Points

1st November

What: Focus Points showcases those who capture and document the ever changing landscape, facets and points of interest of the street art and graffiti community/scenes and settings. It provides an extensive list of photographers that operate in differing settings, locations and environments to provide the viewer with alternate perspectives of a scene, culture, history and artistic merits through their individualised lens. The coming together of a myriad of perspectives offers a one night only event, with each contributor exhibiting a one off limited edition print of their capture in time.

Why: An incredibly flowery sell for non-virtual Instagram.


4) Sunday Lounge Music: Dandelion Wine

27th October

What: Dandelion Wine are an ethereal electro-folk band from Melbourne, Australia who combine medieval/folk instruments and female vocals with electronic beats and waves of textured guitars. They have toured Europe nine times, along with numerous tours in Australia and appearances in Hong Kong and Japan.

Why: Yes, they are very white.


3) A Midnight Visit: Halloween Party

31st October, 1st & 2nd November

What: Over three nights, prepare to be bewitched by new characters, special bar entertainment including fortune-telling and twisted magic, DJs playing a wicked deck of music, weird and wonderful drink specials and dress-up competitions for guests, with prizes for the most committed. An epic 36 rooms also await you in an abandoned warehouse. Explore a dark dreamworld of shadows, thrills, obsession and mystery in a performance experience like no other. Inspired by the life and works of the granddaddy of gothic, Edgar Allan Poe, A Midnight Visit is part choose your own adventure, part performance, part sound world, part surreal playground – and all parts unforgettable.

Why: It is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, but the choose-your-own-adventure aspect is not license to screw your underage cousin.


2) Radical Reels

30th October

What: The Radical Reels Tour shares a collection of 7 short action-packed adventure films that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The Radical Reels Tour is the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s more outrageous, adventurous little sibling and is characterised by ‘Oh my God’ moments as elite athletes and adventurers conquer their challenges and push the boundaries of what is humanly possible.

Why: If YouTube just isn’t enough for you, this might sate your appetite for ill-judged feats of athleticism. Also you might have ADHD.


1) OUTintheOPEN Festival

31st October-10th November

What: Out in the Open is an annual festival held in Greater Shepparton, celebrating all things pride, diversity, and inclusion. Festival volunteers will be coordinating 12 events over the weekend, aiming to cater to everyone—if you can’t make it to everything, you’re sure to find one or two events that tickle your fancy. Events include a networking night, a night of eats and treats, a performance from a brilliant comedy duo, a Carnival Day with live entertainers, vendors, games, rides and more, a pop up club, a glamour party, a meditation event, a community brunch and a film screening.

Why: Be out and be seen by all of….Shepparton.

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