Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 27/06/2021

Do you want to marry a lighthouse keeper? You might want to reconsider.


10) Unbridled

30th June

What: Between the three of them Lucy, Nicky and Justine were married for over 75 years. That’s a champion effort. They have now all unhitched their wagons and become Unbridled. Study the form of these damn fine fillies. Through music, comedy and mind bending performance art their stories will unfold, to take the audience on a journey to the Un-Wedding of the year. No longer controlled or constrained by a weird little guy in silk pants, Lucy, Nicky and Justine have lost their jockeys, spat out the bridle, thrown their shoes and are running way off course.

Why: We’re not actually sure if this stars real horses doing horse-based comedy sets or not. All we know that if it doesn’t, it’s not worth the price of the ticket.


9) Lorelei: Live

1st July

What: An alluring operatic cabaret for a woke world. Dressed to impress, the Lorelei are poised on their rock. Their songs are so beguiling that they cause ships to crash. But today our Lorelei are having a crisis of conscience. Must they keep doing things the way they always have?

Why: Ugh.


8) Morning Tea with Robert Owen

27th June

What: Join Robert Owen for an intimate tour of his exhibition Blue Over Time as he shares stories and insights into his journey as an artist. Following the tour, enjoy a delicious morning tea at Heide Café with Robert Owen and his Studio Manager, Angela Connor.

Why: Nothing caps off an afternoon of meditating on the mental anguish of the artistic mind like a lovely selection of canapés.


7) Exhibition Launch: Surreal Landscapes

3rd July

What: Join Gallery Director Danny Lacy and exhibition co-curator, artist Rosie Weiss as they discuss the altered and unexpected works in Surreal Landscapes. Through narration and conversation, gain an insight into the ideas, vision and practices of three exhibiting artists in the show, Peta Clancy, Raafat Ishak and Emma Phillips.

Why: Destroy the essence of a surrealist piece by dissecting the f*** out of it.


6) futurefoodsystem Dinner

27th July

What: Enjoy an tour experience at futurefoodsystem hosted by Matt Stone, Jo Barrett & Joost Bakker. “We see the future of food coming from our urban environments. Productive buildings with thriving ecosystems which sustain their inhabitants.” Matt, Jo and Joost would like to welcome you into their home for a glimpse into the future. Discover a building that produces its own food and power.

Why: Listen to the worst people you’ve ever met talk about the most boring thing you’ve ever heard of.


5) Lena Becerra: Live

2nd July

What: Alejandra Lena Becerra Draghi (b. 1994) is a new media artist from La Plata, Argentina. She studied visual arts and printmaking at the University of La Plata and completed an artist residency in Florence, Italy. Since 2013 her work has been focused on the exploration of the sensible layers of feminism and cultural decolonisation through personal experiences of collective awareness. Experience her live.

Why: We’re not sure what the “sensible layers of feminism” are, but if they’re anything like the other layers of feminism, they’ll score you a ton of credit on Instagram.


4) The Coal Story

29th June

What: A three-hander political satire about a princess who quite literally falls in love with a piece of coal and wants to marry it.

Why: It may sound stupid…


3) A New View

3rd July

What: The New View artist windows is part of Artisans at Rialto, a series of events, activations and installations to be held throughout the year within the Rialto precinct to reinvigorate working in the CBD. The windows not only showcase art by renowned Melbourne artists Rhett Dashwood (Mankind), Mark Inducil, Justine McAllister and Nate Hill. They also open minds to the possibility of incorporating vivid wallpapers and artwork into office spaces to create enticing workplaces.

Why: Stand and stare at the wall of the Rialto like you always have. Because you’ll never be able to afford to be inside.


2) Robert Lee Davis: Artist Talk

27th June

What: Robert Lee Davis is an international mixed media artist, who works in oil, found objects, acrylic paint, pen and ink, pencil and collage.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣As a painter, Robert creates cinematic paintings reminiscent of early colonial coastal cartographic surveys but with minuscule precision. Here him talk about his work.

Why: Remember that film Early Colonial Coastal Cartography? Smashed the box office.


1) The Last Lighthouse Keeper

1st July

What: Get ready as Black Hole Theatre delights children of all ages with a story of longing and companionship in The Last Lighthouse Keeper. On a rocky outcrop facing the sea a Lighthouse, a Keeper, and his wife the Fisherwoman live a wonderful life in the open air, with the fish, the birds, and the changing seasons. Until the Fisherwoman is taken by a storm.

Why: Introduce your kids to the idea of abandonment. Just in case.

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