Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 26/05/2019

This week’s more explosive than a toaster in a bath. And all that jazz.


10) Science Alive! Geelong 2019

26th May

What: Science Alive! is one of the largest interactive science exhibitions in Australia, and brings together the big names in science and technology. Get hands on with Australia’s next generation of submarines, interactive robot and drone displays, and Questacon’s Science on the Move and loads more fascinating science exhibitions.

Why: Spend one more moment with the illusion of control over technology as we spiral ever further towards a totalitarian dystopia presided over by an artificially intelligent Nutribullet.!-Geelong-2019/d1bf0ba0-7f3a-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Not Quite White

1st June

What: Vanessa Steinberg spends an hour unapologetically embodying the neglected adage that “vulnerability is a true measure of courage” as she recants her experiences as an ageing, second-generation migrant succubus, who is firmly on some currently undiscovered, psychiatric spectrum. From dating advice to dermal fillers to dislodging your chakras, you are guaranteed to be either traumatised or transfixed…hopefully both.

Why: You know what they say about overly wordy writers. Nuts to Hemingway. What we came here for is to see a thesaurus getting molested.


8) Scents of Place Lunch: Never Never Gin x Donovan Cooke

1st June

What: A G&T on arrival will lubricate the welcoming meet and greet with the makers behind this featured gin. This will follow through to a three-course lunch matched with three cocktails. A cocktail workshop will ensue, with all attendees sure to be leaving with smiles and their own goody-bag.

Why: Not to be overly critical, here, but we’re not sure they planned this correctly. The workshop is after the cocktails? After 3 or 4 gins we usually find our abilities as mixologists take a turn for the worse.


7) Distilled by Vintage Cellars

30th May

What: An evening unlike any other filled with delicious canapes, a cocktail on arrival, a virtual reality tour and over 50 tastings from some of the biggest names in whisky including Macallan, Hakusuhu, Ardbeg, Starward, Lagavulin, Talisker, Loch Lomond and Oban.

Why: Over 50 tastings? Well, it’s certainly a cost-effective way to design an event. At around tasting number 23 we figure it’ll be impossible to distinguish between an actual VR experience and someone strapping a tissue box to your head.


6) Melbourne International Youth Film Festival

31st May

What: Showcasing 25 films under 25 minutes by under 25’s, MIYFF promises you three fabulous sessions jam packed with amazing short films from a total of 16 different countries. Take this opportunity to soak in the creative works of today’s youth and see what tomorrow’s future filmmakers have in store.

Why: Because children today just do not have enough of an audiovisual platform through which to express themselves.


5) Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice

1st June

What: The annual Young Gun of Wine Awards searches for, showcases and celebrates Australia’s young wine labels and emerging winemakers. This year, the 2019 Final 12 of these talents will be in Melbourne for a one-day-only event. Meet the winemakers, try the wines that got them in the final – each will show two wines on the day – and help decide who will win the Young Gun of Wine People’s Choice Award.

Why: We’re not connoisseurs by any means, but we’re pretty sure we can predict the winner – it’ll be the one you drink right after Kenny Loggins and right before Cher.’s-Choice/9ae6aee0-7f3e-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) World Gin Day Dinner 

30th May

What: Enjoy 5 courses expertly matched to a gin cocktail using a gin from each featured distiller. There will also be an opportunity to hear about each gin from the distillers themselves.

Why: There’s no better way to binge drink ‘mother’s ruin’ than under the guise of being able to discern one glass of gin from another via its ‘botanical bouquet’.


3) Toaster Bath

30th May

What: Join Jojo Chinaski, Keren Storai and Sofie Prints on a comedic ride to the underbelly of existence, in a show which speaks to the most self destructive parts of us all. After sold out shows during MICF, this is your chance to see Toaster Bath and find out why audiences have loved this “very unhealthy show” and said they “would have laughed more but it hurt so much”.

Why: Comedy the way it was meant to be: too nebulously described to enable one to know what the show actually is before you buy the ticket.


2) Good Food & Wine Show

31st May-2nd June

What: At the Good Food & Wine Show you can enjoy a fun day out with friends discovering new foods, wines and the latest products. Sample from hundreds of local and international exhibitors and find new recipe ideas from some of Australia’s best chefs.

Why: When else will you have such an excellent cover for your gastric tendencies? Stop stuffing your face with french fancies in the office toilet and shed your restraint. The Good Food and Wine Show is city-sanctioned glut made glamorous.


1) Melbourne International Jazz Festival 

31st May-9th June

What: The Melbourne International Jazz Festival is an annual, world-class jazz festival first held in 1998. The Festival takes place in concert halls, arts venues, jazz clubs and throughout the streets of Melbourne as the city comes alive with the spirit of jazz.

Why: Sydney’s currently blanketed with unsafe levels of haze. Come on, Melbourne, join in the fun.

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