Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 25/04/2021

Gaze into the void.


10) Imaginaria

25th April onwards

What: Are you ready to step into the future? Imaginaria at The District Docklands brings you a celebration of imagination, technology and play. Fully interactive bespoke sounds, scents and lights activate in response to your movement as you walk, slide and glide through the dreamlike landscapes. Walk into a giant inflatable bubble, navigate a futuristic light maze or jump into a cosmic abyss. Check your shoes in at the departure lounge and prepare to venture into another dimension.

Why: If you can imagine something more olfactorily powerful than athlete’s foot it will help.


9) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

25th April onwards

What: The magic has begun in Melbourne’s East End Theatre District. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a “wildly imaginative continuation of J.K. Rowling’s wizardry saga” (The Hollywood Reporter). Prepare to experience a thrilling new adventure that the Herald Sun Melbourne calls “Spellbinding – Like nothing on earth”.

Why: We haven’t read or seen it yet. Fingers crossed “the cursed child“ isn’t some reference to Rowling’s latest fun opinions concerning the transgender community.


8) Artis et Naturae

30th April

What: Come join the LCI community and immerse yourself in new and explorative work by Melbourne’s newly emerging artists at an on-campus gallery in Collingwood.

Why: Or just wander down a s****y alleyway and look at the multiple spray paint dicks all over the walls. Pretty much the same experience.


7) In Conversation with Sofi Basseghi

30th April

What: Artist Sofi Basseghi speaks to Curator at Large, Nikki Lam, about her exhibition Ripples from the Unseen currently showing at The Substation. Sofi’s exhibition collaborators Ehsan Khoshnami, Ai Yamamoto and Salme Geransar will also take part in this panel discussion.

Why: We’ve not seen the exhibition yet but we’ll be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t involve a slightly constipated colon.


6) Newport Archives at The Substation

28th April

What: Newport Archives is an audio walk created by Tamara Saulwick for The Substation, which contemplates the connections between time, place and memory. Inspired by The Substation building’s own story, the work draws on interviews with local residents to open small windows into a Newport of a different era… an era of ships and trains.

Why: Like walking around with your most annoying friend…but you can just unplug them and throw them into the river.


5) Apparition: Mikala Dwyer in conversation with Alicia Sometimes

29th April

What: Join artist Mikala Dwyer in conversation with poet, writer and broadcaster Alicia Sometimes, to discuss Dwyer’s new temporary public artwork Apparition at University Square, Carlton. Activated after dark, Apparition responds to University Square as a space in flux, suspended between stages of landscape redevelopment for the Metro Tunnel project.

Why: The artistic interpretation of you swearing under your breath as buses replace trains without warning again.


4) Zevon: Accidentally Like A Martyr

30th April

What: Zevon – Accidentally Like A Martyr allows master craftsman of the stage and multi-media star, Henry Wagons, the opportunity to explore and interpret some of Warren Zevon’s greatest lyrics. Lachlan Bryan also lends his talents and serves as Musical Director for the show.

Why: You hear this guy howling around your kitchen door, it means this massive gamble hasn’t paid off.


3) Testing Nights

29th April

What: Testing Nights is an opportunity for creative practitioners to trial work-in-development without having to go through a formal application process. During this event, creative practitioners from all disciplines can test their work-in-development across the outdoor site, for one night only, and receive feedback from generous live public audiences.

Why: Crush someone’s creative aspirations with a look.


2) Stargazed Festival: Shadowland

1st May

What: Shadowland is a one day only site specific experience not to be missed, with live sound art performances; including a secret noise choir, and a curated art exhibition all inside the structure of an old munitions facility.

Why: Take the mushrooms half an hour before entering for maximum effect.


1) Jazz Festival Newport

1st & 2nd May

What: This jazz festival has focussed on the best jazz bands around – 36 at the last count – (Ade Ish, Debra LaVelle, got a good mix of modern jazz (Visionary Steel), mainstream (anything with Ron Anderson or Roger Clark in it) and trad bands such as Shirazz and The Des Camm Jazz Band – something for everyone. They have picked out some local Newport bands (such as Newport Gypsy Djangos), favoured younger bands (Limelight), featured singers (Trio!), and jammers Swing The Boogie- and filled out the programme with an afternoon of big bands.

Why: Realise why the jazz age was so full of people getting f***ed up on cocaine and liquor. This was constantly going on in the background.

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