Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 24/11/2019

Let the spirit of the season guide you. This season’s spirit is Gin.


10) Australian Science Fair 

25th November

What: A collaboration between John Monash Science School and the Faculties of Science, Biomedical Science and Education at Monash University, the Australian Science Fair will showcase a rich cross-section of ideas, learning, research and pedagogy, providing an immersive educational experience for both students and teachers alike. Appropriate for students, teachers, parents and families, the event will feature interactive demonstrations, presentations and live experiments, and promises to be an exciting evening of sensational science for all ages!

Why: Keep your children’s hope alive for a future surely doomed in the only way possible: minor explosions and goo.


9) Dark Matter Wonder

30th November

What: This panel discussion explores the potential of artistic research intersections with dark matter scientific research and Indigenous astronomical knowledge. The prospect of there being more dark matter in the cosmos than anything else is a lure for artistic poiesis and scientific hypothesis, whilst inviting deeper learning with Indigenous Australians’ wealth of continuing cultural knowledge of the night sky and stars. The enigma of unseen matter that we know to be there but yet is so difficult to directly detect compels creative research. How might we respond to the wonder that the universe inspires in this era of human induced change on earth? The discussion begins a program of wondrous creative research in relation to dark matter and Indigenous astronomy.

Why: A conversational meander into the realms of nowhere that perfectly mirrors the subject intended for discussion.


8) The Local Drop 5th Birthday Wine Tasting

30th November

What: The Local Drop has just turned 5 and they would like you to join us for their final wine tasting of 2019. They will have oysters and bubbles on arrival, incredible cheese from Olivia at Harper & Blohm and a stellar line up of elegant and expressive wines.

Why: The second-most drunk you’ll ever be at a five-year-old’s birthday party.


7) Wagyu & Whisky

28th November

What: Come and enjoy 5 irresistible courses showcasing Wagyu prepared in different styles – sashimi, skewers, bincho grilled and sushi. Each course will be paired with a variety of Nikka Whiskies served in a range of different ways. Whisky expert and Nikka ambassador Kevin Griffin will also be on deck to explain the intricacies of each pairing. Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

Why: Your heart is screaming from the constant emotional torment of being inside a living creature capable of a modicum of empathy in 2019. Smother it with liquor and meat.


6) Her Hour Upon The Stage

27th-30th November

What: This angsty feminist adaptation employs wit and sarcasm to examine the dark ideas within, and academic theory surrounding, one of Shakespeare’s most famous works. Incorporating a mixture of contemporary and Elizabethan language, the play gives a voice to the female characters – Lady Macbeth and Lady Macduff, and the non-binary ensemble of witches, all of whose lives so often happen offstage. While investigating non-male narratives, emotions and faculties, Her Hour Upon The Stage problematises the inherent male supremacy and violence existing in our art, our literature, and indeed our lives.

Why: Why not?


5) Art + Shop at Twilight: MGA Open Late

26th November

What: Get your art and shopping fix as you explore the newly-opened exhibitions, Fashioning black identity: Africa and the African diaspora, Dressing up: clothing and camera and The Tucker Portraits with an evening of Curator talks. Browse the MGA shop with a glass of champagne in hand. Find your perfect Christmas gifts with exclusive sales and unique items that have just arrived in store.

Why: Art and consumerism entirely without irony. Warhol’s corpse must be choking on its chocolate sandwich.


4) ‘Pleasure’ Exhibition Opening & Party

28th November

What: From decoration, embellishment and exaggeration to examinations of identity and beauty and its various interpretations, RMIT Gallery’s provocative new exhibition ‘Pleasure’ explores how artists and designers have used the body as a personal, provocative and at times political canvas from the flamboyant 1980s to contemporary times. Join the opening night party, which will offer many surprises and pleasures, including DJs, performances and prizes for best outfit. This is an end of year celebration of the arts not to be missed.

Why: Post-modern contemporary art porn. It’s like regular porn except instead of feeling slightly ashamed after consumption you feel unduly superior.’Pleasure’-Exhibition-Opening-and-Party/78d0a5b0-0cc2-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Turandot

23rd November-6th December

What: Turandot is Puccini’s opera about a brutal princess and an impossibly brave suitor, who will make any sacrifice to win her love. A fantasy opera of poetry and myth, set in an exotic world where fear and love go hand in hand and death is always just around the corner. ‘Nessun dorma’ is just one of its magnificent moments.

Why: Rape, but in the form of Italian Opera. So it’s classy.


2) Gin & Craft Spirits Market

30th November

What: Melbournians’ love gin, liqueurs and boutique spirits. So,once again, some of the best distillers in and around Melbourne have come together to create an exclusive Local Distillers’ Market. A special event put on by craft producers so you can free sample and stock up ahead of the Christmas rush. There will be plenty of award-winning gins, cocktail spirits and liqueurs for you to try from the eight local craft producers.

Why: Nothing prefaces over-consumption of gin like the word ‘Christmas’.


1) Grape Southern Land: A Wine Tasting Party

24th November

What: In its inaugural year, hosted in the historic Fitzroy Town Hall, come and taste over 200 wines from 30 eclectic, eccentric, and electric winemakers. With a focus on minimal intervention, lo-fi, organic and sustainable wines, your ticket gives you the chance to sample some of the most exciting drops being produced in Australia right now.

Why: Finally. A subject that is the focus of sustainability that we don’t have to pretend to be invested in.


Special Mention: Cat Lovers Show

30th November & 1st December

What: The 2019 Cat Lovers Show is SO much BIGGER and SO much better! Join the greatest feline-focused-festival in Australia to celebrate everything that’s cool about Cats!

Why: To be perfectly clear, we don’t believe cat owners are superior to dog owners or vice versa. They are both human beings in constant need of validation from a being that could not possibly challenge them on any intellectual level. It’s like trying to decide who’s ‘the smart one’ in Jedward.

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