Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 24/01/2021

Remember, just because lockdown is over doesn’t mean you have to see your family.


10) Tai Chi

26th January

What: Exercise your mind, body and soul with Master Han Jin Song. You will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized with Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art that helps promote health and relaxation.

Why: Nothing cures a hangover like watching some old people fall over.


9) Variation Three: Elle Shimada

28th January

What: Through the fusing of artistic disciplines, Variation Three explores the collective memory of a shared experience. How does it change? Where does it move? How do the recollections of one differ to those of another? In using the physical forms of circus and dance, and melding them with live music and visual art, VARIATION THREE invites you to see what has passed in new light.

Why: If you recall this piece of contemporary art as anything other than a bunch of people on JobSeeker dancing around in their underpants, please tell us who your dealer is and where to find them.


8) Fitzroy Walking Tour

30th January

What: Fitzroy is Melbourne’s oldest suburb and one of its smallest. From ‘slum’ to gentrified hub of the inner-north, this neighbourhood continues to attract a lively cross-section of people and architecture. On this tour you’ll ramble down century-old bluestone lanes and intimate streets, exploring a range of housing types from boom-style terraces, modern bachelor flats, 1960s walk-ups and the new wave of apartment buildings.

Why: Be around people who put the term slum in inverted commas and use phrases such as “a lively cross-section of people”, because your day just hasn’t been depressing enough.


7) Secret Garden Bottomless Drinks

29th January

What: Experience an afternoon of bottomless cocktails in a beautiful secret garden.

Why: Mary Lennox would’ve been a lot less sour had she been a pisshead.


6) Australia Daze

27th January

What: On Australia Day in 1988, twenty-eight film crews were sent across Australia to capture and record how average Australians were celebrating the bicentenary – the national celebration marking two hundred years since the arrival of the First Fleet in Botany Bay. And as the celebrations gather momentum, one of the largest protests in Australian history begins. Filmed by an army of directors scattered around the country, all under the supervision of documentarian Pat Fiske (Rocking the Foundations), Australia Daze pieces together days-in-the-lives of average Australians into a charming, humorous and, at times, shocking reflection of a diverse Australia. Presented with the National Film and Sound Archive’s digital restoration program.

Why: An event for the whole family to enjoy, then regret once you go out for a nice dinner afterwards and all seem to have opinions on the matter.


5) The Smokin’ Phoenix Steampunk Circus

29th January

What: Introducing The Smokin’ Phoenix Steampunk Circus. Featuring an award-winning cast backed by live house band The Ruffled Feathers, this inclusive dinner and a show will deliver some of the country’s best in circus and cabaret performance. Be taken to new heights with Airmistress Octavia and be plunged into sexual desire by Vera Von Vixen. Be mystified and amazed with the juggling skills of NICA superstar Mistatrix and set your world on fire with brazen burlesque beauty Lura La Rouge. And let’s not forget the woman who pulls all the strings, the heavenly devilish Madam Phoenix, with the voice of gold…all from the Covid-safe comfort of your seat.

Why: Feel less ashamed about your addiction to increasingly violent porn by realising sexual titillation once heavily featured jugglers.’-Phoenix-Steampunk-Circus/421f2cf0-5d23-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


4) Macbeth: Shakespeare Under the Stars

30th January

What: Out, damned spot! Settle in for a night of murder and mayhem at the Gardens, positioned at the very heart of the action. Bear silent witness to the unravelling doom of a couple who kill together and die apart as you watch The Australian Shakespeare Company’s visceral rendition of Macbeth, Shakespeare’s darkest and most streamlined tragedy. Revel in the warm summer weather as the backdrop of Melbourne Gardens inspires an interplay of shadows that conjures the play’s supernatural tones and evoke the earthy environment of this psychological thriller. The continual seduction of the underworld in this play creates the conflict of morality versus maximum power – what’s done cannot be undone.

Why: Dream of a time when getting a promotion was as easy as just murdering someone.


3) Free Movies at Fed Square: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

25th January

What: The Big Screen at Fed Square is lighting up this summer with a stack of classic films, and they’re all completely free. This iteration will feature brilliant Australian film, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert!

Why: Because we’re positive we weren’t the only ones to get pissed and re-enact at least one song from Priscilla during lockdown.


2) MSO Sidney Myer Free Concerts: The Faun and The Firebird

29th January

What: For more than 90 years, Melbourne summers have been punctuated by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s annual free concert series. So pack a picnic, gather family and friends and enjoy music under the stars at the Bowl. A fiery program of works by Debussy, Stravinsky and Australian composer Ross Edwards launches the series.

Why: Remember what boredom used to be before the pandemic.


1) Fed Live Summer Series: Xyla Haig, Keaper, Tig Lieschke

30th January

What: By popular demand, the very best artists from Fed Live’s smash-hit competition are coming to Fed Square, live and in person, to perform – and it’s completely free! From hip hop to thrash pop, melodic musings to indie ballads, Fed Square is coming alive with free music every Saturday for four weeks over summer. It’s all happening inside Fed Oasis, so grab a comfy seat and soak up the vibes across summer.

Why: We’ve never heard of the subgenre “thrash pop” before, but considering the still-looming threat of right wing radicalism, consider it the most appealing kind of thrashing you could get around Australia Day in fed square.

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