Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 23/05/2021

Calm down, people.


10) Thinking Seminar: James Morrison

25th May

What: Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School offer a series of seminars featuring prominent Australian thinkers who are noted for their capacity to think in ways that are creative, strategic, critical or fair-minded. This session will feature jazz artist James Morrison.

Why: Kill your children’s enthusiasm for education that will land them in lifelong debt early on.


9) My Space, Our Place

26th May

What: Guided by artist Omar Pervaiz, over three engaging workshops create a collaborative artwork that expresses how you see and experience where you live. All creators welcome.

Why: Discover just how profoundly untalented you are.


8) Leading Edge Guitar Ensemble

28th May

What: The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Leading Edge Guitar Ensemble perform works by Manuel de Falla, Claude Debussy, Steve Goss and more.

Why: Kill an hour and pretend you’re cultured.


7) Fascinating Rhythms: University of Melbourne Wind Symphony and Concert Band

23rd May

What: This driving and (at times) percussive showcase will feature the most talented wind, brass and percussion students in the University. Highlights of the concert include David Gillingham’s Concertino for Four Percussion (featuring Wind Symphony members and soloists Huon Bourne Blue, Bridget Bourne, Leah Columbine, and Justin Zheng), John Barnes Chance’s epic work, Incantation and Dance, in addition to Darius Milhaud’s masterwork for the wind symphony, Suite Francaise.

Why: Thought chamber music was insufferable before? You’ve not yet heard a bunch of university students performing it.


6) Collide

28th May

What: ‘Collide’ is a collection of work from LCI Melbourne’s 2021 graduate students, showcasing the intersections and collisions of artistic disciplines. Witness the collaboration between students in person as they present their accomplishments from completing the Bachelor of Design Arts.

Why: Because even once you’ve left uni, NO ONE escapes the boring, pretentious wrath of the grad student.


5) Early Voices: Welcome to All the Pleasures

25th May

What: This concert will feature music by the great English composer Henry Purcell, including the Ode for St Cecilia’s Day entitled ‘Welcome to all the Pleasures’. Music for voices and instruments, with soloists drawn from the Early Voices ensemble, and the collaboration of baroque violinist Lizzy Welch, the concert will present stunning works of the late-baroque master composer.

Why: Thought Palaszczuk’s caterwauling was the most annoying vocal performance you’d experience this year? You thought wrong.


4) Cabaret Abnormal

27th May

What: With building a reputation for blending the weird with the wow, a penchant for the macabre, and celebrating all things left-of-centre, the production company Cabaret Abnormal is taking over The Butterfly Club for a three month residency to bring you a lineup of artists that are sure to creep you out…and turn you on at the same time!

Why: You haven’t been this turned on and afraid since your mother beat you with a wooden spoon for the first time.


3) NotFair

28th May

Why: |notfair| was founded in 2010 by artists Sam Leach and Tony Lloyd – who then invited writer Ashley Crawford to join their curatorial team – as a satellite event to the Melbourne Art Fair, in order to showcase independent artists who often do not fit the commercial mould and are overlooked and under-recognized.

Why: Artists that DON’T fit the commercial mould? Wait…what’s art again?


2) Marooned at the Alex

28th May

What: Initially rehearsed in a living room, from its opening night in a small theatre in Prahran, Marooned has been warmly accepted.It has toured parts of regional Victoria where it has attracted standing ovations and a loyal following. Set in a waiting room in the afterlife, it focuses on the souls of four very different strangers who are bored and regretful and want to get out of this room and go home, but how? Maybe there is something they have to do. But what? Apart from the seats, the only thing in this room is each other.

Why: “It focuses on the souls of four very different strangers who are bored and regretful and want to get out of this room and go home”. The joke writes itself.


1) Norwood: Incinerator Session

23rd May

What: Spend a soothing Sunday afternoon with Norwood, who are playing their first Incinerator Session at Boadle Hall, Incinerator Gallery. Norwood consists of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Olivia Bolmat, Nathaniel Peacock, and drummer/producer Connor Tuan. Since forming in early 2019, Norwood have played a number of shows in their hometown of Melbourne, invoking classic folk and country whilst bringing their own unique contemporary spin to such genres.

Why: Or spend a more soothing Saturday forgetting that a man named Nathanial Peacock actually exists in this world.

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