Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 21/07/2019

Sick of the winter chill? Get lost. In a vat of wine.


10) Five at 5 #3: Luminous Encounters

27th July

What: Encounter the vivacious and luminous music of four powerful 20th Century voices in a concert including virtuosic performances of Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks by Richard Strauss and the extraordinary Quintet in G minor by Prokofiev.

Why: You know what really brings out the luminosity of Prokofiev? Taking a load of hallucinogenics before an interminable extended orchestral rendition of his work.


9) Lorne Film 2019 Opening Night: Filterphonic

26th July

What: The LORNE FILM 2019 Opening Night Screening and WORLD PREMIERE of FILTERPHONIC will be held at the iconic Lorne Theatre. ‘When Riley finds out about his mother’s terminal illness, he sets out on a path of self sabotage, abandoning his pursuit of a music career, only to re-discover his passion through a local musical theatre group.’ Join the CUDA BAR immediately after the screening for drinks, food and celebrations.

Why: Terminal illness, depressed lead, a manic pixie dream girl saying ‘trust me’. It’s the generic Indie trifecta.


8) Italian Wine Tasting and Meatballs

22nd July

What: Come and enjoy a great night out with friends tasting a sample of red and white wines from Italy at Craft and Vine! Owner Rick Todd will take you on a Italian wine tasting journey with some lovely varieties to sample at your leisure. Some delicious Italian nibbles will also be included.

Why: It’s wine. It’s a lot of wine. We don’t have to sell this.


7) Hot V Cold Sake Tasting 

27th July

What: Do you like it hot or not? Join Sakeshop and taste a selection of Japanese sake served both hot and cold in this discovery event. Beat the winter chill.

Why: If you discover you can stomach 2 straight hours of someone talking about sake whilst also stomaching the taste of sake, you might just have hit the level of hipster in which all of your taste-buds and the majority of your brain cells have self-immolated in protest.


6) Winter Wine & Cider Walk

27th July

What: Immerse yourself in the best that local wineries and cider houses have to offer right in the heart of St Kilda. Each venue will be matched with a different winery for multiple tastings as you make your way down Fitzroy street, where you’ll also be dazzled and amazed by roving street performers. Rickshaws will also be available for those of you with tired legs.

Why: Tired legs; legless; off your nut on wine. Either way, this event is genius.


5) The Museum Of Lost Things: A Variety Show

26th July

What: You are invited to dive into one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. The Museum Of Lost Things is a cracking 90 minute ride into good times, featuring a slew of Melbourne’s best up and coming performers. Expect a wild night, cheap drinks and most importantly, the unexpected.

Why: A cabaret show with a difference: the drinks are so cheap you may not actually wind up wanting to kill yourself.


4) festival21: Winter Warmer Film Night

24th July

What: An intimate evening of wines by Noisy Ritual, food by local cheesemakers and chestnut growers, and a special screening of ‘From The Ground Up’, a short documentary about regenerative agriculture in Australia – made for festival21 by filmmaker Amy Browne.

Why: Nothing suits the lovely flow of wine into the system like…a documentary on agriculture.


3) Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival 

21st-28th July

What: The 2019 Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival features 18 days of spoken word performances, poetry readings, open mics, poetry slams, workshops in venues all over Melbourne. With over 50 events over two and a half weeks, more international guests and more workshops than ever, MSWPF is about to warm up your winter with words.

Why: We know we always get that warm feeling when after experiencing 3 straight hours of slam poetry we speak the words: “Just leave the bottle”.


2) Melbourne Tea Festival

21st July

What: Wander through the boutique tea market with your tasting cup in hand and discover some of the finest artisanal teas around. Chat in person to Melbourne’s best tea purveyors and blenders. Grab a bite to eat and sit down to enjoy a cup of tea with friends. Sign up for a workshop, talk or tasting, hosted by leading industry specialists and learn more about the magnificent and humble tea leaf.

Why: A whole event dedicated to a substance with a harrowing history of cultural oppression, the implications of which we don’t have to feel directly responsible for. This is as Australian as it gets.


1) Gertrude Street Projection Festival

26th July-3rd August

What: Gertrude Street Projection Festival invites you to open your mind and your imagination as a huge light display takes over the entire length of Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street. This year, participating artists have been given the theme of “persist, resist, shift”. Artists have also been asked to look into questions like “how do we reinterpret traditions?” and “how is projection as an art form shifting?”. There will be more than 25 projection artworks on display from a mix of new artists and long-running festival contributors.

Why: The brick wall collection of dicks and pro-nazi symbols lit up by a technicolour dream projection really classes up the place.

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