Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 20/12/2020

Season’s greetings! Stay back!



5) Virtual Guided Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem and Bethlehem 

21st December

What: As you celebrate the holiday season, it is time to explore the sites from where they all began! Join a virtual guide to explore the Holy City through each of its four quarters as well as the nearby city of Bethlehem. The expert guide will offer a modern tour of each quarter of the Old City: The Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter, and the Armenian Quarter. You will learn about the Western Wall of Solomon’s Temple, the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the Western Wall Temple (among others). You will learn about the Temple and see the site which the miracle of Chanukah occurred. Then, visit the ancient city of Bethlehem and see the sites relevant to Christmas, including the Church of the Nativity.

Why: You’re going to be pissed by 9am. Protect your children from your violent weeping with a coma-inducing guided tour.


4) The Hope of Advent in Handel’s ‘The Messiah’

22nd December

What: Join KUSC host Brian Lauritzen and choreographer Grete Gryzwana for an intimate journey through the profound spirituality and timeless splendour of Handel’s Messiah. Discover more about The Messiah’s inspiring history, music, and meanings, interspersed with this unique performance, prerecorded in January of 2016.

Why: Because there’s never a wrong time to celebrate a German.’s-‘The-Messiah’-(Melbourne)/09ca12d0-40ad-11eb-96b7-b132cf2a7536


3) Virtual Film Screening: The Missing Peace 

22nd December

What: Willie Moore Jr. brings you the first of many docu-films centred around adoption and foster awareness. Syndicated Radio Host, Inspirational speaker and best selling author Willie Moore Jr. was adopted at the tender age of three months old, never meeting anyone in his biological family. In 2020 after being rejected by his biological mother in 2009, Willie locates his entire biological family. Only to find out the whole rejection, hurt and the betrayal was all a misunderstanding. Willie discovered ‘The Missing Peace’ which was his biological family. Experience this unique exploration of the psychological repercussions of adoption in a virtual screening.

Why: This holiday season, adopt a child. It doesn’t matter whether you keep it or abandon it before next February, you’ll get a decent film out of it and potentially millions in royalties or defamation lawsuits.


2) Virtual Graffiti and Mural Tour of Los Angeles

27th December

What: Experience a live-virtual-interactive guided tour of the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District without leaving your home! Your live guide is on the streets, streaming his tour, as you relax and enjoy beautiful art and learn about urban art history and culture.

Why: As the year draws to a close, be reminded that the US isn’t just a dumpster fire. It has a couple of colourful murals and some dicks and balls drawn on the dumpster part.


1) Virtual Film Screening: Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas 

25th December

What: Set almost entirely in a Chinese restaurant, Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas is an offbeat, irreverent musical documentary that tells the story of a group of Jewish songwriters, including Irving Berlin, Mel Tormé, Jay Livingston, Ray Evans, Gloria Shayne Baker and Johnny Marks, who wrote the soundtrack to Christianity’s most musical holiday. It’s an amazing tale of immigrant outsiders who became irreplaceable players in pop culture’s mainstream – a generation of songwriters who found in Christmas the perfect holiday in which to imagine a better world, and for at least one day a year, make us believe in it. Experience a virtual screening of this exploration of Jewish cultural impact.

Why: Seinfeld: The Musical.



5) Sukkah

20th-31st December

What: The Jewish Museum of Australia and award-winning design mind Zahava Elenberg have teamed up to present Sukkah – a vibrant pop-up celebrating community and togetherness. Representing a symbol of community, connection and reflection as the city’s restrictions lift, the striking prismatic structure forms a kaleidoscopic canopy and offers a place for visitors to rediscover the city anew.

Why: Nothing brings people together like shared derision for public art.


4) A Midsummer Night’s Dream

22nd-27th December

What: An Australian Shakespeare Company classic and the jewel in the Shakespeare comedy crown, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is returning to Melbourne to dazzle and delight audiences of all ages. Starring Richard Piper as Nick Bottom and Alison Whyte as Titania, theatregoers will be transported far from the realities of Melbourne in 2020 to the enchanting world full of laughter and comedy that is The Australian Shakespeare Company’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Royal Botanic Gardens, lit up and sparkling at night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes you on a riotous ride through a world of lovers, fairies and fools.

Why: It’s Shakespeare’s most accessible play, but it’s still Shakespeare. It’s 2020 and you get credit for not riding out the rest of the year eating Twisties cereal and watching Freeview’s five hundredth Everybody Loves Raymond marathon.


3) A Day of Carols

20th December

What: Spend a whole day at The District Docklands with A Day of Carols, an all-day program of live entertainment and performances supporting charity partner Kids Under Cover. Enjoy live music and entertainment, meet mascot friends including the Carl’s Jr. Star, Boost Juice Cup and Melbie Bear from Melbourne Star. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a spot of shopping, so there will be special offers in stores and delicious meal deals from cafes and restaurants to keep you fuelled for a fun day.

Why: Do this and you’re no longer morally obligated to otherwise acknowledge your children until mid-January.


2) Christmas Square 

20th-25th December

What: Marvel as Fed Square transforms into Christmas Square, a festive wonderland. In the centre is Melbourne’s glittering 16-metre LED Christmas tree, topped by a twinkling star. Inside Santa’s Big Workshop the man in red is making toys and presents. Ask a friendly elf for a socially-distanced snap with Santa.

Why: Experience one of the few positives of the COVID-19 era: a mass 1.5m restraining order against all Santas.


1) Imaginaria 

20th-25th December

What: Are you ready to step into the future? Imaginaria at The District Docklands brings you a celebration of imagination, technology and play. Fully interactive bespoke sounds, scents and lights activate in response to your movement as you walk, slide and glide through the dreamlike landscapes. Walk into a giant inflatable bubble, navigate a futuristic light maze or jump into a cosmic abyss. Check your shoes in at the departure lounge and prepare to venture into another dimension.

Why: If you can imagine something more olfactorily powerful than athlete’s foot that would be beneficial.

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