Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 20/10/2019

Drink to mother’s ruin. She’s had her fun. It’s time you had yours.


10) Baroque Ensemble and Early Voices

23rd October

What: The University of Melbourne’s Baroque Ensemble and Early Voices present a concert featuring J.S. Bach’s choral masterwork Magnificat, BWV 243.2, written for the feast of Visitation in 1733.

Why: A glorious hark back to a time when most people were too poor to be forced to attend a Baroque Ensemble performance.


9) Bowness Photography Prize Artist In-Conversation at Sotheby’s Australia

22nd October

What: Join 2019 Bowness Photography Prize finalist David Rosetzky, Angela Tiatia 2019 Colour Factory Honourable Mention recipient, and Katrin Koenning, 2019 Bowness Photography Prize winner in-conversation with MGA Director and Bowness Photography Prize Judge, Anouska Phizacklea. Gain rare access and insight into the practice of these provocative and sensationally talented contemporary artists.

Why: Instagram without the emojis or insane revenue.’s-Australia/e59a43c0-f090-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Philharmonic Orchestra: Dvorak

24th October

What: In their final concert for 2019, the Philharmonic Orchestra will play Dvorák’s mighty 9th Symphony; From the New World. In 1893, when he composed the work, Dvorák was Director of the National Conservatory of Music of America (a conservatoire open for students irrespective of gender or race which, for its day, was rare). Dvorák studied both Native American and Afro-American music and intended to incorporate such idioms into his music (much in the same way as he had previously achieved with Czech folk music). The symphony is in four movements – with a recurring ‘theme of the soil’ motif that travels throughout the whole piece and binds the music together.

Why: The perfect thing to bring your rich racist grandmother to to ensure you’re in the will whilst also preserving some of your own sanity. We said some. It may have been racially progressive for the time, but it’s still live orchestra.


7) Halloumi Festival 

26th & 27th October

What: The Cyprus Halloumi Festival enters its 2nd year in Melbourne and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than the smash hit inaugural two day festival. Sample halloumi from the home of the famous cheese, watch live halloumi making demonstrations, choose from a range of delectable Cypriot cooked foods that will be for sale and experience traditional cultural music and dance.

Why: Who wouldn’t want to see the live birth of a loud, wet cheese?


6) Zero Waste Festival 

26th October

What: The Zero Waste Festival’s aim is to provide people with ideas and skills, guiding sustainable habit change, sharing practical resources and connecting with community. This event will comprise inspiring presentations, information stalls, workshops, music, and more showing ways to creatively and economically reduce waste, rethink resource reuse, and to empower community focused environmental actions. This event is the largest Zero Waste focused festival in Australia, and is supported by passionate Zero Waste Victoria volunteers.

Why: You should get in on this now before the Greta Thunberg furore dies down. You’ve few chances to be genuinely relevant in this life to popular culture. Grab this opportunity by its ethically sourced nuts.


5) Kisumé: Nikka Whisky Dinner with Kevin Griffin

23rd October

What: Explore the range of Nikka Whisky with a carefully matched four-course dinner, hosted in Kisume’s private dining space, Kuro Kisumé. Learn about the history of Japanese Whisky, with a matched selection of 6 premium whiskies from Nikka’s Miyagikyo and Yoichi distilleries. Bonus cocktails on arrival a paired dessert will highlight the diversity of Nikka’s stable of premium distilled products.

Why: A history class wherein getting drunk is part of the curriculum and not predictive of a post-university future as someone that calls university ‘the best time of your life’.



24th October

What: A sundowner tasting of delicious skin-contact wines – the best kind of company on a balmy night. Enjoy a juicy selection of orange wines made with love, including drops by Cre Wines, Konpira Maru, Jordy Kay, Jeffery Wines & more. Cooked With Jack will be in the kitchen with all fresh produce to enjoy along with your wine, sourced locally from Paul at Days Walk Farm.

Why: We weren’t aware that wine could be orange. Then again, we once weren’t aware that wine could be responsible for a large percentage of mid-to-high range credenza purchases. Upper class housewives are a wealth of a certain kind of information.


3) Broadsheet x Starward Signature Night Sessions

24th October

What: After dark, Melbourne-made fun is coming to Starward’s urban distillery. Andrew McConnell didn’t invent Flinders Lane as a dining destination, but this restaurant definitely sat on the crest of the wave of new and exciting openings for the strip. And there is no more recognisable dish at Cumulus Inc than the iconic slow-roasted lamb shoulder with seasonal salad – one of the restaurant’s most-ordered dishes. Starward have perfectly planned a cocktail to complete this iconic flavour journey.

Why: You wouldn’t think getting pissed and choking down lamb could be such a high-class affair, but the only real difference in genuine value between the poor and the rich is the art of description. And cocaine.


2) The Great Gin Show Down!

24th October

What: With the summer weather coming in fast it’s time to kick the festivities off with a little friendly showdown between two stellar Australian gin distilleries. Seppeltsfield Road Gin Distillery VS Bass & Flinders Distillery. Victoria VS South Australia. Each will be given a course of the degustation for which to create a matching cocktail. The winner? You decide!

Why: Two walking distilleries fighting for your love. It’s your sixth birthday all over again.!/50467630-f091-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Junipalooza 

26th & 27th October

What: Dozens and dozens of gin makers in one room, sharing their love for the spirit and serving up samples and stories for all to enjoy. You’ll be able to buy directly from the brands, should (or rather, when) you fall in love with the gins you try, but if you don’t want to weigh yourself down during the session you can swing via the Junipalooza shop on your way out to stock up in one fell swoop. There’ll also be masterclasses to attend, huge stocks of tonic to taste and a fantastic pop-up from one of Melbourne’s most trailblazing cocktail bars.

Why: Juniper, Juniper, lilacs in her hair. Is she sleeping? Not yet. But she will be soon if she continues to get tanked on artisan gin. Is she’s breathing? Oh god. We should probably check, shouldn’t we?

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