Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 18/04/2021

You don’t need a pedophile to make you believe you can fly. You have Jetstar.


10) Conservatorium Postgraduate Guitar Showcase

23rd April

What: PhD and Masters guitar students (classical, cavaquinho, flamenco, lute and 7 string) present this showcase of music tied to their postgraduate research at the MCM. Adam May (cavaquinho), Gerard Mapstone (flamenco), Max Rudd (7 string guitar), Alejandro Duque (classical guitar), Sophie Marcheff (classical guitar), Casey Fitzpatrick (lute) and Tom Stewart-Toner (classical guitar).

Why: Feel terrible about your own profound lack of talent.


9) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

18th April onwards

What: The magic has begun in Melbourne’s East End Theatre District. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a “wildly imaginative continuation of J.K. Rowling’s wizardry saga” (The Hollywood Reporter). Prepare to experience a thrilling new adventure that the Herald Sun Melbourne calls “Spellbinding – Like nothing on earth”.

Why: We haven’t read or seen it yet. Fingers crossed “the cursed child“ isn’t some reference to Rowling’s latest fun opinions concerning the transgender community.


8) Imaginaria

18th April onwards

What: Are you ready to step into the future? Imaginaria at The District Docklands brings you a celebration of imagination, technology and play. Fully interactive bespoke sounds, scents and lights activate in response to your movement as you walk, slide and glide through the dreamlike landscapes. Walk into a giant inflatable bubble, navigate a futuristic light maze or jump into a cosmic abyss. Check your shoes in at the departure lounge and prepare to venture into another dimension.

Why: If you can imagine something more olfactorily powerful than athlete’s foot it will help.



23rd April

What: ‘Negative Capability’ explores a parallel plane of senses, grappling with tensions between transience and mortality, permanence and change, romantic ideals and reality. This group installation, showcasing the work of twelve cross-disciplinary local creatives, will be presented at Marfa Gallery.

Why: It’s art. That’s…pretty much it.


6) Open Canvas Figures of Love

22nd April

What: Open Canvas is a social enterprise that works to support artists and craft-makers who have experienced disadvantage due to homelessness, mental illness or other forms of adversity. Open Canvas supports artists by providing a platform to present their work professionally and earn an income, as well as through the provision of art materials. This exhibition is the first of two exhibitions to be presented at Fed Square, showcasing 40 works from 20 Open Canvas artists.

Why: A good way to feel as though you’re contributing something to the most disenfranchised in society without, you know, actually contributing anything.


5) I AM.

24th April

What: I AM. is a large-scale photographic portrait series by Keren Dobia whose larger-than-life portraits are a feast for the eyes, inviting you to jump into the rabbit hole that is Dobia’s “more is more” portrait style. Through her portraits and accompanying stories, you can discover the personal spaces and personalities that make up a cross-section of rich artistic communities.

Why: It’s funny how the antithesis of the ‘random tiny red square on a giant white canvas’ type of art can make you feel just as much hatred towards the medium.


4) To Resound, Unbound

23rd April

What: Celebrate the opening of CCP’s latest presentation To resound, unbound — a series of new commissions and significant works from emerging and established lens-based practitioners from across Australia. The exhibition considers the artist as a surface, possibly solid and flat like marble, or soft and rippled like foam, all surfaces resound or echo in some way — softening, distorting or directly reiterating. The artists in To resound, unbound investigate this resounding, adapting or unbinding that which comes to them, moulding it to their artistic will, to then resounding it back through artistic expression.

Why: How to reform a cliched phrase 101: replace one of the words, i.e. ‘mirror’ for ‘lens’.


3) Gippsland Country Music Festival 

24th April

What: Gippsland Country Music Festival will showcase Australia’s best country music including well-known legendary artists as well as the most exciting up-and-coming live acts.  Gippsland Country Music Festival will also feature an array of gourmet food trucks, specialising in BBQ!  Join us for good music, delicious food as well as whip-cracking, rides, market stalls, on-site bars, and all-around good times.

Why: The safest way to experience Lee Kernaghan. In a place that’s almost completely racially homogenous.



23rd April

What: Initially rehearsed in a living room, from its opening night in a small theatre in Prahran, Marooned has been warmly accepted.It has toured parts of regional Victoria where it has attracted standing ovations and a loyal following. Set in a waiting room in the afterlife, it focuses on the souls of four very different strangers who are bored and regretful and want to get out of this room and go home, but how? Maybe there is something they have to do. But what? Apart from the seats, the only thing in this room is each other.

Why: “It focuses on the souls of four very different strangers who are bored and regretful and want to get out of this room and go home”. The joke writes itself.


1) Ajak Kwai: Let Me Grow My Wings

23rd April

What: Australia’s renowned songwoman of contemporary South Sudanese music, Ajak Kwai launches her fifth studio album, Let Me Grow My Wings – an eclectic collection of twelve self-penned songs reflecting Ajak’s observations, influences and connections since moving to Australia in the late nineties.

Why: You’re going to look so hip and cultured on Instagram.

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